If you’re on vacation for Christmas, but you still want to celebrate the joys of the season, learn our readers’ tips on how to make a temporary travel Christmas tree to decorate your accommodation.

Travel themed Christmas tree


A travel themed Christmas tree with ornaments that represent different exotic destinations. The lights shine bright and colorful, making this look like an exciting place to visit!

What better way to celebrate the holidays than with a beautiful, hand-crafted tree? Traveling has never looked so good.

A traditional Christmas decoration is usually meant for indoor spaces but this one will be just right outside – at home or in your garden! This sturdy fir product features an aluminum star on top that doubles as its base lights up when plugged into electricity (so there’s no need of ever worry about batteries). The branches are crafted using recycled materials like bottle caps and other discarded items which makes it environmentally friendly too; plus who doesn’t love receiving gifts wrapped in paper made from old newspapers!?

Live Potted Rosemary Tree

A live, potted rosemary tree is a perfect Christmas decoration! It’s full of scent and brings life to your home. The leaves will change color with the season so you can enjoy its beauty all year round.

Sea Team Shatterproof Christmas Balls

What’s more Canadian than a Christmas ball? With our Sea Team Shatterproof Christmas Bumpers, you can enjoy the thrill of bobbing in the water without worrying about breaking glass.

Coxeer Felt Christmas Tree Wall Decoration


Designing the perfect holiday décor can be overwhelming. You want it to look authentic, but also functional and stylish in your home or office space! Coexert Felt Christmas Tree Wall Decoration is made with felt on both sides so you’ll never have an issue holding onto them when they get rearranged again this year for another display–like my latest DIY project…

Lovepop Ornate Tabletop travel Christmas Tree

A lovepop is a perfect piece for your desk! These little trees come in different designs and colors, so you can find one that matches the season. The Ornate Tabletop Christmas Tree has beautiful ornaments on it designed by talented artists all over the world – there are even some made out of chocolate! It would make an excellent decoration at work because I know how much time we spend staring at computer screens lately.

Travel Christmas Tree Party Table Centerpiece

This Christmas, set up your dance floor with this festive centerpiece! A sparkly fir tree centerpieces pile high on top of a rustic wooden table. With twinkling lights and enough space in between each branch for all your guests to sit down comfortably; it’ll make any party complete.

Inflatable LED Lit Christmas Tree & Presents Lawn Yard Decoration

This year, surprise your loved ones with an inflatable LED lit Christmas tree that is sure to make their day. It comes complete with presents sitting underneath it on the lawn!

This product has everything you need for creating a picturesque winter scene in front or backyard; including 6ft tall artificial Christmas trees decorated using bright strands of lights and dozens off colored bulbs which are powered by 5* AAA batteries included (not Included). Plus there’s even festive themed decorations like mini wreaths hanging from branches filled out its shape.

Christmas Tinsel Garland

Imagine the most beautiful and colorful tree you’ve ever seen, all decked out to celebrate Christmas. The lights twinkle in multicolored hues that would make any child’s eyes pop out on sight! There are ornaments strung haphazardly around too-a few seem misplaced but they only give off enough light for those who know what looks right without being distracting at this time of year when everyone wants peace amongst their loved ones rather than dissonance like during other times throughout December…

Holiday Wonderland Clear Green Wire Christmas Mini Light Set

The holidays are finally here! You don’t have to go through your house with a litany of lights anymore. This set from Holiday Wonderland has clear green wires that will bring out the beauty in any space, and it also comes with 25 pieces so you can put up as many strands on each branch as desired without worrying about running low or getting lost – just make sure they’re all connected at their ends for perfect symmetry during setup time before guests arrive>

Hey there friend 🙂 I know this is gonna be awhile but Santa came down last night delivering presents left right & center…so first off let’s open some goodies under his big bright belly full swingin’ around town looking.

Little Trees Car Air Fresheners

Little Trees Car Air Fresheners make great gifts for all the travelers in your life. They come with a witty and stylish design that will fit any sense of style, as well as an easy-to-use remote control so you can take them on those long journeys without worrying about batteries dying or having to stop every half hour just because they need their fix!

If there’s anything I love more than travel, it’s Christmas

I can’t think of anything that makes me more Christmassy than travelling at Christmas time. The first thing I want to do when it snows on the ground in December is stock up for all my holiday parties; they don’t call them “ winterWonderlands” for nothing!

A Look at My Travel Themed Christmas Tree

I have a travel Christmas tree. It’s not just any old one either- it has all your favorite destinations on it from around the world!

It starts with an American flag for home country tradition, then space is set aside featuring different countries in Winter scenes when they’re covered by snowfall or decorated beautifully for holidays like New Year’s Eve fireworks over Times Square while another section has beautiful scenic landscapes of Hawaii beaches during its winter season; Are you planning to go away this year? This would make great gifts since these places are special spots that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime.

Ideas for your Own Travel Christmas Tree


I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things to do for Christmas is decorate a tree. I think it’s so calming and relaxing when all the lights shine in different colors from reds or greens or blues which reminds me that there are many beautiful places out there waiting just beyond our sightline! If your home doesn’t have space on its own mantlepiece then here are some ideas how you could transform any room into an enchanting winter wonderland at only minutes notice…

Travel-themed baubles – the perfect travel ornaments

What’s more travel-y than a bauble? The perfect gift for your favorite globetrotter, these ornaments are made of recycled materials and boast designs that represent the many countries they’ve visited.

Map print ornaments

When it’s time to decorate your Christmas tree, don’t just go with the traditional ornaments. Why not try something new and exciting this year? Create your very own map, print out personalized gifts for everyone on your list!

The perfect present is one that will be cherished forever – who doesn’t love finding their name in gold lettering against an exotic backdrop like Everest base camp made famous from Daniel fronted films back when he was alive (Jamie Bell). You can either make these yourself by printing off individual pieces onto paper then gluing them together using fabric glue if you’re crafty enough but there are also plenty of readymade templates available online where all I.

Here are some ideas of travel-themed things that make excellent ornaments:

Here are some ideas of travel-themed things that make excellent ornaments. Some examples include a globe, an old map with all the countries labeled, and even though this may not be strictly related to traveling there is still something special about having your own license plate from wherever you go!

A great way for people who love exploring new places in real life just as much on TV screens would be by picking up these decorative wood pieces featuring scenic backgrounds such as mountainscapes or hotel rooftops instead – whether they’re made into picture frames.

  • This personalizable suitcase ornament
  • This custom map airplane ornament
  • This super cute family airplane ornament

Luggage Tags and Other Trevally Motifs

Luggage tags and other travel motifs can be a wonderful way to show off your personality. From luggage tags for men, women or children there are so many different styles of these fantastic pieces! You’ll find the perfect decoration on our site today too- from bells shaped like airports Clocks taxis planes . There’s also star maps and ND enrooted signs which have become increasingly popular in recent years as well.

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