25 March, 2023

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First Arab astronaut to visit the ISS

In 2019, Hazza Al Mansouri, the first Arab astronaut to visit the ISS, delivered a speech in which he emphasized the significance of preventing further damage to our home planet caused by climate change. On September 25, 2019, Al Mansouri made history by being the first Saudi Arabian to journey into space onboard the Soyuz MS-15 spacecraft. His mission lasted for eight days, during which time he collaborated with the crew of the International Space Station and participated in many scientific studies.

Hazzaa al-Mansoori, a 35-year-old ex-military pilot who reached the International Space Station in September, stated that seeing Earth and its beauty from orbit helped him realize the significance of maintaining it.

“We have to cherish the earth and make sure that we save it for the next generations,” added the father-of-four, encouraging efforts to address “the factors behind climate change.”

After an eight-day journey during which he participated in scientific experiments like a study of how people perceive the passage of time, Mansoori returned home to a hero’s welcome as the first Arab astronaut to visit the ISS.

His space mission has inspired the United Arab Emirates, a relative newcomer with plans to launch an uncrewed spacecraft to Mars’s orbit by 2021.

Mansoori told the story of his incredible journey to a room full of media in Dubai.

He remarked that Earth looked “truly something wonderful and a spectacular perspective” from space. I didn’t want to sleep, so I stared out the window all night.

Mansoori added that his experience in space made him appreciate his life on Earth much more.

“It is tough to survive in space. We have to give a lot of oxygen, air, and food… yet we have all this here for free,” he remarked.

A United Nations report released in September provided scientists with the latest sobering reminder that climate change is now a reality; it predicted that the five-year period ending in 2019 would be the warmest ever.

According to new information from the European Union’s satellite monitoring service, last month was the warmest October on record around the globe.

Since we are so fortunate to call Earth home, Mansoori urged us to do everything possible to preserve the Planet’s delicate atmosphere.

Mansoori, one of 4,000 UAE nationals chosen for the ISS, dressed in traditional Emirati garb and served his fellow astronaut’s traditional snacks.

He became a “spaceflight participant,” a phrase for people outside the leading space agencies who do short visits to the ISS, when the UAE inked a deal with the Russian space agency Roscosmos to send him there.

As part of its space goals, the UAE aims to become the first Arab country to send an autonomous mission to orbit Mars by 2021, naming it “Hope.”

“It’s the golden period for space exploration in the UAE,” said Salem al-Marri, of the UAE’s Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre.

Critical Obligation to Combat Climate Change

At a press conference shortly after Al Mansouri’s return to Earth, he highlighted the importance of taking prompt action to safeguard the world from the effects of climate change. He asserted that he could witness the consequences of climate change on Earth’s atmosphere, oceans, and landmasses from his vantage point in space, which was in orbit around the Planet. He urged people all across the world to join together in an endeavor to cut carbon emissions, protect natural resources, and advance sustainable practices.

Motivating the Next Generation

Al Mansouri’s trip to the International Space Station also had a significant effect on the young people of the Arab world. As the first Arab astronaut to travel to space, he was a role model for younger generations interested in pursuing jobs in the scientific, technological, engineering, and mathematical (STEM) industries. In addition, he urged them to take an interest in issues concerning the environment and to strive towards ensuring that the Earth will have a sustainable future.

Significance of Collaborating with Other Countries

Al Mansouri’s voyage to the International Space Station (ISS) brought to light the significance of international collaboration in scientific study and space exploration. He collaborated with astronauts from various nations, including the United States and Russia, during his journey. This cooperation exemplified how nations from varying political ideologies and cultural traditions may work together to accomplish shared objectives.


The journey that Hazza Al Mansouri took to the International Space Station was a significant step forward for both the Arab world and the broad field of space exploration. His plea for the prevention of climate change and the adoption of sustainable practices serves as a timely reminder that everyone is responsible for looking after our home planet. Although we continue to investigate the cosmos and advance scientific knowledge, we also have a responsibility to strive toward making the future of Earth more environmentally friendly.



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