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In today’s technological world, the consumption of social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook is very common. With this, we saw the emergence of bloggers, bloggers, and social media influencers in the digital media who need the best android camera apps in their mobile phones to capture certain moments amazingly which they share with their followers.

Besides these social media stars, common people are also so active on these online platforms where they keep on sharing stuff like pictures of lunch, sunset, etc. Hence, all the people, from influencers to common persons, everyone need the best android camera apps in their phones to click the beautiful moments from their life and share them with others in the digital space. Thus, for all such people, we will list some best android camera apps in this article that can add life to the snaps and videos so that they can know about them and use them for their next vlog or post.

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Best Android camera apps

Following are the best android camera apps which you can utilize for obtaining excellent results;

B612 camera application

B612 is one of the best android camera apps that can be utilized to capture amazing photographs and make short videos. It comes with several filters and several edit options. One of the amazing characteristics of this application is that it has over 40 distinct kinds of filters. One more great aspect of B612 is that it has a vignette option with the assistance of which you can enhance the border of your photographs. 

You can also create collage via B612. Also, you can share the pictures clicked and videos made from this application on other social network sites like Facebook, Insta, etc. However, you can’t import photographs from your gallery to this application. This application is available on the play store for free.

Camera MX

Another one of the best android camera apps is Camera MX that has come with several unique options in the market. This application has simple options for switching to video mode from photo mode. It has a feature of a live shot that adds life to the snaps. 

Moreover, it has a great feature of shoot the past by which you can capture the moments previous to taking a picture. It also comes with 360 panorama mode, frames, and dope filters. Camera MX has HD support as well so you will get the best results.

Open Camera

B612 camera application

It is also one of the best android camera apps. Firstly, its feature of exposure lock is very amazing. With the aid of this feature, you can lock the exposure and utilize it in the entire vlog or video no matter in what quality of light you’re shooting afterward. Hence, with the exposure lock of Open Camera, you can make epic videos with great brightness. 

Besides this characteristic, the noise-canceling external mic of this application is quite nice with the help of which you can record audio of great quality. Moreover, this android application has a video stabilization mode that can stabilize your video if it became shaky. Thus, Open Camera is a great app especially for making videos.

Pixita camera application

Pixita is another one of the best android camera apps that is very feasible to utilize. This application has got few options that save your time, for instance, if you want to create a collage in a grid pattern then you can utilize photo-booth mode in this application while taking pictures, by which automatically, your snap will be saved in the grid pattern and you don’t have to tire yourself out in making a collage.

Furthermore, Pixita has the option of hyper-lapse mode which helps you to capture the videos in fast motion. Moreover, it also comes with a feature that aids you to convert the document’s content into text form after reading it. 

Plus, it has HD support and 360 panorama mode. Hence, Pixita is a great app by which you can’t just make videos and click photographs but you can utilize it for a few other useful purposes too.

Google Camera

Google Camera

It is one of the best android camera apps that improve the quality of your snaps. This camera application gives quite a natural tone to the pictures. Also, it gives a stock experience to the users and its post-processing section is really amazing. 

However, this app can’t be utilized on all phones. Google Camera or Gcam works amazingly on the Pixel mobiles but you can check from Google that whether this application works on your mobile or not; if yes, then you can download and use it for having vibrant snaps.

Why use the best android camera apps?

Since we talked about the usage of best android camera apps of especially 2020 so it’s important to share reasons for doing so. For sure, initially, we apprised about the reasons for having the best android camera apps briefly but this is something that should be discussed in detail too.

Firstly, this is not untrue that all of us don’t like to capture snaps or make videos from our phones’ camera and want some application for this purpose to get the best results because usually, mobile phones’ cameras aren’t that nice. Secondly, it is refreshing to consume new things in the tech world as new inventions come in the camera applications, and thus, using them is very interesting.

Thirdly, these android camera apps have got very unique features that make our blogging and vlogging beautiful plus easy. Lastly, it is these applications that help us to capture and record the beautiful moments of life beautifully and properly by adding life to the photographs and videos.

Thus, after doing some research about the best android camera apps especially for 2020 we talked about few best camera applications (that can add life to your snaps and videos) in this article so that you can come to know which app will be useful for you. 

Hence, now you can choose your favorite android camera app from our list and start clicking photos or recording videos of the moments or things you want to capture and then share it with your friends and followers on social media in the form of vlogs or as a part of blogs or posts.

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