Gray Hair

Age is the factor that contributes in many health conditions, and in turning hair gray too. Researchers from naseer hospital explain that your hair turns gray when there is not enough melanin. It is a pigment-producing component that produces melanocyte cells. Such components are responsible for making the natural hair and skin color. 

Low production of melanin means that you will have hair lighter in colour.

When you have no melanin, your hair will be white, but minimal melanin can give you gray hair. Here, the age factor again contributes as it slows down the melanin production that turns your hair white and gray. 

Many people start to have white hair before their 30s that can be caused by different reasons, such as health or genetics.

The Internet is a big world where you can find a lot of information. You need to make sure about any information before you apply such instructions. You can find misinformation about reversing gray or white hair. Only deficiencies caused by white and gray hair are reversible.

Reasons Why Gray and White Hair Is Irreversible

Melanin works for the hair colour which also counts on genetics. Hair follicles depend on melanin for creating pigments that combine with protein keratins. Its loss is natural after the 30s. You should notice if your parents have had gray hair at an early age because it puts you at a high risk of getting gray and white hair at an early age too. No matter how many times you have watched online videos about getting back black hair but it is proven that white hair is irreversible.

What Causes Make It Possible To Get Your Black Hair Back?

Hereditary gray or white hair comes at the age of 20s or 30s. But some nutritional deficiencies can make it happen. You need to visit your doctor to make sure of the cause of the white and gray hair.

Some health conditions can turn your black hair into white or gray, including thyroid disease, alopecia, vitiligo, etc. Getting medical help can make it possible to restore melanin and also restore the natural color of your hair.

Nutritional deficiencies can cause white or gray hair as it affects the melanin production in your hair follicle. Vitamin B-12 with copper or iron deficiency can put you at a high risk of getting such hair at an early age.

There are dietary supplements that can meet the deficiencies that help in growing back your natural hair colour after an intake of a few weeks. But it might be possible that you have some health condition, so you need to ask your doctor first before its intake.

Lifestyle Changes to Restore Your Natural Hair Color 

Spotted a few gray hair or white hair? Well, you can still do a lot to restore natural hair colour. All you need is to make some healthy lifestyle changes that keep your natural hair colour longer. Experts from Ramzan Ali Syed hospital have shared some tips with us, such as:

Meet the Vitamin Deficiency 

Vitamins play a vital role in restoring natural hair colour and keeping your hair healthy. But deficiency of vitamins can give you a tough time. Do you know which vitamins are crucial for your hair health?

  • B vitamins, including biotin and B-12, are important for your hair health. Vitamin D, E, and A are also crucial for your hair.
  • Meet the minerals deficiency because they are important for hair growth and repair them, such as magnesium, copper, iron, selenium, zinc, etc.
  • Smoking can also turn your natural hair colour into grey or white hair. Quit smoking if you want your hair’s natural colour.
  • When you go outside, cover your hair and protect yourself from sun damage. Wear a scarf or hat for hair protection.
  • Never use bleach on your hair as it damages hair health.
  • The narrow-toothed comb can ruin your hair.
  • Do not wash your hair too frequently.

Final Thought 

Coconut oil and Amla are known widely for their hair health beneficial properties. Experts suggest eating healthy and avoiding chemical products.

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