25 March, 2023

Best Gaming Keyboard in 2022

Gaming keyboards should be responsive and reliable. The best gaming keyboard is responsive and reliable. Your gaming mouse (opens in a new window) is the most important peripheral.

There are many options for gaming keyboards. You should also consider media controls, volume wheels, and keycaps. There are so many options for keyboard switches that it can be overwhelming to choose from. If you feel like taking a deeper dive, read the top mechanical keyboard switches (opens in a new window).

You can switch it up! Learn about Mechanical, Dome, and Scissor Switches

These mechanical switches are used in most gaming keyboards. They pair each key with its own spring-loaded switch. These switches are engineered to give superior audio and tactile feedback. These switches are made from Cherry’s “MX” mechanism. They can be identified by their color (MX Black or MX Brown), and each has a unique design that allows for a more tactile and acoustic feel while you type.

Fortnite’s Best Keyboard – The Ultimate Guide

The keyboard is often overlooked in a set-up, but it shouldn’t. A good mechanical keyboard can make your gaming experience more enjoyable and even improve your gameplay.

We know that there are many manufacturers producing mechanical gaming keyboards. It can be difficult to see the forest from the trees. We’ve taken a look at what the pros are using and created a list of the top five mechanical keyboards used in Fortnite. It’s difficult to fault what the pros use, isn’t it?

Faze Sway Settings also include keyboard settings which enhance the game quality

Faze Sway, Real name, Jose Sway is a member of the renowned YouTube group channel FaZe Clan. Sway was officially unveiled as a member of the group in March 2019 and became the youngest member to have joined Faze. His most popular video has over 14 million views, and his Faze Sway Controller Settings videos have become a major hit in the Fortnite community. Every once in a while, Faze Sway shows what changes he has made in his controller Settings, video settings, and much more. 

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What makes Fortnite keyboards so good?

First things first: you will want a mechanical keyboard. Every analyzed professional uses a mechanical keyboard, so if we’re looking at what the pros are doing it’s quite obvious that you’ll want to opt for a mechanical board as well.

A mechanical keyboard has many advantages over regular membrane keyboards. Consider durability. The average Cherry MX mechanical switch, which is the most widely used, has a life expectancy of approximately 50 million keystrokes. This keyboard will likely outlive all your peripherals if compared to the average life expectancy of a membrane switch at 5million.

Mechanical keyboards have many advantages, not only in their durability and reliability but also because they are more accurate and reliable. You’ll need to ensure that each keystroke is recorded if you are gaming at high levels. A misplaced wall in a chaotic firefight could lead to your death.

Best Apex Legends keyboard settings

To win more games in a game such as Apex Legends every input must be precise and calculated. Impherial Apex Legends gives PC players the ability to assign certain actions to keys. You can also modify your mouse settings during the game.

If you are playing Apex Legends on PC, here are the core controls videovor. This section also contains a breakdown of the key ping commands.

Q – Tactical Ability
Ultimate Ability – Z
Interact / Pickup E
Alternate Interact-X
Inventory (Toggle). – TAB/I
Map (Toggle), – M
Attack – LMB
Toggle Fire Mode – B
Aim Down Sight (Toggle), RMB
Melee – V
Reload – R


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