25 March, 2023

7 Best Free OCR Software Apps to Convert Images Into Text

Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, is a sophisticated software approach for extracting text from photographs. In the beginning, OCR software was sloppy and unreliable. It’s often the quickest way to turn text in a picture into something you can modify with a word processor these days, because of the massive computational power available.

These five free OCR apps work on a variety of platforms and offer diverse approaches to the task in order to online image to text converter. You’ll almost likely find the best free OCR software you need below if you’ve been hunting for a means to turn pictures into words.

Business Card Scanner:

This is the best option available on the internet to scan images and image to text converter within a few seconds. Yes, it makes use of the OCR technique to extract image to text easily. All the process is done by considering the minimum of the error so that the right information could be stored and saved for future use.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition)(Windows 10):

FreeOCR is a basic free OCR program that includes all of the essential features you’d expect from this type of program. For starters, you can directly scan and extract text from paper if you have a TWAIN scanner (which is virtually all of them). Importing images also works as expected. This includes multi-page TIFF and PDF documents, as well.

Easy Screen OCR (Windows, Mac, iOS & Android):

Easy Screen OCR is a modest, free OCR program that uses a Google-powered cloud-based recognition engine to convert image to text immediately. As you may assume, this means that the software will only work if you have a wifi connection. If that isn’t an issue, you’ll find this to be a really handy tool.

This OCR program is designed to extract text from screenshots, allowing you to copy text from webpages or other on-screen content. The fact that it supports over 100 languages is extremely impressive. Take a screenshot of the text you wish to translate (for example, Japanese text) and have Easy Screen OCR do it for you. It also helps to have a way to select custom hotkeys if this is something you need to do frequently.

Capture2Text (Windows 10):

Capture2Text is a nice little program with a limited but quite helpful purpose. It is indeed considered a more reliable image to text converter available online. It’s used to OCR text from what’s on your screen right now. You hit a hotkey, choose the area of the screen you wish to OCR, and the result is copied to the clipboard, ready to paste into a text editor.

A9t9 (Windows 10):

If you’ve never visited the Windows Store before, you might be shocked to learn that there are many free and Open Source software available. The a9t9 app is one of those rare gems that arrives with no strings attached. There are no advertisements, and it claims to have good OCR performance.

Although not as extensive as some of the other options on this list, A9t9 supports a large number of languages. If you’re running Windows 8.1 (or higher) and need OCR right now but don’t want to pay any money, simply press a single button in the Windows Store app, and a9t9 will turn your photo to text documents in seconds.

Adobe Scan:

Adobe has a plethora of mobile apps available for download. Some are fantastic, while others appear to be little more than experiments. Adobe Scan belongs to the first group. It’s a well-designed camera scanning and OCR app that works on both Android and iOS. There is no cost, and you do not need to be a subscriber to any Adobe services to use this feature. So it’s time to use this image to text converter online. 

Of course, the finished document is a PDF, which you can only edit directly with a premium version of Acrobat, but copying the text to your preferred word processor isn’t difficult.


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