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10 simple games for outdoors in garden, park, and meadow

But now nothing like out! Because finally the weather joins in and spoils us with sunshine and warm temperatures. And so that you don’t get bored, we have ten simple games for outside. They are also perfect as games for the children’s birthday party in summer!

Box throwing

Box hopping is one of those outdoor games we’ve known since childhood. You may not know this variant yet.

With game chalk, a playing field with many boxes on the floor is painted 15minutes4me. At a distance of about two meters (variable depending on the age of the children), an additional line marks the drop line. Now each player tries to throw small (as flat as possible) pebbles into a box. Who has hit, may mark it with his sign. The winner was the one who was able to tick the most boxes in the end.

Slide hill

This game is wonderfully suitable for the garden or terrace table because then you save yourself the vacuuming afterward. Pour a packet of flour on the table and place a piece of chocolate on top of the hill. Now, in turn, each cuts off a piece of flour from the hill. Whoever can get the most flour in this way has won in the end. But beware: If the chocolate slips off, you have automatically lost, no matter how much flour you have already collected.

Clamping ball

This is most fun when several children play along and form teams. First, a start and a finish line are defined. Then you grab any game ball and clamp it between your heads. In this strange constellation, you have to reach the finish line. To make it even more exciting, you can of course stop the time. The ball can also be clamped between the hips, the bellies, or the buttocks.

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Stretch a rope between two trees (higher or lower depending on the age of the players). Now you put some water in a balloon and blast it up. On each side of the rope, there is the same number of players. The balloon is then thrown over the rope and the opposing team has to catch it. This is not so easy, because the balloon flies through the water completely uncontrolled.

Eagle’s eye

On a picnic blanket come all sorts of things like sunglasses, a writing pad, a game ball… What do you have with you. Now one player has to look away while the others remove a part. The one who has looked the other way has to guess what is missing from the things.

Tree change

This game can be played in the forest or in the park. Everyone chooses a tree and puts a hand on it. A fellow player must remain. He now shouts loudly: Trees change you! and everyone runs off and tries to reach the tree from a fellow player. If you haven’t gotten hold of one, it’s next to call.

Treasure hunt

Whether at the lake, in the outdoor pool or in the park: a treasure hunt is always fun. You hide something (please nothing that is valuable or will be missed later) and draw a treasure map. The other players have to try to find the hiding place using this map. It’s everyone’s turn to hide and hide.


You’ll need a paper plate, a glass and chocolate (or chocolate lenses). The glass is turned over, then comes the paper plate. On it, chocolate chips are distributed so that the plate is in balance. Now you have to take a piece of chocolate from the plate alternately and carefully with your lips and without touching the plate. Lost has the one who brings the plate to the fall.

Water pistol battle

The best fun at the lake or in the garden. There are two teams and a water pistol for each player. Now it’s about staying as dry as possible. A simple fun that can start again and again after a short “dry break”.

Stone sculpture

Something for creative afternoons. First, stones are sought that are as large as possible. If necessary, these can also be old bricks. Now a topic is output. Either small monsters or, for example, animals are painted. Each child must first consider which monster or animal their own stone resembles. Then we start painting with Plaka paint. The result can be a beautiful sculpture exhibition in the garden.


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