25 March, 2023

Fansly:Automated Social Media Marketing Platform


Fansly is a free and subscription-based social media site that hosts content related to adult entertainment, just like OnlyFans does. Fansly was launched in 2013 by Baltimore-based Select Media LLC and CY Media LTD in Cyprus. While Fansly has some extra features which OnlyFans doesn’t have, the two sites look almost exactly alike. Even their layout is similar—even the same images!

 Fansly helps you find relevant fans and followers

 Fansly offers a tiered membership system with five different price points. Fans can pay monthly or yearly for access to exclusive content from their favourite broadcasters. They can also pay per view of broadcasts or channels if they want just a taste of someone’s material instead of subscribing. All transactions are done through secure PayPal payments. If a fan subscribes, they get access to exclusive photos, videos, live broadcasts, fan clubs, and more depending on what type of package they select.

Fansly is the next-generation of social media. It is gaining a lot of traction already, and many variants and designers are signing up.The platform’s allowing of adult material in addition to other genres such as fitness and music is a major reason why content creators must be at least 18 years old. Fans do not have to be 18 to subscribe, but Fansly does retain the right to delete any content they deem unfit.

Fansly pros

  • Easy to use

 Fansly is a simple and easy-to-use platform that has an accessible interface for all levels of tech-savviness. Nontechnical users will have no problem navigating Fansly, while newcomers may need some assistance in getting started acquainted with the platform.

  • Helpful for content producer and fans

 Fansly is designed to be easy for both content producers and fans. The terms are clear, allowing performers to feel confident that they won’t be “held over a barrel” when it comes time to negotiate their contract.

  • Ideal for multiple performers

Fansly allows users to follow several performers, making it ideal for fans of multiple types of fetish or entertainment genres.

  • No problem about finding

 Fansly is an online social networking site that allows users to find and follow performers they are interested in. If you already know the type of performer you want to follow, Fansly makes it quick and easy to do so. Fans can also browse Fansly without a content subscription.

  • Use paypal for security concerns

Fansly offers payment options via PayPal, Amazon and Google Wallet to customers who do not want to use credit cards due to security concerns or lack of funds in their accounts.

  • Wish to connect on a more intimate level

 Fans can message performers directly from Fansly when they subscribe, making it easier for them to interact with the performers they are supporting. Some performers may not have time to reply, but it is still a nice feature for fans who wish to connect on an intimate level with their favourite adult entertainment stars.

Fansly Cons

  • Support team

Fansly support has been reported as being difficult to reach, which could be a problem if Fans do not spend enough time reading the content.

  • Must account of Paypal

 Fans must register for an account at PayPal, which some people find intimidating since personal information is required. Fansly recommends having a virtual credit card if fans are uncomfortable providing their PayPal information.

  • Compulsory upload photo

Fans must upload at least one photo to Fansly, a requirement some people might not wish to do. A tip for Fans: Fans can sign up and save money on Fansly by using the free offering. Once you proceed past your free trial period, Fansly will ask you for payment details before continuing service.

  • Not allow multiple performer

While Fansly allows users to follow multiple performers, it is currently only available in English. There is no translated content of any kind at this time either so any French, Spanish, or German speakers out there will have to wait for now before they can join in. Fansly plans on offering an option for other languages in future updates. Fans who are looking for more information about Fansly can read our review here.

  • Active members

Fansly is still a relatively new platform, but it has already gained considerable popularity among fans and performers alike since its launch thanks to its ease of use and fair terms among producers, who are allowed to share their content with fans. Some fans may ask themselves if Fansly is worth the time or not, especially with competitors like OnlyFans starting to get attention as well. While Fansly’s fan base isn’t nearly as large as that of some platforms such as Twitter at this point, fans will appreciate the flexibility both where adult content is concerned and payment options should they decide to become active members.

 Is Fansly a good investment?

   It is difficult to provide a definitive answer because it depends on the person and their needs. JustForFans is only $24.95 a month, while Onlyfans charges $45 for its premium membership, so if you’re short of money, Justforfans may prove cheaper than Fansly.JustForFans provides promotional tools such as referral and affiliate programs and also offers cross-promotion on its social media platforms at no extra cost– those features are unavailable on Fansly. Justforfans has more tools for managing your account compared to Fansly, including chatroom features that allow you to connect with fans easily through live chats.

Fansly may be a good investment if you are looking for a larger audience, and prefer to take advantage of cross-promotion tools. Users are limited to one post per day, so creators are encouraged to use the chat room feature in Fansly. Subscribers have access to your updates forever unless they cancel their subscription, so if you want your content seen for as long as possible, Fansly might be an excellent choice.


Seeing that a lot of creators gave up on Onlyfans because of the new policies, I could only see Fansly as a potential competitor to Onlyfans. However, from the information that I gathered from the article, I don’t think Fansly has what it takes to become an alternative platform for adult content creators. First, they are missing some key features that Onlyfans has such as tip menu and subscriptions by credit card. Second, the payment options they do have are not as efficient which may results in a lot of chargebacks that can cause issues for their user experience.



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