25 March, 2023

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5 Best Cannabis Business Social Networks for you in 2023

Cannabis Business social network

Since we are exposed to the digital era, we have brought features of different social networking channels with us. A number of Cannabis Business social networks are available and people are enjoying their socializing using social networking channels either they are far from each other. Some of the popular social networks are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and etc.

There are platforms that have created a niche for networking where people of the same interest can make profiles, post, and share their opinions. Cannabis business social network is one among these niches. Here we are going to analyze the 10 best social networks created for socializing purposes, some are specially formed for cannabis promotion.


Weedlife is one of the best cannabis social networks where people can create their accounts. It gives features to the people like

·         Sharing events, photos and videos

·         Sharing opinion

·         Discussion forums

·         Fan pages

Here you can easily share your opinions with the pictorial presentation. People can also share their opinion but Weedlife likely encourages people who show their interest in Cannabis.


Another top platform for social network marketing of Cannabis is Masroots. Masroots claims to be one of the oldest social networks of Cannabis. It has created its own website and a mobile application for selling Marijuana legally. Both channels of consumers’ approach confirm profile creation of the adults first. It has recently achieved a milestone of reaching 1 million users.


Lifewire is new in cannabis social networking but it’s fast-paced and professional. It has allowed investors to work on the platform. It is also good for searching for jobs in this field because Lifewire has gathered a pool of investors that are providing cannabis and also required employees to work in this industry.


Think what if you get a directory of your desired products. It will be so easy for a client to know about top brand cannabis providers. CannaSOS is providing the same services to its customers. You can easily get your desirable brand in the directory for buying a perfect one.

Cannabis Pro

Cannabis Pro is effective for the people who want to socialize but its only about cannabis. Members can post cannabis related stuff on it. Users can also use this platform for posting jobs and updates related to this industry only.

Cannabis Business Social Network

Cannabis business social network is different from other social networks because it is decentralized and based upon blockchain. It has amazing features such as

·         There is no restriction to join the network

·         More than 5 people joined this network.

·         Smokers are registered and use cryptocurrency for exchange of cannabis

Amazingly it has not banned and is working in 29 states of the USA.


Yes, LinkedIn! On which you make your job search and CEOs find employees for their businesses. It is also used for promotion of products. Cannabis business promoters are also using this platform for the same purposes such as

·         Posting jobs

·         Searching jobs

·         Promoting Cannabis

On this useful platform business owners promote their businesses strategically. Cannabis business sellers are also utilizing this platform for selling products.


It is easy to update product information on Weldable regarding marijuana. It is one of the platforms where you can post information regarding cannabis different product updates and here buyers can easily get their desirable brands of marijuana as well. So, you just have to make your profile and start advertising cannabis. For its user’s convenience, Weldable has also launched a mobile application.

MJ Link

MJ Link is a professional social network as the LinkedIn. Here you can post and update features of your product for the promotional purpose. Cannabis owners are using this channel strategically for increasing view of the people. MJ Link has partnered with the Weldable and together they are generating more than 2.5 million consumers only in a month. MJ Link charges $10 for its 1000 users’ views. So, its easy to generate more customers of cannabis on MJ Link because you can find more users of cannabis on it.

Weed Circles

You can also use Weed Circles for increasing social networks. It is a valuable platform for cannabis users. You can create a profile on this channel and enjoy making friends and posting your product on it. Registration is free of cost on this platform. Moreover, you can connect number of people here to increase your social connections. This channel helps in promoting your product on social networking. This channel is effective for the promotion of cannabis because you will find the end-user on it.


Here we have amalgamated ten best cannabis business social networks for you. It’s your time to increase social connections using these social network platforms. Now you just have to create profiles on these social networks and seek which one is best for promoting marijuana. You will soon understand which social network is best for promoting cannabis when you would have reached end users using these platforms. So, good luck for your search of cannabis consumers on social networks.

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