Dougie Dance

The Dougie dance is that goes around the world. It started as a simple yet catchy move and has become an iconic dance for people of all ages and backgrounds. The Dougie might not be the first dance you think about when it comes to “dance moves,” but it should be because its popularity shows no sign of slowing down.

Mastering the Basics

Mastering the Basics – The Foundation of Dance-skills are important in life, but what is the key to success? Learning the basics! Getting those first few steps will give you a foundation to make all other lessons more accessible and fun. When it comes to learning new dances or styles like ballroom, there’s no better way than mastering these basic movements, so they become second nature with just one lesson under your belt (or Youtube search). Here I’ll show how easy this gets by giving five ways today we’re going over our ABCs:  From A( Rear), B(both)C & D; Step 1/ Treading Right To Left.

The Basics of Dance For You To Master. It’s always interesting to see what people encounter when trying new things. I was scrolling through my feed, looking at all this fun and creative content from different creators in the dance community on Instagram–and then it hit me! There are so many more types of dances than just those we know today (i.e., ballet). But how do you even start learning some outside-the-box stuff? Well, maybe if someone were able.

Start by putting on a song with a good beat

Start by putting on a song that makes your heart beat faster and more robust. Maintaining an active, creative mind has always been one of the essential parts of living life fully; doing so will help you stay fit mentally as well! Start with something simple like learning new moves for dance or taking up painting—whatever activity is right up YOUR alley (and can keep those neurons firing).

Start with the side-to-side move

Start by doing a side-to teach, then move up and down in rhythm with your hands.

Both moves should be made quickly while maintaining good posture, so it feels like you’re wiggling from left to right all of the time. The side-to-side movement is a basic that you should know. You can do this one with your hands up in the air or by tapping them together while turning sideways.

The “Side To Side” Dance Move.

Sway right, left, right, right

Swaying your body to the right, left, and then back again.

The Dougie has been called a dance that goes around the world because it changes directions seamlessly with each repetition.

Sway right-left. Sways are one of the most effective ways to keep your balance while dancing because they force you into moving both feet together and help with the grace by making it easy for your arms not to be out-of-sync with what’s happening on stage at any given time.

Add some arms once you feel you have the style down

To add some arms once you feel like you’re dancing the style, try these steps. 

You can easily make it into a combo by making this same move with another one, and bam! You just created a fantastic new dance we call “TheDougie.”

Adding Flair

Adding Flair

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Try the “Cat-Daddy,” another popular Dougie move

Take your partner by the hand and lead them in a specific movement that starts simple but quickly becomes more complicated. It’s called “Cat-Daddy” for a good reason – it can be tricky to master.

Try the “Wheelchair” move

A wheelchair is a popular dance that you may have heard before. To perform the move, take one step with your left foot and then follow up by swinging around in circles opening up to about 180 degrees until it’s time for another side-to-side hop.

Now do the Dougie “Fresh

Now do the Dougie, “Fresh.” It starts with an easy step, but then you have to do some quick direction changes as it goes around your neck and down into a dip before resurfacing back at its original position again.

Now do the Dougie to feel like a true global citizen.

No matter where you live or what language you speak in your country, people will know precisely how to respond to this universal dance move.

Don’t forget to be loose with your knees

The most important thing to remember when you’re on the dance floor is not just how much fun it will be but also that your body needs space. You don’t want any part of yourself crowded or pushed up against another person’s hips – this can lead to bad reactions from both partners if done unexpectedly! So keep those knees loose and ready for anything at all times.”

Keep your knees loose and forget about being perfect. The more you dance, the better. Keep your knees open so you can let go.

Don’t forget to dance like anyone’s watching and have fun with it. Click here for more articles.

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