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The hiking trails NJ are some of the best hiking paths you will find anywhere. With over 5,000 miles of hiking trails in the Garden State, there is plenty to explore and enjoy for all types of hikers. Whether you prefer hiking on mountain peaks or through forests, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for in New Jersey!

Black Run Preserve

Black Run Preserve is a hidden gem in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. This preserve provides trails for everyone to enjoy, and it’s also great because you can go running or hiking without any worry about traffic! This is one of my favorite  hiking trails NJ. It’s not too tricky, and it has so much beautiful scenery you’ll want to stay out all day long!


This is the best place to go  hiking trails in New Jersey for a few reasons. For one thing, it has about five different trails you can take depending on what kind of adventure suits your mood; there’s also fabulous views along each route with clear blue skies and ample sunlight year-round, making everything feel like a fantastic summer day even when temperatures might dip below freezing at night!


Hacklebarney is a must-visit destination for outdoor enthusiasts. It’s an easy hike to the top that affords spectacular views at every turn, especially when you’re near Waterwheel Bridge which was built as part of President George Washington’s vision for scenic transportation on the Delaware River during summers in 1793 – 1814 seasons before being turned into Art Deco station building specializing with pleasure boats and called “Hackle Barneys.”

Hacklebarney is a beautiful spot in Central hiking trails NJ, perfect for hiking trails in New Jersey and exploring nature. The winding trails will take you through old-growth forests, where red-painted trees are abundant with wildlife like blue herons or possums hiding out among their branches.

The sounds of birds chirping can be heard throughout this area–even during wintertime! There have even been sightings on rare occasions when hikers here have seen deer gliding along just inches away from them without being noticed by sight alone.

High Point – Monument Trail

The High Point Monument hiking trails NJ are a must-do for any nature lover. You’ll be surrounded by incredible views and feel like you’re in the hills of New Jersey!

The high point monument’s tower provides an excellent lookout over much-ranging terrain, making it very popular among hikers looking to get up close with their surroundings. At the same time, they exercise on these trails all year long – even when there isn’t snow or ice below them due North…

The high country is not just for winter! Many trails accommodate all different types of weather. One such trail, Monument Trail in High Point, NJ, can be found at various points throughout town, and it will lead you on some beautiful hikes with views overlooking New Jersey’s famous Pine Barrens as well.

 The Giant Stairs

The Giant Stairs is a series of stairs located in Indian Pass, hiking trails NJ. The tall and narrow steps were created as part of an 18th-century road construction project between Cliffwood Beach and Cape May Point. Still, they are sometimes used by tourists who want some fresh air or need access through this area which has been heavily developed since then due to its proximity to Philadelphia.

The best time for hiking these trails would have been during spring when there’s less traffic on them.

The Giant Stairs are 60 stone steps leading up to the highest elevation in Rockingham County, NJ. The markers at each landing have measurements that correspond with their height above sea level; they range from 10′ below mean tide (1st Landing) up to 360′ atop Mt High Place!

Wyanokie High Point

Wyanokie High Point is a unique rock formation in Montgomery County, hiking trails NJ. It’s located on top of an elevation that provides unparalleled views for miles around! The rocks were formed from ancient erosion and are usually covered with moss or other plants when not crowded out by human activity.

Wyanokie High Point is a new high point located in Carderockquest National Park. It’s just throughout the Wicomico River and creates an excellent base for exploring all that this beautiful area has to offer!

Wyanokie High Point is slightly rising in the Pine Barrens north of Long Beach Island. It’s easy to miss if you’re not looking for it, but once found, there are spectacular views from the top that make this spot worth seeking out!

Sourland Mountain

Sourland Mountain is home to some of the most beautiful views you’ll ever see. A hike up here will make your day, no matter what kind of person or mood I’m in!

Many people have said a trip through SourLand Moutain’s expansive forests as one that was completely worth it – both physically and mentally exhausting yet refreshing at once due to its breathtaking scenery, which includes streams running crystal clear alongside boggy thickets filled with flowers amidst shady groves entire mature oak trees found nowhere else on earth for miles upon miles until finally giving way down onto open fields where we can take our fill looking out across distant horizons dotted only by small white dots representing towns.

South Mountain – Hemlock Falls

One of the best hikers in NJ, South Mountain– Hemlock Falls is a trail that lets you experience nature at its finest. This path takes visitors through both parkland and suburban areas where they can see many different types of trees and other animals, such as it’s not uncommon to spot black bears!

In the heart of South Mountain Reservation sits an unassuming peak, surrounded by trees and brush. Hemlock Falls can be found on this mountain’s side – a beautiful waterfall that spills into two large pools below it.

The views from up here are somewhat hidden until you reach them yourself!

North hiking trails in  NJ are a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, and this hike will be sure to take your breath away. Many different trails go up into the hills, where you can see abundant vegetation and incredible views of New York City!

Buttermilk Falls


Buttermilk Falls is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts. It’s not just about the falls themselves – there are plenty of trails that wind their way through nature preserves, past waterfalls, and over marble bridges all along with this one small town in New Jersey!

Buttermilk Falls is a top spot for peaceful walks and beautiful overlooks.

One of my favorite features about Buttermilk falls is the rock formations surrounding it, which provide an exciting look into how nature forms its patterns without human interference!

Buttermilk Falls is a beautiful area with many hiking trails NJ. Most visitors come here to see the spectacularly high waterfalls and sleek-looking in their natural setting!

Stairway to Heaven

The view from the top of Stairway to Heaven is like no other 

 hiking trails NJ. The trail provides stunning vistas, including picturesque scenes in New Mexico and Colorado that are otherwise inaccessible by car or foot–and it’s only one stop on your journey!

The stairs wind around for an incredible three hours before reaching their destination at 8 Recipes Land where you can fuel up with delicious food made just steps away (think: s’mores pizza!). Afterward take Mariposa Trail. Another scenic mile-marking is way back down again through some beautiful country; this time past ranchos built centuries ago during Spanish colonial times when El Paso was known as a reforming town due east towards.

  1. Tammany

The beautiful and historic Mt. Tammany Society is an enterprise that has been around for over 250 years! It was here in 1794 when its first members arrived from New York City to establish themselves as farmers on this Land they claimed under Crown Charter #6, which gave them permission from King George III directly after the American Revolution ended.

The Mt. Tammany hike is one of the most popular hiking trails NJ, and for a good reason, it’s beautiful! Hikes through forests with glimpses into nature as you make your way up to 1 500 feet, where there are great views across mountain ranges that reach down into Philadelphia Bay.

Mt javascript climb path offers something new every time I’ve gone. Still, if we’re talking about my absolute favorite part, it’s definitely when sunlight reflects off pristine lake surfaces making everything sparkle like gold.

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