25 March, 2023

12 Days of Christmas Boudoir Shoots

Christmas Boudoir Shoots

It’s that time of year again where we get to share 12 days of Christmas boudoir shoots. We have 12 festive poses for you this year, and they are sure to put you in the holiday mood!

 Night Shirt


We are a bit behind on our 12 Days of Christmas Boudoir Shoots, but we have some great ideas for the next few days. Our first shoot is from a couple who wanted to celebrate their anniversary with a fun and sexy photoshoot. They did not want to pose together in this shoot, so they each had their gorgeous session! The talented photographer captured both beauty and vulnerability in these photos that will make you fall in love with them even more! 

Santa Hat

Christmas Boudoir Shoots is a time to spend with family, friends, and loved ones. This season calls for giving gifts to others in the form of presents under the tree ornaments on the Christmas tree. What if you were given an opportunity that allowed you to give back through your photos? Boudoir shoots are perfect for this type of self-gifting! And they make great holiday cards too! If you’re interested in learning more about these types of nodes, read below!” Santa hat, do you know how to make a boudoir shoot? Well, if you do, then this blog post is for you! I will show you 12 days of different Christmas-themed nodes that’ll have your heart racing and your palms sweating. These are some seriously sexy shots.”


The 12 days of Christmas boudoir shoots is a tacky, cheesy idea that has caught on like wildfire. The node consists of 12 different themes with the same model and wardrobe; each shot is set up as part of a holiday card or gift tag. They can be themed around anything from New Year’s to Valentine’s Day and everything in between. This type of shoot offers couples an opportunity to do something fun together while creating beautiful photos for their homes or offices!



Mistletoe Boudoir has been providing the residents of New Jersey with empowering boudoir shoots for years. They have an excellent track record that will bring you confidence in your decision to book your shoot. If you haven’t already booked one for yourself or as a gift this holiday season, I highly recommend it! The photos are gorgeous and turn out beautifully if done right. Mistletoe Boudoir knows what they are doing, which is why they provide professional photographers who know how to make everyone look their best! What better way to end 2016 than with beautiful photos of yourself? These 12 days of Christmas boudoir shoots are perfect timing because we can all use an extra boost of self-esteem, especially after the year.


Boudoir shoots are a great way to show your spouse they’re the only one for you this Christmas. You can also use them as a gift or even a little self-love! This is my second year doing boudoir photos, and I’m excited to share what we’ve been up to with you all. Let me know if there’s anything specific you’d like us to cover in these posts! We’ll be publishing two per day until Wednesday, Dec 12th, so stay tuned!

The Perfect Present

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your significant other this holiday season? Well, look no further because I have found it! It’s a 12 Days of Christmas Boudoir Shoot. Here are some reasons why you should do one too! Happy Holidays!

Presents Under the Tree

Boudoir shoots are the perfect gift for your significant other this Christmas. They can be a great way to spice up things in the bedroom, and they’re also a fun way to show off your curves. There is no better time than now to book a boudoir shoot with Presents Under the Tree, and we would love to help you make this year extra special!

Red and Green

On the first day of Christmas, I’m psychic, and my gift to you is the red-letter year. You can make it official with our 12 Days of Boudoir Shoots this season! Red and green are the colors of winter! I love a cold day, so this makes me feel all cozy inside. 


A light shines on the mannequin, illuminating her face. It’s not Santa Claus or an angel; it takes a few seconds to recognize what he sees–a beautiful woman posed for boudoir photographs in front of strategically-placed candles at midnight as part of this years’ 12 Days Of Christmas Boudoir Shoots promotion from LoveWillShine Studios and PXP Media Group LLC. 

 Candy Cane


On the first day of Christmas, I wrapped up my presents. My true love sent me to school with a kiss and some candy canes for cocoa butter on the second day of Christmas!


A fireplace is a perfect place to cuddle up with someone special on a cold winter’s night.

The crackling of firewood and warmth from this one room can be enough for some people, but what if you want more? A boudoir shoot starts with your favorite memories in front of an open flame before moving into different rooms that may have captured other moods or events throughout time, including cozy dinners by candlelight…


This is the first day of winter. Snow falls from an invisible sky, covering everything in a blanket that we can never seem to wipe away or escape from – our bodies included!

“What do you think about when it snows?” My friend asked me over tea last week while I was still wearing jeans and sneakers; busy saving up money so all these gorgeous dresses could be mine soon enough (I mean, who doesn’t love getting new clothes on Christmas Eve?). My mind went back to high school memories: snowball fights outside under leaden skies at dusk with cold hands pruned by frostbite before class started later than usual thanksgiving holiday.


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