Moonstone Jewelry

Gemstones are very precious, whether they are precious or semi-precious, as they are the gift of mother nature. So, it is essential to guide your customers to take care of the gemstones properly. If they want to have a long life of the stone, then they need to take proper care by following a few very easy steps, and anyone can do it. Almost all the semi-precious gemstones rate low on the Mohs scale, so cleaning and recharging are important. Although, there are nearly the common steps that you can guide your customer while buying the gemstone. Few stones have some specifications, which we would discuss along with other points as well. So, here we go.

Wash the gemstone regularly.

The first step, everyone should wash their gemstone with normal water after every wear if worn occasionally. Once a month, they can clean the stone with mild soap and water. Wipe it with a soft cloth and then put it under a safe box. Moreover, if the user wears the gemstone every day, then the stone would be washed while taking a shower. For Example, Aquamarine or Turquoise jewelry is already water stone, so it would be great if they were cleaned every day.

Avoid sunlight or heat energy.

Most the gemstone isn’t able to sustain the heat, so the user needs to try to keep the stone away from sunlight. The stone should not be under direct heat for more than half an hour; otherwise, it will start changing its color.

Protect it from scratches and damages.

There are some gemstones that are very delightful and soft, such as Opal jewelry. However, they rate low on the Mohs scale hardness, and they can be easily scratched or damaged if they get in contact with the hard substance. The owner of the gemstone should be careful and protect the gem from hard metals. In addition, they should take off the jewelry piece while doing any work in the kitchen or garden area. Even while washing the dishes or clothes, the user needs to take off the gem from their wrist or fingers.

Keep away from chemicals.

One needs to keep their jewelry away from all the chemical items, as they can cause harm to the originality of the gemstone. Jewelry like the Larimar jewelry should be kept away from the chemicals. The user should always remember that they should wear the jewelry in the end while getting ready to keep the gemstone away from the make-up products, creams, oils, lotion, perfume, and all the chemical items. Furthermore, the gem should first be taken off while returning to the home.

Recharging the gemstone.

Moldavite or Moonstone jewelry are the gems that have the power of the moon and stars. So, to get the fantastic benefits of these gemstones forever, one should recharge them. It can easily be done by just simply putting these jewelry pieces in a bowl and keeping that near the window, which gets the light of the moon. Try to do this step on a full moon day to get the maximum benefits of the gemstone.

Buying all these gemstones.

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