25 March, 2023

Different Type of Electronic Air Pressure Regulator is for Compressed Air

Electronic Air Pressure Regulator

Do you want to know about electronic air pressure regulator? Then, read this detailed and informative post where we will discuss different types of electronic pressure regulator, the design, and the functionality of the air regulator, which makes it a perfect device to control air pressure. It is also very effective in reducing the cost, and it is also a safer device. 

What Is An Air Pressure Regulator:

The electronic air pressure regulator is usually utilized to decrease the fluid pressure level. This device is famous because it is cost-effective and offers an element that ensures your safety. In addition to it, the air pressure control valves have the optimum air pilot pressure, which requires to be carefully monitored to get reliable performance. The electronic air pressure regulator has a wide range of pressure regulators that ranges from general-purpose controllers to specialized precision regulators. 

Types of Electronic Air Pressure Regulator:

Below are some of the types of air pressure control valves that you can use to manage a suitable pressure of air when the pressure is unstable to the usage. 

Precision Regulators:

The air pressure controller provides the largest selection of precision pneumatic pressure controllers. This precision air regulator provides the highest level of pressure accuracy of pressure controlling and repeatability for a wide range of use, which requires exact pressure management. The precision regulators have different applications, and it includes:

  • Diagnostic equipment
  • Air gauging
  • Medical devices
  • Coordinate measuring machines
  • Semi-conductor
  • Calibration equipment

And many other applications.

Filter Regulators:

When it comes to protecting sensitive downstream equipment, then it is recommended to use the electronic air pressure regulator. The reason to use the filter regulators is to clean the airline of moisture. And also particulates during the period of reducing the air pressure to a set point. This one is essential for the protection of the expensive equipment of the laboratory,  valve positioners, and I/P transducers.

General Purpose Regulators:

The general-purpose electronic air pressure regulator provides consistent & reliable pressure control. It can be adjusted manually by turning its knob and reducing or increasing the piston’s spring tension to achieve the required outgoing pressure of the gasses and liquids. You can reduce the inlet pressure maximumly to the various pressure ranges. In addition to it, this proportion air valves regulator is made of zinc or aluminum along with the use of brass and nylon valve caps.

The Design of An Air Pressure Regulator:

Below listed are a few of the main categories of electronic pressure valve regulator, and it includes the category:

  1. General-purpose regulators
  2. Pilot operated regulators
  3. Regulators are specific to the application.

The electronic air pressure regulator is designed to offer a maximum flow capacity. And it also manages the outgoing pressure to the desired set level. The function of the control spring on the diaphragm is to control air pressure. The outgoing pressure of the air pressure regulator can be increased or decreased by rotating the knob in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction, depending on the requirement.


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