25 March, 2023

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5 Christmas spirit week: say no to holiday depression

Christmas spirit week

The spirit of Christmas is in the air!

A time to celebrate and be thankful for what we have. This week, don your Santa hat with us as you shop through all things related to this magical holiday season like ornaments that will remind everyone how much they matter at home; decorations which help make any room more festive than ever before including those old-fashioned lights made just right by our team here in New York City’s Inner Harbor District–and if I’m not mistaken there may even be some new additions too?! Who knows? But no matter what style fits best into every household’s decorating needs –we’re ready 24/7 should anyone need assistance from headcount up.

16-MONDAY:Decorate your Classroom & Christmas Hair DAY


The aroma from a fresh gingerbread house is uplifting and comforting. The smell of burnt sugar mixed with spice fills your senses as you walk up to the front door, anxious for what’s inside but also excited that this might be one more tradition beginning tonight! As soon as those happy little bells start ringing out their cheerful tune an old song about giving joyfully plays on some pre-recorded loop before launching into something new: “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.” It sounds like music meant just for our ears at Christmastime so I’m sure we’ll all sing along without even thinking twice whether or not someone else should join in too because singing makes everything better anyway.

The snow-capped trees and sparkling lights of a winter wonderland are the perfect way to end this Christmas season.

The Whoville band is playing at the North Pole! They’re probably so excited because it’s Christmas spirit week and all of their fans have something special in store for them.

17-Tuesday:Ugly Sweater DAY!!

The most magical time of the year is finally here! With Ugly Sweater DAY, you can channel those Christmas spirit week and get into the spirit of giving.

– Give candy cane suckers to your favorite kids 

or have them make silly faces while they eat their treats in front of a window where it’s snowy outside (even if it’s not snowing).

Hook some ornaments to a regular sweater and get the perfect holiday season look!

Wrap some battery operated lights around you

The bright colors and twinkling lights of the holidays are sure to fill you with joy! Try wrapping yourself in a battery-operated glow this season.

18-Wednesday:GIRLS wear RED & BOYS wear GREEN DAY!

Come celebrate the spirit of Christmas with us this week!

Youth everywhere are encouraged to wear something red or green. It’s all about family, friends and fun on December 18th – 23rd

“The Spirit of Christmas” day comes but once a year, so it’s important to get your head right and prepare for the coming festivities. Boys should wear green while girls wear red!

19-Thursday:Christmas Hat & Christmas Sock DAY!

There is a magical feeling to the holidays which you can’t find anywhere else. It brings out good memories and makes people happy, but it also teaches us life lessons about kindness and charity in unexpected ways too! So I hope everyone gets to enjoy their time with family this Christmas–and maybe slip on some boots while they’re at home because my toes are starting to feel like they need them after all these months without socks or hats from our first hat day back when school started again last week…

Santa Socks

Santa Socks have been around since forever. It’s never too late to show some love for this Christmas staple with our new Santa socks!

A few months ago, we had a run-in at the North Pole where St Nick himself gave us his blessing on these ridiculous oversized designs that will make you laugh out loud every time they slip off your foot while walking down Main Street during December shopping season…and none other than Her Royal Highness Queen Nana herself (aka The Boss) checked them all over just yesterday morning before sending ’em back into production so there is no shortage of festive fun ahead come Yuletide Eve.”

20-Friday:Dress like a Christmas Tree DAY!

Wear green from head-to-toe to show your support for this awesome cause

The “TOE” stands for Tonsils and Ear, which we’re all aware is an important part of the Christmas spirit week because they should have been born during December. This could be one way you make sure that happens!


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