25 March, 2023

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Best Action Camera Microphone Attachment


Although all GoPros as well as a lot of other action cameras come with built-in microphones, the quality of the sound they create can’t be compared to the audio that is recorded externally. This is where the action camera microphone attachment are needed!

These are compact, lightweight microphones that are connected directly to cameras, and can significantly improve the quality of the audio of your videos. Plus you can choose from a wide array of different microphone designs to pick from, so regardless of the kind of videographer you are, there’s bound to be a model that will meet your requirements.

For those who are not experienced using the built-in microphones on action cameras can accomplish the task well. But if you’re a professional vlogger, videographer, or just an individual who would like to raise the quality of your videos beyond the norm, then you are going to want to purchase one of the incredible action camera microphones I’ll discuss in the following article!


Movo VXR10 Universal Video Microphone. Action Camera Microphone Attachment

If you’re in a pinch and want to get the most out of your action camera, the ideal microphone accessory would be Movo VXR10 Universal Video Microphone. The durable, compact microphone is made of high-quality aluminum It measures 1.2 and 3.1 inches and weighs just 51 grams and is a great accessory to every action camera.

It’s a shotgun microphone that is unidirectional that is medium in terms of sensitiveness (76dB) and is able to pick the widest range of frequencies. The quality of the sound it produces is amazing considering how small it is. You will be astonished by the night and day differences between the microphone built into the device.

Alongside the mic, you’ll also get a shock mount as well as the furry “dead cat” windscreen, a 3.5mm TRRS camera cable, an 3.5mm TRRS phone cable as well as a pouch for travel that is protective.

A thing to remember (this is the case for every accessories for microphones that are included in this list) will be that, if you’re pairing it with GoPro, GoPro you’ll require an additional microphone adapter for connecting them to your camera.

Rode Action Camera Microphone Attachment

A very well-known accessories for action cameras currently includes that of the RODE Wireless Go. The wireless digital microphone allows you to record crystal clear audio for up 70 meters away distance from your camera.

There are two major components of the system: The receiver (TX) as well as the receiver (RX). This is the place where your microphone is situated and should be located in the closest proximity to the source of audio you are recording. The receiver is, however should be put close to the camera, and joined with an 3.5mm TRS cord.

The transmitter and receiver come with rechargeable batteries that speed up charging and offer an average battery lifespan of 7 hours. The package also comes with two wind protectors with fur and 2 charging cables and a TRS coiled cable, as well as a carry pouch.

While the quality of audio coming from the transmitter is incredible One of the most exciting advantages of the GoPro microphone is it is possible to attach an additional mic to your transmitter. This allows you to have the possibility of pairing larger and more powerful microphones to your camera . This will also improve the quality of the audio in the footage you shoot.

RODE VideoMic Pro+ Action Camera Microphone Attachment

If you’re looking for the best quality sound possible, you must have to purchase the RODE VideoMic Pro+. This high-end action camera microphone is just a little bigger than the others we’ve seen however, boy do they deliver amazing results.

It’s a shotgun microphone on camera made specifically for professionals by professionals. With the supercardioid polar pattern it is able to clearly record every sound near and in front of it. Additionally, it comes with extremely high sensitivity levels as well as the frequency range is 20Hz to 20kHz.

In addition to the amazing audio quality, other amazing features of this microphone attachment for action cameras include included the Rycote Lyre suspension technology, auto power function that can help save battery by automatically shutting off the camera when it is not connected and the simple digital switch settings that can be operated by buttons located on the side of the unit.

If that weren’t enoughfor you, this also boasts the longest-lasting battery in the RODE shotgun microphone that has been tested to date due to the brand-new RODE LB-1 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Batteries. It can, in addition, be powered with two AA batteries , or by connecting it directly to a source of power via an Micro USB cable.


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