Cross Timbers Hiking Trail Lake Texoma

The Cross Timbers Hiking Trail begins in the Juniper Point recreation area and winds west approximately 15 miles along a southern shoreline through Cedar Bayou, Rock Creek, and Paw Paw Creek Resorts. The first half has several elevation changes but levels out with more sparse tree cover as you progress to your destination at the day’s end or departure point for future adventures on this well-maintained hiking path. It is suited only for those weekend warriors looking for something less complicated than mountain climbing; thus, expect an accessible degree of difficulty from start to finish!

LOCATION: Lake Texoma, 15 miles north of Whitesboro on U.S. 377

DIRECTIONS TO TRAILHEAD: Park at the F area lot at Juniper Point Park West, by the lake, just west of U.S. 377

DISTANCE: 14 miles one way



The best way to avoid snakes is by being aware of their presence. Copperheads and rattlers are common in the wild, so keep your eyes peeled for them – but don’t worry! You can also wear protective clothing like goggles or gloves when hiking on trails with lots of vegetation nearby just as an added precautionary measure too. Ticks are another insect you might come across while out exploring; make sure not to touch any plant leaves if at all possible since these creatures often feed off sap from plants’ wounds (um…yuck?). Chiggers live underneath scales, which means they won’.t show up until after hours spent sweating profusely.

This Cross Timbers Hiking Trail is part of Cross Timbers Park, with more than two thousand acres. The Cross Timber Nature Preserve provides hikers with many opportunities to see local wildlife and nature that would otherwise be missed daily. This blog post will explore some of the reasons why you should consider hiking this trail, as well as how it can be done safely. The Cross Timber Nature Preserve provides hikers with many opportunities to see local wildlife and nature that would otherwise be missed daily. There are no fees required for Cross Timber Trails or Cross Timbers Park, but parking at the trails is $0.75 an hour during regular business hours, $0.

Exploring the Cross Timbers Hiking Trail

The Cross Timbers Hiking Trail is located in the cross timbers region of Oklahoma. It’s a 27-mile loop hike that crosses through landscapes with different elevations and vegetation zones. This trail offers excellent opportunities to see wildlife, cross creeks, and watch for deer along the way! The Cross Timbers Region spans Eastern & Central Texas and Western Oklahoma, offering many outdoor activities such as hiking trails, this one here at the Cross Timbers Hiking Trail. It’s a 27-mile loop hike that crosses landscapes with different elevations and vegetation zones, including pines, oaks, flowing creeks and rocky outcroppings. The trail goes all the way up to a height of ~2400 feet at its highest point before descending back down to around 1500 feet closer towards the beginning of the trek. This provides for beautiful views along your journey! You get great opportunities to see wildlife here on this hiking trail because there is a wide variety of plants & animals in these cross-timbers regions, from reptiles, mammals, amphibians, etc.…

You can also expect many chances of spotting deer while you’re walking alongside this cross-timbers hiking trail as well as other forms of birds, small mammals, lizards, etc… A cross-timbers hiking trail provides excellent opportunities for spotting wildlife.


The cross timbers hiking trail is a place to take your family for a fun weekend hike or bike ride! The cross timbers area has a fantastic set of courses that you can spend all day exploring in different ways.

There are many recreational activities in the cross-timbers region, such as local festivals with food trucks, live music, arts & crafts booths, and more. There’s also the cross timber theater that offers movie showings on weekends throughout most of the year and other special shows at various times during the week. Check out what they’ll be showing soon by visiting the website listed above. In addition to these beautiful attractions in cross timbers, there are also two museums.


Wear protective clothing, so you don’t contract poison ivy, oak, or sumac. Cross the trails with inappropriate shoes and attire to prevent injuries such as cuts and blisters on your feet if it’s a dry summer day. The weather can be unpredictable at times, so use sunscreen when necessary. If there is rain in the forecast, bring an umbrella along with extra socks just in case of mud puddles crossing over onto footpaths while walking through the area, especially during spring.

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