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Best Places to see long beach Christmas lights

long beach Christmas lights

The long beach Christmas lights are some of the most popular in California. From November 30th to December 31st, people come from all over the state to enjoy this beautiful holiday tradition. If you’re looking for some Christmas cheer, these are the best places to see long beach Christmas lights.

Naples Island Holiday Lights

The lights on this island are a true delight to see. If you’re looking for the best places in Long Beach, I can’t think of any other place that will beat these! The light display on Naples Island is a must-see for your family this Christmas.

Naples Island is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. Whether you’re looking to enjoy some time off or are on your way there, be sure not to miss out on these lights! 

The colors will make any night feel like Christmas has come early—and that includes days where we don’t even have snow yet (like this year!).

Naples Island Holiday Light Tours

The lights on Naples Island are so beautiful that it’s a must-see for all visitors. The island, located in BayMichigan and takes about 30 minutes from downtown Detroit to reach by boat or car (depending), has over 1 million Christmas lights and Trees installed every year with their bulbs lit up at night!

The best time during December when you can tour these sights will be between Thanksgiving Day through New Year’s Eve, but tours also operate daily until January 2nd of next year if your visit falls right before then – make sure not too late into the evening since we recommend arriving around 5 pm because there have been accidents happen where people get lost looking.

The lights on this island are truly breathtaking. The best time to visit will depend upon your preference for cold or warm temperatures, but be sure not to miss out if it’s during Christmastime when everything glistens in front of the sky like diamonds!

Downtown Long Beach Holiday Lights

Come to Downtown Long Beach on December 31st, where the whole town lights up with over 150,000 LED bulbs. The display is so bright that you can see it from as far away as LA! The best places to see holiday lights in Long Beach are the downtown area and Alamitos Bay. The best place to see the lights in Long Beach is downtown. With over 100 acres of space and more than 50,000 unique LED-wireless transformational devices on trees throughout its grounds, you can be sure your eyes won’t be tired from all that blinking!

The lights of downtown Long Beach are so pretty; it’s no wonder that the city is a popular spot for holiday celebrations. You can see Christmas lights from miles away in almost any direction! Downtown Long Beach is the place to be this holiday season. They have lights that will make your heart sing and a downtown hub filled with activities for all ages!

Kayaking with Christmas Lights 

Kayaking through the night with a boatload of Christmas lights is an experience that will not soon be forgotten. It’s one thing to see them docked on shore, but when they’re afloat and shining brightly in front of you? Those are moments worth remembering forever!

The best time for this kind of adventure would have been during sunset because it reflects off all those shiny objects we love so much without fail; however, even if there were enough moonlight, I’m sure kayakers everywhere could get excited about exploring these awesome sights under its glow as well.

Harbor Lights Cruise of Newport Beach

The Harbor Lights Cruise of Newport Beach is one of the best ways to see Christmas lights in Southern California. The Harbor Lights Cruise of Newport Beach is a great way to experience all the city has in store. You’ll see breathtaking views, fabulous food, and docking opportunities—not just at one destination but several!

It’s designed for all ages and can take you past any number of neighborhoods with its twelve cruise bridges that span 101 nautical miles! The lights of the harbor and coastlines are a sight to see during this one-hour cruise. You’ll be able to enjoy views from Balboa Island throughout Orange County, down through Newport Beach onto Seal Beach, before heading back home again!

Sleighs on the Bay Holiday Cruise of Lights  

The Sleighs on the Bay Holiday Cruise of Lights is a must-see for all those who appreciate beautifully decorated houses in neighborhoods throughout Long Beach. You can view them as they are lit up or enjoy an evening cup o’ coffee while sipping cocoa at one of five town squares that line each side! The Sleighs on the Bay Holiday Cruise of Lights is a one-of-a-kind experience that offers you and your family an adventure through Long Beach’s most scenic areas. The lights will delight as they enchant, captivate with choreography typically only seen during entertaining performances by Santa Claus himself! You’ll also see other unique attractions like laser light shows at sea or beneath the water—which changes color every five seconds depending upon which direction it faces–and more than 50 animals from around the world living together in harmony for their annual “Winter Wonder Camp.”

Waterfront Tour of Lights

The Waterfront Tour of Lights is an event you don’t want to miss out on. If there are trees in your town, this should be part of our holiday traditions! It’s a website dedicated entirely towards bringing people together and showcasing their homes during wintertime festivities when they’re decorated with lights just like everyone else; however, these particular houses have been strategically located along popular walkways so guests can take pictures from various angles while also enjoying views–making memories come alive before them year after year. Whichever direction one chooses stroll upon arrival (Northdown below street level? Eastside overlooking Marina Green?), it won’t.

The Waterfront Tour of Lights is one of the most spectacular holiday events in Long Beach. The lights show off some fantastic watercolor and architecture, making it worth seeing for both children and adults!

Christmas Lights Run 

The best time to see the Lights Run in Long Beach Christmas Lights is night.

I’m sure you’ve heard that one before, but it’s true! The city becomes almost like a winter wonderland as people set up their decorated homes and businesses for Christmas morning or after dinner on Christmas Eve; many also have fireworks displays where they can be seen from far away by airplane travelers who might not otherwise get this view during their flights across LAX airspace which encompasses all sorts of terrain – mountains…the ocean. Desert? Who knows what may lie beyond those clouds over there!? It doesn’t matter because we got our little slice right here along Ocean Blvd., downtown near Alamitos Bay, while waiting.


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