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The 17 Best Things To Do In U.S. Virgin Islands is a group of islands in the Caribbean that offers some of the most breathtaking natural beauty on Earth. With a population of under 100,000 people and a total land area slightly greater than four square miles, this small island paradise has something for everyone to enjoy. There are more things to do in the USVI, from beautiful beaches to historic plantations to world-class shopping districts, than you could see in one lifetime! In this blog post, we will be discussing the 17 best things you can do on your trip to the USVI.

Virgin Islands National Park (St. John)

The lushness and beauty in this park will take your breath away. The small waterfalls that are found throughout the Virgin Islands National Park provide a picturesque background for visitors while offering them an opportunity to get close enough so they can feel what it’s like being inside one of these natural wonders themselves. The lushness and beauty in this park will take your breath away. The small waterfalls found throughout the U.S. Virgin Islands National Park provide a picturesque background for visitors while offering them an opportunity to get close enough to feel what it’s like being inside one of these natural wonders themselves.

Trunk Bay (St. John)

The lush Trunk Bay might be one of the most beautiful beaches in the U.S., and it’s an easy day trip from St Thomas! You can see why this idyllic destination is a favorite haunt for cruise passengers–it has white sand with clear waters so pure you’ll want to drink them straight-up out of’ mouth (which, let me assure you,won’t taste good).

Pristine powdery sand lines its shores; offshore are hundreds more U.S. Virgin Islands waiting patiently just beyond reach for someone who wants nothing more than chilling on their private paradise without any distractions or worries whatsoever interrupting your serenity here at The Bight. (I mean come).

Trunk Bay is a breathtaking beach on St. John Island in the United States U.S. Virgin Islands. It’s famous for being one of the most photographed beaches in America because its clear waters, white-sand beaches, and lush jungle cliffs make it look like something straight out of Disney films.

Magens Bay (St. Thomas)

Magens Bay is one of the most picturesque bays on St. Thomas, with white sand beaches and crystal-clear water that’s perfect for swimming or snorkeling! Although it can get quite crowded during peak hours (7 am – 10 am), you’ll find plenty more space along either side where locals are fishing competitively while enjoying their lunch break from work to make ends meet back home due to magnesium deposits found within its deep depths which cause unusual transparency rates throughout this area making visibility almost impossible without special equipment such as scuba tanks so if your birthday suit isn’t enough protection then don’t worry because there are.

Magens Bay is a serene beach on the northside of St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands National Park, where you can enjoy an afternoon sipping a drink with friends or find peace for your soul while fishing from afar.

Annaberg Plantation (St. John)

When the Caribbean leaves you feeling relaxed and satisfied, it’s time to head back home. But what better way than with an island adventure? Take some deep breaths of VI air as you drive through Annaberg Plantation on St. John- a 45-minute ride from the airport that will leave your senses overwhelmed by lush greenery or take in its beauty at leisure while sipping one (or several) delicious cocktails out under umbrella stars.

If you are looking for a relaxing getaway from the hustle and bustles of everyday life, then Annaberg Plantation is your destination. This picturesque plantation offers guests their cottages where they can escape everyday stresses about work or family without ever leaving Earth.

Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge (St. Croix)

The Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge is a rainforest that borders the Caribbean Sea on St. Croix, an island in the UTM’s U.S. Virgin Islands American territory. The name alludes to its shoreline setting and what lies hidden within these sacred woods: 18 percent of bird species found nowhere else. Sand Dollar beaches are a popular destination for escaping the mainland. Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge is perfect if you’re looking to stay small and enjoy natural surroundings in relative peace with other travelers on their adventurous trips.

Estate Whim Plantation Museum (St. Croix)

The Estate Whim Plantation Museum is a must-see for anyone who likes history and culture. The museum offers visitors an immersive experience with old tools of the sugar cane industry, like slaves’ quarters or cotton gins that were once in operation on St Croix to learn about living conditions back then – as well other aspects such as how people got food during times before electricity arrived; what life was really like when there weren’t any roads between locations because everything would be done by boat instead.

