Bath Bomb Packaging

What does the packaging of bath bombs look like? Most likely, you have seen a box that is about the size of two decks of cards. The most common material used for these boxes is paperboard because it’s cheap and can be recycled. However, if you are a producer who cares deeply about your product and wants to make an impression on consumers, investing in high-quality packaging should be on your list.

Packaging is a vital element for any product bath bombs are no exception. Therefore, bath bomb packaging boxes are the best option for these goods. Even the most beautiful bath bomb will not be able to sell if it does not come in a suitable package. To help you make the right decision when choosing your packaging boxes, I have compiled this informative blog post on different types of packaging boxes that you can use to pack your bath bombs!

Types of Bath Bomb Boxes

1)   Display Boxes

Display boxes are the most common type of box for bath bombs. These packaging containers come in all shapes and sizes, with many different features such as window displays or a clear plastic top to showcase your products.

Display boxes provide excellent protection from damage and keep the product safe custom milk cartons until it is opened by consumers. Moreover, these boxes help you to showcase your product and make your bath bombs look more appealing in stores.

However, bath bomb manufacturers use these boxes for large volumes of business as they are a little expensive to produce. If you’re a new producer looking for an inexpensive option that is also great quality, then packaging bags are the best choice for you!

2)   Two-Piece Boxes

These boxes are commonly made from corrugated boards. You can assemble them with glue or with other adhesives. This type of packaging is not as strong as other options. But it’s cheap to produce and also accommodates smaller quantities of bath bombs.

When using this option for your boxes, you’ll want to make sure that the box is sturdy enough because even though they’re lightweight, these paperboard boxes can be crushed easily in transit or if dropped accidentally during packing.

For a more robust alternative without sacrificing price point – try three-piece cardboard mailers. If you opt for two-piece boxes, then do it right by choosing long flat-bottomed ones. So, that there will be less pressure on each side when stacked together.

3)   Tray & Sleeve Boxes

Packaging companies produce these tray and sleeve boxes using thick grade cardboard or corrugated materials. They are often heavier and more rigid than the previous two styles. That is why companies typically use them for larger quantities in terms of bath bombs. But you can also order them with pre-cut slots to display your product on a shelf.

The bottom tray box has an advantage over other types of packaging. It minimizes manpower needed when boxing up products as you won’t need to tape them closed.

Don’t forget about our bubble mailers. These affordable boxes come with customizable options like shapes, colors, and sizes. They’ll make your bath bomb packaging stand out from the crowd. Plus, they have built-in cushioning, so if anything were ever damaged through shipping – we’ve got it covered.

4)   Tuck-End Boxes

These packages are commonly used to pack bath bombs with elegance. These boxes have a tendency to be more expensive than other types of boxes. But they make up for the cost with their durability and how easy it is to design them.

The tuck-end box has two features that should not be overlooked when deciding on which bath bomb packaging box you want: style and convenience. They are often used in hotels. These packages allow people to use only one hand while opening them. Furthermore, these boxes are also the perfect choice for packing multiple products without any overlap.

If we’re talking about practicality, then there’s no better way than bubble wraps to the boxes. These inexpensive yet durable packages have built-in cushioning, so if anything were ever damaged through shipping – it’s completely protected.

5)   Magnetic Closure Boxes

These premium-looking boxes are the perfect choice if you want a package that is good for the environment. Companies produce these boxes with a hundred percent recycled materials and have an easy-to-open magnet closure that does not require any tape to seal it shut.

The design of these boxes also sets them apart from others. From their glossy exterior, matte finish, or with their fun patterns. They all make beautifully designed packages.

It’s possible to choose between different colors, but in general, there are three kinds:

  • Black Boxes (most elegant),
  • Brown Ones (neutral) and
  • White Ones (you can customize them according to your needs at no extra cost).

6)   Tuck-Top Boxes

These boxes are perfect for bath bombs that are not too big and have an irregular shape. They come with a tuck-flap lid to ensure the tightest seal possible.

The rectangular design of the boxes provides a variety of options for storing and presenting your products. Whether you use it as-is or cut one of its short sides to make it narrower, they are convenient.

This kind of packaging box comes with strong corners. It means that they’re perfect for stacking up without worrying about damaging your product. If there is more than just one item that you will transport from site A to B – no need for bubble wrap!

The only downside would be its price, but since these boxes can often serve multiple purposes (e.g., storage), then this drawback quickly disappears altogether.

Which Type of Box Is Suitable for Your Products?

One of the first things one should take into account is the size. If your bath bombs are larger, then you’ll need a different packaging box than if they’re smaller. The next thing to decide on would be whether or not you want it with windows. This way, buyers can see what’s inside without opening it up. This also helps when people who have purchased these products before come back and want more because they remember how good their previous purchase was. Finally, some might prefer an easy-to-open lid, while others will demand that theirs have handles for easier transportation. If you want your products to stand out, a plain black package won’t do much in terms of standing out. But don’t worry as there are plenty of options to choose from. You should go for display boxes because they are muscular, elegant, and customer-friendly at the same time. These boxes are a perfect example of custom printed boxes with logo. They will provide you the best solutions for your bath bomb packaging. Thanks for reading!

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