Christmas Mini Session

Christmas mini session are a time of year where parents are looking to capture their children’s big moments. Planning for Christmas mini sessions can be tricky, but these 12 tips will help make your session planning easier!

What is a Christmas Mini Session?

A Christmas Mini Session is an intimate portrait experience for couples and families. It’s the perfect way to document your favorite moments together at this particular time of year! The session lasts about 50 minutes, after which you will receive a high-resolution digital image file along with unlimited access online or via mobile application.

During the sessions

Planning a successful mini session should start before the shoot.

To prepare, you will want to do in-depth research on the place where it is taking place and its ambiance since this can influence what type of images are created during your photo sessions; also take into account any special requests or limitations from family members such as no dogs being allowed outside unless they’re sitting still for the camera (or not at all).

Scheduling Your Christmas Mini Sessions

To get the most from your Christmas Mini Sessions, it is best to book them at least two months in advance.

The month of December will see many people going on holiday or away for a long stretch – which means that if you want some pictures taken around this time, then now would be an excellent opportunity!

Before clients arrive

Before you arrive at your Christmas Mini session, stop for a moment and imagine that everything is going smoothly. Imagine how it would feel if this was the best day of their lives! Take deep breaths with big inhales before starting in on tips 1-4 below:

2) Starting by asking about what brings them joy or turning conversations toward family members who are not present will make whatever time we have together more memorable than anything else could ever hope to achieve; 3,) Asking questions shows clients they care enough—even just prior –to capture those precious first seconds during which people naturally open up without even realizing.

Get an Assistant

You’re not the only one who needs help with everything from planning to photography. Get an assistant! They can take care of things like scheduling, travel arrangements, food shopping, and more, so you don’t have to be worried about a thing when it comes time for your Christmas mini sessions- relax in front of these gorgeous moments captured by yours truly.

Set Limits for Number of Photos and Session Duration

Christmas Mini sessions are a great way to document your child in their environment, but there is only so much that one can take before running out of time. Keep this limitation in mind when booking with you, and we’ll make sure not too many photos end up on public display!

Prepare Everything Before Clients Arrive

One of the best ways to have a successful Christmas mini session is by preparing everything before your clients arrive. This will give you plenty of time for set-up, which in turn makes it less stressful when they come! You’ll also want some treats on hand so guests can enjoy their pictures while we work together–a cupcake or cookies are always welcomed too 🙂

Have Treats and Toys for Kids

To make it a fun, interactive session for kids and parents alike, try bringing treats or toys to give out.

It’s always more exciting when there are things like candy canes in your Christmas Mini Sessions!


Planning is always a great idea, but it’s not easy to know where you want your photos taken.

Gift-giving Christmas mini sessions can be stressful and time-consuming! That’s why I recommend mini sessions for any couple who wants a fantastic photo experience without all of that hassle. We will come into their home or Office Space (or anywhere they choose), take pictures wherever looks most natural with our lighting equipment—and then give them prints from whichever location is best suited for each person individually based on what they like seeing in these types of images as well as memories associated with those locations.


Marketing can be a tricky thing. It requires expertise to impact your industry and customers and can fail if not executed correctly, which leaves many business owners feeling overwhelmed!

Christmas, the best marketing campaign, aligns with who you are and what matters most- from creating content people will want access to to or driving traffic their way using social media campaigns designed specifically for this goal… But no matter how much planning goes into it all (and believe me, we’ve got some fantastic ideas), sometimes even our most brilliant plans fall apart at Christmas mini sessions.


There are many things to consider when choosing the perfect gift for someone. One of the most critical considerations is price, and we have some great news: you can get mini sessions at a discount this year! All it takes is booking early enough so that your package includes 12 or more images from each session (depending on which option you choose). If there’s one thing our clients love more than their memories captured with us by default in camera lenses, it’s deals like these – please reach out if interested as soon as possible before they sell out again!!


Themed photo sessions for any occasion

Imagine greeting your loved ones on Christmas Mini Session morning with a spontaneous, candid shot of you and them together. We have all kinds of options – from family portraits to black-and-white cityscapes or even images taken just outside the venue!

Product Options

So, you’re looking for the perfect gift? Why not give someone something they can cherish forever. We offer a variety of products with different options that are sure to please any recipient on your list!

It’s time to give the gift of memories this Christmas mini session. We have an option that will make sure your loved ones always remember what was most important about them. There are several options for you to choose from in terms of products.

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