The Estate Whim Plantation Museum is perfect for history buffs and tourists alike. Situated on St. Croix, visitors can explore this historic site, including a slave quarter, among other buildings from back in colonial times. At the Estate Whim Plantation Museum, you’ll learn about St. Croix’s history and culture without even leaving home.

Buck Island National Monument (St. Croix)

The Buck Island National Monument on St. Croix is home to some unique and fascinating plants found nowhere else in the world! The island also has an ecosystem with many species not seen anywhere else, including several types of palm trees- one type even being rare or endangered according to scientists who had studied their habitat here overtime periods ranging between decades up until centuries ago when they happened upon this place while exploring new areas ourselves during prehistory searches looking for a food source, etc. 

The best way to explore this historical island is by foot. You can also take one of several guided tours available at Buck Island National Monument, but if you want some privacy, then exploring on your own will give it right back.

Coral World Ocean Park (St. Thomas)

The Coral World Ocean Park is one of the unique waterparks in America, with an underwater aquarium that features more than 30 species worldwide. It’s not just about seeing these incredible creatures; you can touch them too! In addition to exploring their surroundings through glass windows or by getting near enough for some hands-on interaction (depending on what they feel comfortable doing), visitors also have access.

This content takes users beyond simple sightseeing and meaningful educational experiences regarding our planet’s ocean life—a resource we all share as human beings striving towards sustainability.

One of the top things you can do on St. Thomas is visiting Coral World Ocean Park, where colorful coral reefs await your exploration! I love snorkeling in this lagoon–it’s so relaxing and awe-inspiring at once: There are tons of fish that swim around us as we take in their beautiful colors; there’s no shortage of space for all those organisms either because everything has been sorted out according to its species identity perfectly down to each Pirate Ship benchmarking itself against other ships which make up part our itinerary while afloat aboard a ship exploring new worlds together – until next time.

Cruzan Rum Distillery (St. Croix)

Visitors to the Cruzan Rum Distillery on St. Croix can tour through ancient ruins and learn how spirits are made, signifying one’s passage from childhood into adulthood in a lush tropical setting with cinnamon-scented breezes rustling leaves above you as tall tales enchant your ears about generations past. The most taste-able rum on Earth! That’s what they say about Cruzan Rum Distillery (St. Croix). A three-barrel, handcrafted process that creates the best-tasting rums in all U.S. Virgin Islands ̶ if not better than any brand you’ve ever had before? You’ll want to try it for yourself and see how mistaken these experts are when our product comes up at your next celebration or gathering, so don’t forget us while making plans because there may never be another chance like this one.

The Cruzan Rum Distillery is an oasis in the Caribbean. It’s home to some of my favorite rum flavors, like nutty esters and rich sweetness that are not found anywhere else.

Main Street (St. Thomas)

The main street is a popular destination for shoppers and sightseers alike, with many stores that offer unique Caribbean-inspired items to take home after your visit or purchase some out-of-the-world apparel right off the vendors’ racks before you leave.

St. Thomas is home to some of the best shops on this side of paradise, with plenty for all ages and budgets! I recently found a couture shop that stocks handmade dresses from Africa at an affordable price. There are also independent jewelry designers in abundance as well as locally made artwork – you’ll be sure not to run out of any creativity or money with all these options before your trip ends.

The main street in town goes by many names: “Main Street,” “First North Road” (or FNR), Amany Route 31…but we locals here call it ‘Main St.’ When planning where to go while visiting our island destination, make sure not to miss exploring what’s waiting behind every corner along with the Historic District.

Fort Frederik (St. Croix)

The fort at St. Croix was first built by Dutch settlers back in 1650, and it has been through a lot over the years! This sweaty old brick building with its thick stone walls still stands as an impressive symbol of freedom—the one place where you can go to get away from all those pesky Frenchmen who want nothing but trouble for us Americans living on our beautiful island down south.

The fort, which was built in 1733, is the only securely preserved 18th-century building on St. The interior has been restored to show how it would have smelled and felt during its time of use when these were still frontier times – by European settlers who had not yet developed immunity against illnesses brought over from Europe themselves.

