25 March, 2023

Boxing Myths and Truths

Boxing isn’t only the kind of sport you watch on television; it’s now a prevalent form of exercise that’s made its way into numerous gyms and studios. It’s an excellent exercise for both the body as well as the mind. It is not just an excellent cardiovascular exercise; it can also help increase your strength, coordination, and brain!

Despite its splendour, it is full of misconceptions about Boxing. Most people avoid Boxing because they think it is too violent or aggressive. Also, it’s thought of as only considered to be a “man’s” sport.

These myths could not be further from reality. Let’s take a look deep into the world of Boxing to debunk some common myths and expose the truth.

Boxing is Aggressive

Boxing is a combat sport which means it is a combat sport that is one-on-one or fighting. This, of course, can be a cause for concern for people. People think of bloody noses and blue and black eyes and then think, “no way!”

There’s a myth that Boxing is only about fighting, and it’s only for those who are aggressive, fierce, and more robust than the average person.

Although it’s not as surprising as it might be, Boxing has nothing to do with fighting. It is, first of all, an incredibly adaptable sport. You can box for a long time and then decide just to hit gloves and bags. Although professional Boxing can cause plenty of bruises, it also can be fun. At Gloveworks, we’ve worked with all kinds of individuals, from professional boxers to our athletes seeking to improve their fitness.

Boxing Isn’t a Full-Body Workout

At first look, it could appear as if the upper body is the focus when it comes to Boxing, which is usually why people choose to avoid it. But in the real world, you’re missing a fantastic total body exercise.

Boxing Works All of the Major Muscle Groups

Boxing gives arms a great exercise, but that’s not all. Boxing is an excellent exercise for all major muscles.

Let’s start with what is the most obvious: shoulders and arms. We all know that Boxing is beneficial for both. However, it does have advantages overweight. You are more likely to isolate specific muscles when you train with weights. When you train your arms for Boxing with sparring or punching bags, all the muscles you use work in more real-world moves. Don’t forget, the back and chest assist in controlling arm movements, which means you’re exercising those muscles too.

What happens between the upper and the lower is equally essential in Boxing, and it’s the core. If you are Boxing using the correct form and technique, then you’re dependent on the strength of your core muscles to ensure you remain balanced, steady, and well-coordinated. Boxing is a sport that engages all muscles through natural movements that will aid you both inside and outside of the boxing ring.

It Builds Muscular Strength, Power, and Endurance

Boxing is a sport where you’re not only building strength but also developing endurance and power. How do you tell the two? Muscle strength is like it sounds: the strength of your body or the weight you can lift. Muscular strength, on the other hand, is about speed and force, or how fast and hard you can kick. What do you think about endurance? Muscular endurance refers to the length of time you can use your body’s force or how long you can punch quick blows with a steady pace without pause.

It may not appear to be an incredibly significant change. Still, researchers have found that muscle strength was an improved predictor for efficiency in everyday tasks like walking or climbing steps. Boxing won’t only aid in getting into better shape for your ring, but it can also help improve your fitness outside of it.

It’s a Great Cardio Workout

There’s a reason why Boxing is being featured in fitness studios of all kinds and classes. Boxing is an excellent cardiovascular workout that will increase your stamina and cardiovascular fitness. It’s easy to consider punches to exercise for strength; however, give it a shot, and you’ll find yourself exhausted within minutes. Keep in mind that Boxing isn’t only focused on power and the speed and repetition of the movements.

Do not forget training “behind-the-scenes” training that goes into Boxing, and it’s not all about striking and kicks. When you’re training or cross-training, you could begin to sweat out using jumping ropes, versa climbers, or bodyweight exercises such as burpees and squats.

Boxing can help you burn lots of calories, and it will help bring you into the fittest for the rest of your time. Let us tell you that It’s way more enjoyable than just 60 minutes in the gym!

Boxing Is for Men

Unfortunately, women continue to avoid Boxing, believing that it should be something that is a “man’s” sport. They are afraid of sweat, blood, and bruises. There’s indeed no way around the work that’s part of the deal. But, there’s no need to worry about bruises or blood.

Boxing does not need to be an athletic sport. At Gloveworx, your biggest competition is yourself. Our classes are created for all those who visit our studio. For women, men are older and young. Our aim isn’t just to get you into the ring; it’s getting you to the most healthy and happy you can be.

Boxing can improve your endurance, strength and coordination, mental and physical balance, and confidence. We’d say it’s an ideal sport for anyone!

As you can see now, Boxing isn’t as you thought. It’s not just about fighting; you don’t need to be a professional boxer to become a Gloveworks competitor. It’s a complete body workout that increases your speed, strength, and endurance. Take a look at the great benefits Boxing can bring by participating in any of the sweaty (but extremely enjoyable) workouts at Gloveworks now!


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