Back in the days, it was hard to book a hotel but now we have so many websites available that can help us to choose the best accommodation. Likewise, there are many sites by the aid of which you can book a nice hotel for yourself in America. However, in this article, we will talk about 7 websites that we consider great for booking accommodation in the USA and you can opt for the best site for hotel booking from them as per your choice.

7 great websites for reserving a hotel in the USA

People who travel a lot to or in the USA may be very much interested most of the time in knowing which is the best site for hotel booking in this North American country. It is because these sites help them in choosing the best option in the context of accommodation. So for all such people, the following are the seven best sites for booking hotel in America; best site for hotel booking in the USA


We consider the best site for hotel booking in America because of several reasons. It provides you a great variety of options to stay in the States. At this site, you can find all kinds of places in the USA for yourself like from famous chains and excellent accommodation to not really expensive motels and sea resorts.

This site also informs you about which hotels were booked most of the time in the US and which ones got the best reviews. It can assist you to have an idea about which place is really nice in the US and thus, you can reserve it too after some more scrutiny. 

Furthermore, there is an app of this platform which is quite simple to use, and as travelers use phones more than laptops so it’s really wise of to make an app that can be easily used on a mobile phone by the people. This makes the process of searching for a hotel easier.

Moreover, has a feature on its homepage that asks “Are you traveling for work?” and by selecting “Yes” the website will show you famous business travel options such as Wi-Fi and breakfast. So, you can select this site for choosing a hotel in America for your next trip as it has many great features.

Expedia: for reserving accommodation in the US

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We think that another best site for hotel booking in the USA is Expedia. You can use this website to reserve one of the amazing hotels in America. This site offers a huge variety of lodges from which you can select as per your mood, budget, or taste.

Moreover, the option of “My Trips” on this website is very useful for organizing your whole tour in one section, so there will be no need to check the number of emails and accounts for figuring out your plan for the trip.

Another nice thing about Expedia is its reward points system. When you join Expedia as a member by signing up you can gain Expedia+ points that can be used for future tours. Also, using the phone application of this site can make you receive 2x Expedia+ points.

Furthermore, it is a very flexible policy of Expedia that you can do free cancellation on the majority of the hotels. Moreover, just like, this site also provides users’ reviews on their pages that can tell you about the quality of the accommodations and you can choose accordingly. However, as per Insider, Expedia is best for providing bundled services rather than booking for just one thing.

CheapOair: can be your next stop for reserving an inn in the States

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It is also the best site for hotel booking in the States as it provides remarkable deals plus discounts on all types of inns, from luxury hotels and mid-range to budget hotels. So, whether you want a cheap or expensive hotel, you will get all options at CheapOair and you can opt as per your budget.

However, another interesting thing about this website is its Group Travel package. With the help of this package, you can get rooms of the inns in America for your entire group. For instance, if you planned your wedding in the US and your family and friends will also go over there to attend the wedding then you can take the help of CheapOair to plan and look after your group travel needs. So, CheapOair will aid you in booking the hotel’s rooms in the US for your whole group.

Hotwire: another best site for hotel booking in the US

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Hotwire is a balanced and simple place among so many hotel booking sites. The site provides you a good amount of options that you require but not lots of options. Also, the sections of this site are kept in a simple way so there is less or no chance of missing anything.

So, if you don’t like to be inundated with loads of options and stuck in complex sections while finding a good hotel in the US, then Hotwire is a place for you. Furthermore, this website is also in partnership with websites like and Expedia due to which it can offer very low prices. Hence, it’s the best website for those who have not much money to spend on hotel rooms.

TripAdvisor: one more place to find accommodation in the USA

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TripAdvisor is another best site for hotel booking in the States. It is a platform that has been established for years plus it’s totally reliable. It is among the largest travel online companies that are famous for its user-created reviews.

So, while you’re reserving a hotel in the States via TripAdvisor, you will attain the additional advantage of reading reviews in the similar place that will apprise you regarding the standard of a particular hotel.

Moreover, it is largely a comparison site as it offers the option of comparison shopping. Hence, all these qualities of TripAdvisor can aid you to get a nice hotel room in the States at the best rates.

Travelocity: for reserving a beautiful lodge in America

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Travelocity is another simple website to book a hotel in the USA very easily. If you are someone who gets irritated by lots of ads on the pages of sites then go to Travelocity for booking a hotel in America as it is comparatively clean. A very good thing about this company is its travel protection that provides benefits to customers like 24/7 emergency assistance throughout the world.

However, a very distinct part of Travelocity is its Roaming Gnome. Moreover, Travelocity’s Inspiration section has many amazing pieces of writing from where you can take help about which US hotel is the best and as per your choice or mood. Then you can book that hotel via Travelocity easily. Plus, this company takes care of issues like your hotel reservation is lost. Hence, because of all the aforementioned things about Travelocity, we think that it is also a good place to book hotels in the US.

Priceline: last but not least in our list of sites for hotel booking in the US

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Priceline is last but not the least best site for hotel booking in the US on our list. Its Express Deals is something very interesting by which Priceline provides great discounts to customers on hotel stays. The deal can save customers up to 60% on hotels. Hence, by Express Deals of this site, you can reserve a low-priced hotel in the States.

Also, another option is Name Your Own Price on this site that lets you put in location, star rating, and price bid for a hotel. Thus, you can use Priceline and avail the benefits it offers while booking hotels in the States.

It should be noted here that in this article we just talked about the plus points of the hotel booking sites and not about their negative points. Just like everything else, these websites also have few flaws but overall we consider these seven sites the best ones for booking hotels in the United States.

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