Beaches in Finland

The best beaches in Finland are everything you’ve heard and more. They have clear water, clean sand with perfect waves to keep your toes warm on a cold winter day or cool off after hiking along the coast all afternoon. There’s also volleyball tournaments throughout the summer where everyone can show how good they really know their sport!

Rauhaniemi Beach in Tampere

Rauhaniemi Beach is a popular spot for locals to go and enjoy the sun. The water here has an orange tint that changes colour depending on how long it’s been since rains have fallen or snow melted, which makes this beach even more scenic than what you would typically imagine when thinking of Finland as being all white cottages with blue skies above them.

The sun set over Rauhaniemi Beach in Tampere, Finland. The warm light from the orb washes across this calm body of water as if to say “I’ll always be here for you.”

Bellevue Beach in Hanko

This small village on the coast of Finland is a popular destination for nature lovers. The beach here has been praised as one in which you can enjoy beautiful views, clear water and sunsets over distant islands that never seem to end!

Bellevue beach in Hanko is a spectacular location and one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen. The water looks clean, clear blue while you’re walking through it with white sand that makes all your worries melt away as if by magic!


The clear waters of the Tennisranta beach allow for a perfect day out on your vacation. The sand is soft and warm – just what you need after playing in all those cold waves back home!

The tranquillity of the rolling waves and white sand is a great place for relaxation.

Nallikari Beach in Oulu

If you’re looking for a place to truly relax and enjoy the scenery, head out on Nallikari Beach. It has an awesome beachfront with clean water that isn’t too rough or calm so it’s great for swimming all day long no matter your ability level!

The vast ocean of blue, shiny and clear water surrounded by warm sand. With its calm waters it’s so easy to forget you’re at one of the most northernmost points on earth where even Finland stops!

Yyteri Beach in West Finland

Yyteri Beach is a pristine spot in Finland. The white sand, clear water and refreshing breeze are sure to make your daydreams come true as you enjoy this heavenly environment for hours on end!

It was a bright, sunny day when I found myself at Yyteri Beach in West Finland. It is one of those places that you drive past and think “I should go there sometime.” This time around though, my plans were changed because there are tonnes to do right on site so it’s never too late! 

Suomenlinna Beaches Near Helsinki

Discover an island paradise in the beautiful archipelago of Finland. A trip to Suomenlinna Beaches Near Helsinki is sure to leave you feeling satisfied and relaxed, as this destination offers everything from pristine pine forests filled with buzzing Apple Trees phonat are perfect for summer picnics on hot days or winter sledding!

Suomenlinna is a place of marvels. It’s not only a spot for nature-lovers but also caters to people looking to spend their day by the water, as it has over 100 beaches with excellent seafood restaurants and plenty of activities available on land or afloat!

Hietaniemi Beach

Finland is known for its beautiful, clean beaches. Hietaniemi beach in particular has been called one of Finland’s most scenic sites with crystal clear waters and white sand that stretch as far as the eye can see!

Hietaniemi Beach is a popular spot for summertime activities, such as sunbathing and swimming. It’s also the perfect place to enjoy scenic views of Finns Midsummer Night Festival that takes place here every year!

Ispoinen Beach and Sauna Turku

Ispoinen Beach is one of the best beaches in Finland. It’s clean, not too crowded and there are plenty of services available for visitors such as showers, toilets or even cafes with great food!

Ispoinen Beach and Sauna Turku are some must see places in the summer. You can enjoy an invigorating walk on this beach, swim with the local seabirds or go for a run along its length without end!

Aurlahti Beach Lohja

The first time I went to Aurlahti Beach, Finland was with my grandma. We were both so excited because she had read about how beautiful it is in this article from the Daily Mail online and wanted us to see for ourselves what all of these articles are talking about! It only took two seconds before we knew that this place would be one of our favourites- even if just for a day trip out there together (which actually turned into more than an annual tradition).

There are so many reasons to visit Aurlahti Beach, but one thing that I love is how clean and quiet it feels. It’s like being in another world!

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