25 March, 2023

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Emirates Park Zoo A Chance to Experience the Wild Life

Emirates Park Zoo

Suppose you want to spend a whole day with your family and friends, in a superb natural environment with fresh air, surrounded by animals from all over the world, and have loads of different activities to do with your children. In that case, the Emirates Park Zoo is the right place for you. 

The Emirates Park Zoo was opened in 2008 as a small feeding farm and, after that, the management worked hard, and the new Emirates Park Zoo was opened in 2012. The place is not only for kids but for adults too and offers various activities for people of all ages. This article will provide information related to the Emirates Park Zoo, and it will act as a guide when you visit. 

What to Do in the Emirates Park Zoo

Kids invariably see animals on the television or read about them in books and desire to see them in real life. The Emirates Park Zoo offers a unique experience with the wildlife, where children will not only see and meet animals but will also get the chance to feed them. There are also several different shows and activities going on, such as zoo zip & climb, drummer & magician, fun games, interactive sessions, and keeper’s talk. Along with that, there is the Parrots, Giraffe, and big Cat’s experience. 

Animals at Emirates Park Zoo

About 1700 animals at the zoo and animal lovers can get the chance to have a great time with different animals. The zoo has been divided into animal areas such as the wild walk, animal paradise, bird park, snake alley, reptile house, primate paradise Flamingo park, and Giraffe park, where you can meet your favorite animals, birds, reptiles, and so much more. 

For those who want to visit the park in winters, then they can visit any time during the day, but if they’re going to visit during the summers, then it is advised to come in the late afternoon because of the hot weather. People are also advised to spend a minimum of three hours to enjoy the complete experience.

Experiences in the Emirates Park Zoo

Wildlife Walk

An indoor walkway that offers a close animal encounter with different animals from all over the world. Visitors can spot Asian elephants, Lions, Cheetahs and Leopards, Deers, Gazelles, and more.

Primate Paradise

Get the chance to see and meet monkeys, mandrills, capuchins, and more. Help the keepers feed them and get involved in different fun activities. There would not be a better place for the children to enjoy. 

Reptile House

Have a fantastic experience with tortoises, Lizards, iguanas, and other reptiles when you visit the Reptile house and find out more about them, their habitats, and how they live. The keepers will always assist you with all your questions and if you have any special requests.

Petting Zoo

A children’s favorite and very popular amongst visitors for getting the chance to meet and pet some cute baby animals. Visitors will be able to see different farm animals, sheep, goats, tapirs, and more. Make sure not to miss this when you visit the zoo.

Giraffe Park

The giraffe is one of the most innocent creatures in the wildlife and this tall animal with beautiful brown shady eyes has been a favorite. Visitors can greet and feed them and spend a pleasant afternoon along with these adorable creatures. The Giraffe park also offers the chance to meet Abby and Mary, three of the world’s tallest mammals.  

Deers, Striches, and Zebras can also be found in this compound.

Animal Paradise

The Hippos are always the kid’s favorite, and though they often see them on the Animal planet, they can now have the chance to see them in real. Children can hang out with the Hippos, watch them for as long as they want, and even be able to feed them.  

Bird Park

Birds are fascinating creatures, creating beauty in our world for the last thousands of years, with their beautiful colors, songs, and chirping. At the Emirates Park Zoo, there are several different species of birds from all around the world, such as owls, eagles, hawks, buzzards, vultures, parrots, and more even and, not only this but you might even get the chance to see some tropical and endangered species.

Snake Alley

In the snake alley at the Emirates Park Zoo, you can see patterned Pythons, Bio constrictors as well as famed Anacondas. Parents and kids can see these exotic yet dangerous creatures in a safe place.

Flamingo Park

Observe and spend time with the beautiful pink Flamingos at the Emirates Park zoo and take loads of pictures. The Flamingo Park is undoubtedly one of the most visited areas in the area and should not be missed.

Crocodile’s Pool

Even though many of us have a fear of crocodiles, everyone wants to see them in real life, especially young kids. At the Emirates Park Zoo, there are different species of crocodile such as the Nile crocodile, alligators, and more.

Apart from the above, there are so many other animals and birds you can see in the Emirates Park Zoo. The park also has many exotic rescued animals that the children would love to spend time with. Along with paying a great time with the animals, meeting and feeding them and, taking pictures for memories, families can choose to stay in the resort and dine in at one of the many restaurants serving delectable, mouth-watering food. The resort offers family chalets, twin and king rooms.  

Contact details – 

General Enquiries – 02 501 0000

Tickets & Bookings – 02 501 0000

Hotel Reservations – 02 506 9000


A zoo is undoubtedly one of the children’s favorite places to visit, and parents enjoy it too. There is a chance not to meet animals from all over the world but also take loads of pictures and enjoy a great family day out. The Emirates Park Zoo is one such place that is very popular with families and would offer a unique adventure. There are many different animal areas, different experiences, shows & activities, fun games, a resort, and many restaurants.  

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