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The 5 Best Adventure Travel Shows

Adventure travel Shows

Adventure travel Shows are the best way to get out of your comfort zone. The feeling of being in a new place and exploring can be exhilarating, but it’s also exhausting. The time spent on the road can make you feel like you’re living two lives at once; you’re constantly trying to figure out where you are while simultaneously figuring out what to do next. The 5 Best Adventure Travel Shows will help keep your wanderlust at bay for just a little bit longer!

Expedition Unknown – Host: Josh Gates

Josh Gates is a world traveler and TV host. He’s traveled to more than 50 countries on six continents, which means he knows his stuff when it comes to adventure travel shows. Josh Gates, who has been exploring the world for decades as a journalist and author (including Deadline: digging up terrorist attacks before they happen), takes on an unprecedented journey to learn what it’s like out there – where no one has gone before.

The best thing about Josh? His sense of humor–he’ll make you laugh while teaching us how we can get that same feeling anywhere in the world with our own two feet or wheels (or wings).What if you could go anywhere in the world and explore it without any boundaries? Imagine how many adventures would be possible then. Josh Gates will take us on his latest escapade, exploring new places around planet Earth with all expenses paid for by Discovery Communications.

 Walking the Himalayas – Host: Levison Wood

 Walking the Himalayas – Host: Levison Wood is an Adventure travel Show and explorer. He’s traveled to the Himalayas, where he met up with his friend, who showed him some of India’s best-kept secrets!

This video features one such secret – walking through remote areas only accessible by foot or on horseback to see pristine wildlife like snow leopards at close range (not that you would get very close). Wood also takes us into villages filled with locals living their daily lives alongside exploring tourists visiting this fascinating country each year, generating income from tourism while still preserving local culture.

Levison Wood takes you on a journey through the Himalayas. This mountainous region will not disappoint temples and is ranked higher than Mount Everest or K2 by locals.

Bhutan is one such country that lies within its borders; it has been called “the hidden land of flowers” because they grow more types here than anywhere else in Asia- the perfect destination for any visitor seeking serenity away from bustling cities.

Running Wild with Bear Grylls – Host: Bear Grylls

Running Wild with Bear Grylls is an adventure travel Show that follows the host on their adventures. He’s helped people across all sorts of terrains, from deserts to mountains, and he will continue doing so as long as there are new challenges out in this world for him. Imagine a world where you are not just the king or queen of your castle but also an international Adventure Travel Show. Bear Grylls invites us to join him on his journey for adventure and discovery in Running Wild with Bear Grylls.

Bear Grylls has become one of the most sought-after TV hosts with a background in extreme sports and survival skills. He is best known for his work on Running Wild with Bear Grylls, which showcases adventures across breathtaking landscapes from around the world to find out what it takes not just to survive but thrive when faced with Mother Nature’s obstacles.

Lone survivor? Or an expert tracker who knows every inch.

Dual Survival – Hosts: Grady Powell & Josh James

Dual Survival is an entertaining show that will keep you on your toes. Hosts Grady Powell and Josh James discuss what to do in case of emergency, survival tips for the wilds of Alaska with tales from their journeys there themselves as well as guests who share their own experiences about long-term expeditions or travels into remote parts unknown around our world. Dual Survival host Grady Powell and Josh James, both survival experts from the outdoors. Dual Survival brings you a new episode of what it takes to survive in any condition or emergency with special attention given on how people can prepare before they’re ever faced by their greatest risk-however slim that may sound!

You and your survival kit will be tested in the wilds of Dual Survival. You’ll have two teams: red and blue, with both trying to outlast their opponents by proving they can find water first! Who knows what could happen when you’re forced into an all-out battle for this scarce resource?

The producers behind “Dual Survival” say it’s not just about staying alive – but rather… who gets left behind at camp after nightfall?”

Ed Stafford: Into the Unknown – Host: Ed Stafford

Ed Stafford is a self-proclaimed “adventurer at heart,” and this show captures the spirit of exploration in its host. The first episode features tips for getting started on your outdoor Adventure travel Shows, as well as interviews with other adventurers who have been where you want to go. The show is about a guy who has adventures in the unknown. The host, Ed Stafford, goes into some of America’s most dangerous and remote places to find out what life looks like for those living there – from quantum computing scientists on isolated islands or deep with meanwhile culture-velvets (that’s an old term) of Russian Official Duty Members trying their best under extreme conditions while balancing family life as well!

England’s most famous explorer, Ed Stafford, is emotional to find himself.

In this series of adventure travel shows called ‘Into the Unknown,’ we follow a British man and adventurer as he travels through some faraway places searching for new knowledge about himself while also exploring what life means in these modern times with all its exotic customs – meeting people from different cultures around the world who have their own unique beliefs but still hold onto yours tightly too.



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