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Fries Boxes

Fries boxes are strong packaging containers for a number of reasons. It is that food snack that people like to consume within these boxes. It is for this reason that your fry boxes must be strong and sturdy to hold food for longer.

There is a variety of fries box options that are available in the market with various materials and thicknesses. 

The boxes of chips offered by iCustomboxes have many advantages and features that you can customize according to your request. We make them look attractive and eye-catchy through many add-ons and box finishing varieties.

Are Custom Fries Boxes Mandatory for your Business?

Custom food box packaging has many benefits including your complete control over them. You can make them in any way you like with personalized printing and logo display. You can further decide about material quality and thickness as well as color schemes.

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, there are numerous other benefits to using custom food packaging as your fries boxes like: 

• Better options to optimize your boxes based on customer demand.

• Effective for marketing and promotion.

• Brand Loyalty.

• Sales Boost.

• Distinct Brand Identity.

Choose Eco-friendly materials for cost-effective Production

All the materials we use to produce our chip boxes are eco-friendly and have a positive impact on nature. We always ensure nature-friendly processes for the production of fries packaging. The quality we maintain for the packaging we create is also always first class. 

Options available by us to choose from are as follows:

1. Kraft Card Boxes 

2. Cardboard Boxes 

3. Corrugated boxes

Materials mention above are available in variable thickness levels from 12pt to 24pt and it is 100% eco-friendly. 

Additional Features Personalized for your Brand of Custom Fries Boxes

If you want your fries boxes to look discreet and eye-catchy, then you should embellish the add-ons to your boxes. there are unlimited options available but major varieties we are offering as:

• Embossing

• Foil Stamp

• Spot UV

• Debossing

• Ribbon

• Raised Ink

Create Excitement with Attractive Fishing Features for your Fries Boxes

Finish laminates are attractive for many reasons, including personalization and added protection. Besides that, your packaging becomes attractive enough to catch the eye of every searching consumer who wants to grab fries for hunger.

Below are the options of laminations that we are offering to the majority of our customers:

• Matte Coating

• Gloss Coating

• Aqueous Coating

How Fries Boxes Wholesale can Create a Fortune for your Brand?

It’s hard to be an entrepreneur who is always looking for ways to cut costs. We can understand your concern as you spend on boxes of fries and spend a lot.

But what if we tell you you can save a lot while ordering fries boxes with your desired demand. Not only you can order in large quantities but the prices reduce as bulky your order gets. Well, that’s the beauty of fries boxes wholesale.

Ordering at icustomboxes with our amazing bulk-order discount offers can save you money while meeting all your packaging demands.

Create WOW Factor to your Fries boxes through Custom Printing:

In addition to food taste and brand awareness activities through potato chip boxes, you should also consider the best printing options. Custom printing has become a critical aspect while creating different packaging from competitors.

• What options are available choose from printing methods:

When you choose the right printing technique for your specific needs and situations, you should be careful and tentative with many factors including cost, time, benefits, etc. 

The following printing methods are available and you should select your option wisely to take full advantage of them.

· Digital Printing 

· Offset Printing

• Colors that are perfect for your every need:

Printing methods are good for creating overall attraction and appeal to packaging but not enough alone. With bright color combinations choosing from the models like CMYK or PMS is also important.

Call now to Get our Offers

Whether you are new in the market want to sell your brand of French fries or serve the market for a long time? In any case, you need the fries boxes and need them in large quantities.

Have you found a packaging supplier but are not satisfied with their performance or are you looking for a packaging supplier for your first order? In any case, iCustomboxes is available and offers its services to all customers in the market.

Our packing staff are highly trained and experienced in what they do. Our graphics artists can show you a variety of options to choose from.

The material we choose for manufacturing is also 100% environmentally friendly with the possibility of reuse and biodegradability. Call now and get interactive with our efficient and well-aware customer care staff for any of your queries to be resolved.

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