25 March, 2023

Clix Fortnite Settings & Gear 2022

Clix Fortnite Settings & Gear 2022

Clix is an American professional streamer and player of E-sports. His real name is Cody Conrod. Clix is the youngest player ever to win Fortnite’s first-ever annual World Cup and be the tournament champion. Conrod has more than 1.7 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, and even Twitch. Conrod’s gaming settings have been copied by professional gamers due to his mechanical skills. He stated that he will not change his gaming settings.

We will be discussing the Clix Fortnite settings that he uses when playing the game in this article. You can read the entire post to learn the settings he uses for Clix Fortnite. Let’s begin:-

Clix Mouse Sets

He uses a FinalMouse Air58 CBB Edition mouse. Below is a list of Clix settings he used while playing Fortnite. Pro gamers should look for the best settings for their mouse. Below are the Clix Mouse settings.

* Mouse X sensitivity – 9%

* Mouse Y Sensitivity – 6%

* Sensitivity to Targetings- 91%

* Sensitivity to scope- 83%

* DPI- 800

* Mouse polling rate – 500 Hz.

Video Settings for Clix

He uses an Alienware Aw2518h display and Nvidia GeForce GTX 3090 graphics. Below are settings that are nearly identical to Mongraal settings.

* Fullscreen mode – Display Mode

* Screen resolution: 1920×1080, 16:9

* Frame per second: FRL- 240 FPS

* Contrast between the user interface and the screen – 1x

* Brightness- 90%

* Mode – color blind- Deuteranope

* Colour blind strength- 8

* 3D Resolution – 100%

* Shadow-off

* View distance-low

* Low effects

* Texture-low

* Anti-aliasing off

* Motion blur-off

* Vsync-off

* Post-processing off

* Multithreaded rendering – on

* Show frame per second

* HUD scale – 96%

* DirectX version-performance (Alpha).

* GPU crash debugging-off

* Refresh Rate – 240Hz

Clix Keybinding for Fortnite

He uses the Matrix Elite Series 60% keyboard to play Fortnite.

* Use the E key

* Jumping takes place from the space key

* To reload ammo or to rotate, press R key

* Sprinting- Default

* To crouch – C key

* Upgrade and Repair- H Key

* Harvesting tool- 1 key

* 1st Weapon Slot- 2 Key

* Second weapon slot- 3 key

* Third weapon slot- 4 key

* 4th Weapon Slot- 5 Key

* 5th Weapon Slot- 6 Key

* Building a wall is key F

* Floor of the building – X key

* Building stairs- Q key

* Building roof-Keys V

* Trap-keys T

* Edit on Release – Always Off

* Edit the building-G key and the mousewheel in the down directions.

* Reset building- Right click and scroll the wheel down

* I need to access the inventory.

* To open the map, press M key

* Play emote- key Num+

* The 4th button for the autorun-mouse

* The mouse wheel-location marker button

Clix Fortnite Gaming PC Gear

This is the Clix Settings gaming setup. We have also mentioned his PC Gear. Their features are listed below.

1. CPU- Intel Core i9 – 10900K

* There are 20 threads and 10 cores.

* The socket type for LGA 1200 is used.

* Up to 5.3 GHz are available unlocked

* Compatible with the Intel 400 series chipset-based motherboard

* The Intel TurboBoost max technology 3.0 series

* Intel optane is used to support memory.


* The chipset used is NVIDIA GeForceRTX 3090

* Video memory – 24GB GDDR6X

* The memory interfaces have a 384-bit capacity

* The output- DisplayPort 3 (v1.4a/ HDMI 2.1×1)

* Also, you will get a 3 year warranty

3. Mainboard- MSI MEGA Z490 GODLIKE

* It is the 10th Generation Intel Core

* Socket – LGA 1200

* Thunderbolt 3 Type C is available

* WiFi 6 and Mystic Light RGB are also available

4. Memory- Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 64GB

* This is a high-performance RGB memory with a legendary design

* This is premium craftsmanship. Its compatibility is Intel 300 series and AMD TRX40

* This is a patented dual channel DHX cooling technology

* Each module contains 12 Ultra-Bright RGB LEDs.


* The case type for this case is ATX Mid-tower

*M/B types include ATX, EATX, MicroATX

* Internal casse is 2x 3.5 inch HDD and 4x 2.5 inch SSD

6. Liquid Cooling- DEEPCOOL CASTLE 360 EX

* Radiator material and dimensions: Aluminium or 402x120x27mm

* Dimensions and type of fan are hydro bearings or 120x120x25mm

* The CPU Compatibility socket for LGA20XX/ LGA1200/ 1150/ 1155/ LGA1366 is TRX4/ TR4/AM4/AM3+/AM3/ AM2+/AM2/FM2+/FM2/FM1/

* The rated voltage is 12 VDC


* Data storage capacity of 4 TB

* Read and Write Speed – 190 Megabytes per Second

* The form factor is 3.5″

8. SSD- Sabrent Rocket 2TB

* The interface is M.2PCIe Gen 3×4

* This support the SMART/TRIM commands

* Supports the ONFi 2.0, ONFi 3.0 and ONFi3.2 interfaces.

* It features wear-leveling and overprovisions.

9. Power Supply – EVGA Supernova 1000 G5

* The complete modules can be used to clear the clutter and improve airflow.

* AC inputs are 100- 240 VAC (15-18 A) and 50/60Hz.

* The fan is fluidly driven and has an EVGA eco mode that allows for quiet operation.


* The fan will cool your system with a speed of up to 1500 RPM and 418 CFM.

* Its sound level at 26 dBA

* The static pressure is 1.55mm H2O

* A triple-fan kit comes with four lighting zones.


We have already discussed Clix Fortnite settings as well as the gear that Clix uses when playing. All the details we have provided will allow you to improve your gameplay. You will also find the details of each gear. We hope you find all of the information useful.



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