European Honeymoon

Whenever we hear the word European Honeymoon, it gives us a beautiful feeling and makes us think of a romantic place for a newly married couple and there is no doubt that Europe is truly a dream honeymoon destination especially for new couples. People can get to enjoy the best of natural beauty, they can choose to go for long drives, walk among high-rise trees or beautiful parks along with their partners and enjoy great food. Since many European cities usually also have cold weather, people can also sit outside cafes or on their balconies and enjoy a nice cup of coffee. On the other hand, if someone and their partner want to visit historic places, then that is possible too since Europe has a great history from the last thousands of years and has great places to offer too, that portray its history.  

People who are aware of the amazing experience that the beautiful cities of Europe have to offer can book their European honeymoon trip way before their wedding so that everything goes as planned.  

In this article, the ten best European Honeymoon Destinations have been described to give knowledge and make it easier for couples to book their trip in advance and make the most out of their European honeymoon.  


If you are the kind of a couple that loves to stay at a hotel from where you can see the beautiful beach and the ocean and want to enjoy walks on the beach early in the morning or late at night under the full moon with your partner, Greece is the perfect destination for you. For example, on the Greek Island, you will not only be able to enjoy the best of beautiful sunsets but in the summer, you can get a chance to meet celebrities on the island as well.  

Moreover, Ceret is the largest and busiest beach in Greece, offering you an amazing beach experience and, if you want to have all the fun with water, then Mykonos is the best place to visit, having beautiful beaches.


Italy offers all kinds of options from budget to expensive 5-star hotels and resorts to villas and more all at reasonable prices. There are also great places to visit in Rome such as the Colosseum and many museums and art galleries and many other places that offer the best shopping experience and food. There is also the Grand Canal in Venice, the cliffs of Amalfi with its amazing views, and Michelangelo’s David. Italy is a country that is a must to have on anyone’s list for their European honeymoon. Furthermore, visitors can also save their money as the train system across Italy is very good and low priced.


Finland is third on the list and the Seurasaari Open Air Museum is one of the most visited places all over Finland. It is the oldest museum of Finland, made up of 87 separate buildings along with the old and traditional Finnish way of life on display for visitors and farmsteads, cottages and manors that are four centuries old. Couples can also enjoy visits to the Åland Archipelago, the Turku and the country’s second-oldest town, Porvoo. Then, of course, the famous Northern lights are not to be missed when one is visiting Finland.


Paris is the capital city of France, a land of dreams and one of the most famous and best places to visit as a part of your European honeymoon trip. Paris attracts the most visitors to visit France and is a place where a newly married couple can visit and make their honeymoon memorable. They can visit the famous Eiffel Tower, Provence, which is a charming countryside, the Côte d’Azur that is known for its beautiful deep blue waters, the Bordeaux and so much more.  


If you have booked your Honeymoon in Europe and want to visit a beautiful place that would make your stay and holiday a memorable experience, Portugal should definitely be on your list. It is a land of beautiful beaches, the world’s best wines and food. 


Scotland has some of the most famous places like the Isle of Skye, known for its beautiful countryside and amazing views. Shetland, which includes 16 islands that are inhibited, and is popular with visitors too. There are many other places to visit too like Dean Village in Edinburgh, Braemar, Cairngorms and more.


Norway, a beautiful Scandinavian country that has the best of natural beauty, with glaciers, mountains, many green spaces and more. Along with that, it also has some great old museums that are popular with tourists. Norway is also best known for its skiing and fishing experiences. Also, once you visit, make sure to not miss a visit to the Rondane National Park, the Hamnoy village and Telemark canal.


Switzerland is truly a land of natural beauty and is one of the best destinations to visit for any couple, on their European honeymoon trip. The Alps are surely the most famous but the main attractions also include museums and art galleries and their great food. Places like Lucerne, Lake Geneva and St. Moritz are also to not be missed on the trip to Switzerland.
The Swiss Grand Canyon which was created almost over ten thousand years back and is surely one of the most beautiful areas to visit.   


Germany is the heart of Europe and most couples choose to start their European Honeymoon from Germany because without visiting Germany, the trip will remain incomplete. The cities of Berlin, Munich and Frankfort should be on the top of your list. 


Istanbul is a dream destination and a visitor’s paradise. It has the best of everything to offer, such as great food, an amazing shopping experience and most of all, famous historical places like the Haya Sofia, the Topkapi Palace, Ani and Aspendos. The Cappadocia and cruising the Mediterranean on a yacht should not be missed.


A honeymoon is the kind of trip that cannot be forgotten throughout a person’s entire life and to make it more memorable, people want to visit beautiful places to spend a great time and make memories that they can remember forever. That is why, this article has listed the best places to visit in Europe, to ensure that every couple has the best European honeymoon experience.  

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