25 March, 2023

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Abu Dhabi Postal Codes

Abu Dhabi is the capital and second most populated city (UAE). Since Abu Dhabi is a central metropolitan area and a significant tourist attraction, it has implemented a highly organized postal code system to facilitate the prompt delivery of mail and packages to its citizens and companies. In this article, we’ll go over the significance of the postal code system in Abu Dhabi, also known as the zip code system, and how to find the postal code for a specific area in Abu Dhabi.

What is a ZIP Code/Postal Code?

Postal Codes, commonly known as ZIP Codes, are numerical or alphanumeric sequences used for mail delivery and sorting. Using a ZIP Code is similar to using a Postal Code. Postal codes are extensively used worldwide to help mail carriers pinpoint precisely where the package needs to be delivered.

Why are ZIP Codes/Postal Codes necessary?

Postal or ZIP codes are crucial in efficiently delivering mail and products. Because of their help, the shipment can be delivered quickly and precisely because it is sent to the correct address. Nevertheless, postal codes are helpful in many other situations, such as the ones listed below:

Improving accuracy in billing and marketing

The usage of postal codes is widespread in the business world; they are employed for various purposes, including the more obvious ones of precise marketing and billing.

Emergency Services

The exact location of a person who has phoned for help can be determined with the help of a postal code by emergency services like the police, fire, and ambulance.

Collecting and Analyzing Data

Data Collection and Analysis Postal codes can be used to compile helpful information on a region’s population, economy, and consumer habits.

Abu Dhabi Postal Code System

Emirates Post is responsible for overseeing the Abu Dhabi zip code system. Delivering mail and providing postal services throughout the United Arab Emirates are also the responsibility of UAE Post. In Abu Dhabi, every neighborhood has its own unique four-digit postal code. Many neighborhoods in the city have been given their unique codes.

Abu Dhabi Postal Code Format

Postal codes in Abu Dhabi use a four-digit format, as seen below: XXXX.

In this system, the first two digits identify the sector or geographical region, while the second pair designate a more specific region or position inside that larger whole.

Where Can I Look Up the Postal Code for Abu Dhabi?

Depending on your needs, you can take a few different routes to discover an Abu Dhabi address’s zip code. Some of the most common approaches are as follows:

Address for the Emirates Postal Service Website

The Emirates Post website features a search bar for locating specific zip codes. This resource allows users to look up the zip code for any address in Abu Dhabi. Users can input a street name, a building name, or a PO Box number to get the appropriate postal code.

To get the zip code of an address in Abu Dhabi, Google Maps is another helpful tool. Users can enter the address and the location’s identifier to bring up the corresponding map and zip code.

Location-Based Services for Locating Zip Codes Online

Searchable and regularly updated databases of Abu Dhabi zip codes are available on various websites. Famous examples include Postal-Codes.org, PostalCodeWorld.com, and Zip-Codes.com.


Until the deadline of September 2021, the UAE’s Abu Dhabi Emirate will not have a ZIP code or postal code delivery system in place. However, with the United Arab Emirates’ persistent attempts to improve its infrastructure, this may change. The appropriate Abu Dhabi authorities will almost certainly announce the introduction of a ZIP or postal code system. In addition, they’ll make the data easily accessible to the general public. If a ZIP or postal code is not provided, additional identifying information, such as a complete street address or GPS coordinates, may be needed to ensure that mail is delivered accurately. This is a vital fact to remember without a ZIP or postal code.




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