Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg, a climate activist, has said that she would not pursue a career in politics because it is too “toxic.”
In 2018, the Swedish adolescent rose to fame after she skipped class and sparked a global campaign to combat climate change.

Now 19 years old, she claims that the required reforms “will only occur if there is significant external public pressure, and that is something that we produce.”

She also had no desire to represent a large-scale movement.

It’s too much of a duty, said Ms. Thunberg. ‘If you believe that all the hope in the world lies on burned-out kids’ shoulders, I mean, that’s not very nice,’ I may snap at people sometimes.

Ms. Thunberg won’t be attending Cop27, the 27th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which takes place in Egypt from November 6–18.

She remarked, “I’m not required there.” There will be additional attendees from the most afflicted places, and I believe their voices there are more significant.

When asked about the abuse she received on social media, Ms. Thunberg told BBC News media editor Amol Rajan that she was unaffected by it. However, she added: “What I am most bothered about is when people lie about me and spread, like, conspiracy theories – because I can’t lie, so when other people lie about me, it’s like, “No – don’t.”

She has been targeted on Twitter by various foreign leaders, including Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, and she often responds by altering her Twitter profile.

She remarked, “I mean, the most powerful adults in the world are terrified by teens. I just think it’s honestly humorous. That’s amusing. It speaks more highly of them than of me.

Ms. Thunberg’s most recent endeavour was compiling and editing a collection of expert writings to serve as a resource for anyone worried about climate change.

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