25 March, 2023

Top 8 Signs Your Mother is a Narcissistic

Mother is a Narcissistic

There is nothing more beautiful than a relationship between a mother and her child. Every time a mother looks at her child and how a child feels the safest and most secure in his mother’s lap, nothing is comparable to that. However, if a mother possesses narcissistic qualities, this relationship can become suffocating and eventually hell. Research shows that approximately 0.5% of the people from the United States, or 1 in 200, have the disorder or have narcissistic personalities. Usually, only narcissism is discussed and how to deal with it; however, the causes of narcissism have to be discussed in detail and equally important. Usually, there are so many narcissists present around us in different relationships and forms, such as parents, siblings, friends, grandparents and teachers. But many of these relationships will not affect a person as much as a narcissistic mother would, where she would generally be possessively and exclusively close to her children and would not want for them, in any way, to grow independent, never understanding the child, using manipulation and eventually leaving the child emotionally bereft. Further below, the kinds of such mothers will be discussed.

She is emotionally volatile

A narcissistic mother is invariably emotionally unstable. Within a few minutes, she would change her mood according to her needs and wants and not have patience. A mother with this characteristic always has low self-esteem and cannot resist any situation that does not go her way and would start crying at the smallest things. If what she wants is not done, she would suddenly change her behavior and blackmail the other person.

 She wants to control everyone

A narcissistic mother always tries to control everyone around her. If anyone disagrees with her opinion, she would become angry and try to make the other person feel guilty even if it is the smallest thing.

 She cannot be depended on

A narcissistic mother is not trustworthy and cannot be depended on. She would do as she likes and would want others to follow her or do as she says. Her family cannot depend on her and would go as far as even breaking her promises.

Her love is always conditional

 A narcissistic mother’s love is not selfless; she would try to find her success in other’s success and, if she is not able to achieve the things that she wants to get through someone, she would become jealous and try to ruin everything and come in-between the person and his way to success because of her imbalanced personality.

She would manipulate you most of the time

A narcissistic mother would blame others and even call out someone’s bad qualities to make herself feel better. She would always want to listen to a Yes in any situation.

She would derogate you

A narcissistic mother would not hesitate to disgrace those around her and would go even as far as using sarcasm or abusing her family and friends and humiliating them in front of a huge group of people She does not see anyone’s point of view A narcissistic mother generally ignores everyone’s point of view and the major reason for this is her disorder and ego. She would never listen to or understand what anyone would want to make her understand and only follow what she would want. She would always try to rule all aspects of everyone’s life. A narcissistic mother would always want to rule every decision of the people’s lives in her family.


An example could be that, if someone goes to the restaurant and her, she would always want to choose her favorite restaurant, the food should be of her choice, and she would want to decide on the time. Narcissism is not found only in mothers, but we are constantly surrounded by so many narcissists all around us and many times, we might not even recognize them or know about it, and this can be present in all the different relationships that we have with others, however, a “narcissist mother” is the one that is the most dangerous and harmful to the society because she is slowly harming the generations to come because the children have to deal with them and suffer simultaneously since they are not old enough to make their own decisions and move far away. These children also do not understand why exactly the mother behaves in a certain way and has no clue how they can change it.

A narcissistic mother is a superwoman in her own story, where she has a smile on her face and is always there to encourage others and ready to help everyone around her. Her friends and colleagues adore her, but she completely changes how she behaves as soon as she returns home. She is self-centered, brittle and easily angered.

A narcissist mother is also oversensitive and would change her behavior within a few minutes without understanding anyone’s feelings or emotions and would never understand the situation that others would be in. If things do not go her way, she would become aggressive and attack those around her. She would often try to humiliate others publicly, and, her love is selfish.

One of the only ways to survive with someone like her would be to avoid her and think of the other people around to provide love, care and attention such as a father, grandparents, siblings, friends and neighbors, till the people would be independent enough to move far away from her.

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