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Getting Into Travel Basketball And How To Get Good At It

Travel Basketball

A blog about being in travel basketball and how you can get good at it.

Basketball was one of the most famous games of the last century. Basketball is a multiplayer game and a competitive game. A basketball game consists of two teams competing to score more points than the other team in a limited amount of time. The team that scored the most points wins the game.

Answering how to mark, the basketball game takes place on a rectangular court, and there are hoops on both sides of the court. A team scores by throwing the ball into the opposing team’s basket. However, there are different ways of scoring; A team scores 3 points if it manages to get the ball into the opposing team’s basket by kicking it from outside the marked 3-point line. They score 2 points if they enter the ball inside the marked 3-point line.

The game has a set of rules. For example, if a team plays the ball outside the rectangular court, this is called an out-of-court violation by the group, which resulted in the ball moving out of court and the ball in the opposing team’s hand is reached.

The basketball game is known for its great players because the big boys score more goals than the little ones. After all, the bigger you are, the closer you are to the basket to the destination. Because of this advantage, teams are more likely to have tall players than short ones.

What is travel basketball?

In basketball, travel is a rule violation when a player holding the ball illegally moves one or both feet. Travelling is also called walking or steps, particularly in streetball. If the pivot foot is lifted, a pass or basket attempt must be made before the pivot foot is placed back on the ground. In the NBA and FIBA, players also receive a collection pass.

A trip violation is indicated if a player has made more than two passes without the ball being dribbled. In 2018, FIBA ​​revised the rule to take one step of charging before taking the two steps. A voyage can also be invoked via transport or an unestablished revolving base. If a player’s pivot foot shifts or moves, travel is considered.

For this reason, the pivot foot is often called the established “tripod foot.” When there is a clear view of the floor (without moving players), the NBA rulebook states that officials are to blow the whistle but only call traveling if it is necessary. However, in streetball and in leagues whose rules do not require the use of a clear view, officials use their judgment as to when to blow the whistle for traveling. Travelling is often overlooked if one team is significantly better than its opponent and has many chances to score and win.

How to find a travel basketball team

Are you looking for a team to play on? Maybe you’re already playing with a current team and want to know what’s going on. Signing up for travel / AAU basketball had always been a mystery until I first did it in 2008. Below is what I wish I knew before signing up for my first travel ball season.

Travel basketball vs. AAU

What is the difference between travel basketball and AAU basketball? Travel and AAU ball have a lot in common. But what’s the real difference? Find out more about the differences and similarities between these two sports in this guide to travel vs. AAU basketball.

Travel in basketball vs. walk

Travel in basketball vs. travel by walking there and back – that’s a huge difference when we look into the distance. The majority of us have to make a decision fast, to travel either with your foot or on the other hand, you can use a fast car and be in the same place more quickly. It is as simple as that. We compare here two ways of transportation: travel by walking and travel in a basketball game.


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