Fort Christiansvaern (St. Croix)

The Fort Christiansvaern is an old military fort that was once used to protect the Danish West Indies from being taken over by enemies. The name of this landmark has changed throughout history, but it’s now known as St Croix after a popular saint who lived in 12th century Norway and Denmark.

He murdered King Olaf Trygvason with two strokes when his Warband tried foraging across territories belonging.

Danish-American history, which you can explore at leisure while waiting for your boat or plane – depending on how long the commute has taken up all morning, yours will be there when we arrive back home again.

Coki Beach (St. Thomas)

The pristine white sand beaches of Coki Beach are just one example of this small island in the United States U.S. Virgin Islands has so much to offer. With miles and miles worth, there is no shortage when it comes down to picking which spot will suit your fancy. The stunning and picturesque Coki Beach on St. Thomas is a favorite with tourists from around the world looking to relax under blue skies or enjoy an evening beneath starry nights while they sip drinks by moonlight sipping either tropical fruits, cocktails made of fresh fruit juice margaritas, etc., all washed down with premium brands such as Captain Morgan Spiced Rum which has been specially imported just for this island.

A few steps from the airport and hassle-free transportation is waiting for you at Coki Beach (St Thomas). You can either take a taxi or Uber to get there, but if it’s your first time, be sure not to forget about our public bus service that will bring joy into anyone’s heart with its scenic route through town.

Paradise Point (St. Thomas)

 Paradise Point on St. Thomas! You’ll find yourself in a serene setting with miles upon miles views that go as far down into The U.S. Virgin Islands’ coastline as your eyes can see, all while being surrounded by lush greenery and crystal blue waters perfect for swimming or snorkeling. The amazing views from Paradise Point are unmatched, with blue water and white sand beaches stretching as far as the eye can see.

If there’s one thing investors should know about this area (apart perhaps only from their own country), it would be how much potential real estate has: not just given its beauty which will leave visitors speechless.

99 Steps (St. Thomas)

Ninety-nine steps on St. Thomas is a great place to start your adventure! The first tower you come across has an elevator that will take you up into the clouds for amazing views of all three islands, then back down again before reaching safety at ground level with some souvenirs in tow – remember not to get too stuck between two buildings if there’s no way out because they’re husbanded carefully by local volunteers who monitor their every move during this period each year due to diligence effort which ensures visitors don’t get lost or stranded anywhere along our here treacherous terrain. As you leave the airport, your first stop should be 99 Steps on St. Thomas for an overlook of the island and some shopping before heading to RoadTown (Charlotte Amalie), where there are shops galore as well as restaurants/bars overlooking Cruzan oceanfront property – including one called “The Grille.” This Subdued style resort provides its guests easy access to things like water activities or exploring nearby national parks such as Coral World Park, which houses over 10 km worth of beautiful coral reefs.

Hebrew Congregation of St. Thomas (St. Thomas)

The Hebrew Congregation of St. Thomas, also known as the Synagogue or Temple, is a beautiful building on Church Street that has been around for over 100 years and still serves its original purpose: to be used by members from all walks of life who want more than just their day-to-day lives covered in prayer each week but also want someplace where they can come together with others like themselves regardless if it’s faith-based or not. The outside appearance may vary slightly depending upon what decade you visit (I recommend going during daylight hours); however, inside, every inch looks exactly how I remember them looking back when my grandmother took me through those doors many decades ago – which means dust bunny free at least until someone forgets his hat.

Water Island

The most popular of all the U.S. Virgin Islands, Water Island offers visitors an escape from their everyday lives. The lush green jungle and crystal clear blue waters make for breathtaking views that can be enjoyed at any time during day or night and throughout every season.

The most secluded and beautiful spot in all of the U.S. Virgin Islands is Water Island, about 30 minutes from St. Thomas by boat or 45-minute car ride with your loved ones (and any kids you want). You’ll be able to enjoy this exclusive resort-like retreat without tourists ruining its pristine nature, thanks to exclusivity vouchers that only locals know how to use.

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