25 March, 2023

Your Guide to the I-95 Rest Stop Areas

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If you are driving I-95 Rest Stop Areas through Maryland, I hope you have your GPS on hand. I-95 is one of the busiest highways in America and has many rest stops for drivers to stop along the way. You might be wondering what these  Rest Stop Areas are all about. Well, I’m here to give you a quick rundown so that next time you travel I-95 Rest Stop Areas through Maryland, you can take advantage of them.

I-95 Maine Rest Areas

Maine Rest Areas

I-95 is a favorite drive for many people across the United States. Maine contains some beautiful scenery, and it’s easy to see why! Here are three areas worth checking out if you’re on I-95: Exit 3 – Old Orchard Beach; Exit 9A –Kittery Point Maritime Museum (it has interactive exhibits where kids can learn about ships); Exit 18–Lewiston/Auburn House, Located just off Route 441 near Waterville Valley Mall offers shopping opportunities as well as restaurants with views that stretch down into scenic Libby’s Brook canyon

We come across the first rest area after entering Union County from the New Brunswick State Park exit ramp.

I-95 New Hampshire Rest Areas

Rest areas along I-95 in New Hampshire are some of the most scenic and relaxing spots to take a break from driving. There’s an endless number of activities you can do at one – play cards, read books, use your phone (but only if it’s dead), hang out with friends/family members who may have stopped by unexpectedly…the possibilities never end.

Take a break from your drive and enjoy some peace in New Hampshire. The I-95 Rest Areas offer plenty of scenic views and restrooms with toilet paper.

I-95 Massachusetts Rest Areas

Massachusetts Rest Areas

The I-95 Massachusetts Rest Areas are a great place to stop for food or fuel. You will find them scattered all along the highway, just past any exit with an “R” on its sign.”

“Rest areas on I-95 are the best way to stop for gas, stretch your legs and take in some fresh air before continuing onwards. They’re often conveniently located near exit ramps so you can quickly get back into traffic without stopping too long.”

I-95 Rhode Island Rest Areas

Rhode Island’s Interstate 95 Rest Areas are a great place to stop for fuel and quick rest. These gas stations offer 24-hour access, so you can get your tank filled before continuing on the long trek up north or south through Massachusetts’ beautiful Green Mountains.

The I-95 Rest Stop Areas in Rhode Island are a great place to stop and stretch your legs. A few of them even have free wifi.

I-95 Connecticut Rest Areas

The I-95 Connecticut Rest Areas are a great place to take the time you need when driving across this state. These I-95 Rest Stop Areas offer free restrooms, sometimes with running water and always payphone service. These I-95 Rest Stop Areas Stop Areas in Connecticut are a great way to take care of your car and stretch your legs. There’s one right by exit 16 with an excellent view, but there is also another just south with less traffic, so you can enjoy it while driving.

I-95 New York Rest Areas

New York Rest Areas

The New York I-95 Rest Areas are a hidden treasure trove of history. These abandoned spaces offer up glimpses into our Nation’s past and present, from Civil War battlefields to modern-day roadways that double as gravesites for those who didn’t make it out alive on this treacherous stretch of tarmac.

I-95 New Jersey Rest Areas

The New Jersey Department of Transportation has provided an excellent resource for travelers interested in finding rest areas on I-95. Eighteen locations offer visitor information and services, including restrooms with flush toilets, drinking water fountains as well as some vending machines if you get hungry or need something else to keep your travel odors at bay.

I-95 Pennsylvania Rest Areas

I-95 Pennsylvania Rest Areas are perfect for a quick road trip. The state has 13 rest areas that provide food, gas, and other necessities to travelers who need them most on their journey through theous 2,000 miles of Interstate highway.

I-95 Delaware Rest Areas

Travelers often overlook the I-95 Delaware Rest Areas as they pass through, but these spots offer some of the most interesting sights in all PA. The first two I-95 Rest Stop Areas on this stretch will take you into the historical territory: one is located between Exit 17 and 18 that was once farmland known as “Cross Keys” where Fugitive slaves hid during colonial days; another can be found around mile marker 40 near Quaker Hill State Park with miles upon miles from gorgeous views.

I-95 Maryland Rest Areas

Maryland’s I-95, but they don’t all offer the same amenities. Some have visitor centers and truck stops, while others provide just water or snacks for drivers who may be out longer than expected in hot weather conditions. Click here for more articles.


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