25 March, 2023

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R6 Price in Nepal: How Much Does It Cost to Own a Yamaha R6 in Nepal?

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The Yamaha R6 is a well-liked choice for a sports bike among Nepalese motorcyclists. Because of its robust engine, stylish style, and cutting-edge features, it is a fan favorite among people passionate about riding motorcycles. But, before making the financial commitment to purchase the bicycle, it is vital to consider the total cost of ownership and any other potential costs. This essay will talk about the pricing of the R6 in Nepal and provide valuable information for anyone contemplating buying this sort of sports bike.

Specs of the Yamaha R6

To properly evaluate the R6’s price in Nepal, one must first grasp the bike’s specs. The Yamaha R6 has a 599cc, liquid-cooled engine that produces 117 hp and 45 lb-ft of torque. This vehicle comes equipped with a slipper clutch, a six-speed transmission, and an electronic fuel injection system. In addition, the bicycle has an aluminum frame, an entirely customizable suspension system, and a digital display for the instrument panel.

The Cost of an R6 in Nepal

The price of a Yamaha R6 in Nepal shifts depending on the model year and can be found to be quite variable. In Nepal, the base price for a brand new Yamaha R6 is NPR 2,800,000 as of March 2023. (approximately USD 23,000). But, costs may change based on the dealer and any additional functions or components added to the motorcycle. It is essential to consider the additional ownership expenses, such as insurance, registration, and upkeep.

R6 Prices in Nepal for Pre-Owned Vehicles

The cost of a pre-owned Yamaha R6 can vary widely depending on factors like age, the number of miles it has been driven, and its overall condition. In Nepal, a used R6 may be purchased for anywhere between NPR 1,500,000 and NPR 2,500,000. This price range is usual (approximately USD 12,000 to USD 20,000). Before making a purchase, it is critical to comprehensively inspect the bicycle and look for any signs of damage or problems.

Factors Influencing the Pricing of R6 in Nepal

The cost of R6 motorcycles in Nepal is determined by a number of factors, including the following:


Nepal places substantial import tariffs and taxes on all imported items, including motorcycles. These fees and taxes can be rather expensive. The R6 bike’s price increases proportionately with the total amount of import charges and taxes paid.

Exchange rates

The pricing of R6 bikes in Nepal is also influenced by the current exchange rate that exists between the Nepalese rupee and the United States dollar. In the event that the Nepalese rupee loses value in comparison to the US dollar, the cost of importing R6 bikes will go up, which will result in increased costs for end users.

Value of the Brand

Yamaha is a well-known and respected brand in Nepal, and the R6 bike is a popular model among those who are passionate about motorcycling. As a result, the value of the Yamaha brand as well as the popularity of the R6 cycle can have an effect on the price of the bike in Nepal.


The availability of R6 bikes in Nepal is another factor that can have an effect on the price of those bikes. The huge demand for R6 bikes could cause costs to rise if there is a shortage of the bikes in the market.


The level of competition in the market is another factor that might have an effect on the price of R6 bikes in Nepal. If there are other motorcycles in Nepal that are comparable to the R6, the price of that bike might be affected by how much other comparable bikes cost.

Transportation expenses

The price of R6 motorcycles might be affected by the amount of money it takes to ship them from the manufacturing plant all the way to Nepal. It is possible that the price of the R6 bike will go up if the cost of transportation is high.

Cost of storage and distribution

The pricing of R6 motorcycles in Nepal may also be affected by the amount of money needed to store and distribute the bikes. If these costs are significant, it is possible that they will be passed on to the customer in the form of increased pricing.

Regulations from the government

The government of Nepal may also put various regulations on the sale and import of motorcycles in the country. The prices of R6 bikes in Nepal may be affected as a result of these laws.


Riders in Nepal love the modern features and streamlined design of the Yamaha R6, which makes it one of the most popular sports bikes in the country. But, before investing in the bicycle, it is essential to consider the cost of ownership and any additional costs that may arise. In Nepal, a brand-new Yamaha R6 begins at NPR 2,800,000, while a pre-owned R6 can range anywhere from NPR 1,500,000 to NPR 2,500,000. When considering the purchase of an R6 sports bike in Nepal, prospective purchasers can make an educated choice if they consider all of the aspects that determine the price of this model.




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