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Covid-19, also frequently called ‘The Corona Virus’ has taken over the entire world in 8 months. Originated in Wuhan, a city of China, the disease has rapidly outspread causing calamities and affecting various stages and structures of the professional as well as the entertainment world. It has caused havoc in not only the fields of medical and economic but has deeply influenced the entertainment industry. Not only the industry of the USA but others around the globe like the UAE have also been facing the circumstances of a deadly pandemic in the form of lockdown. The question arises, ‘How did COVID impact the world of entertainment?’. Let’s find the answer in this write-up.

How Covid-19 impacted the US industry

The entertainment industry of the USA, notably known as ‘Hollywood’ has undergone major turmoil since the outbreak of Covid-19. The virus has caused the delay of several movies, shows, productions, and series that has resulted in a great recession and loss of investment in Covid-19. The multi-billion-dollar industry finds itself in a rather vulnerable state where everything seems to be out of control. Many movies that were supposed to be released this year have been postponed.

The mandatory propositions of social distancing to avoid the spread of the disease had ceased all kinds of shooting or filming ventures leaving many actors and actresses without any projects on their hands for the safety of the cast. This halt had also lead to the unemployment of a lot of the workers that were potentially associated with the field. The pandemic has also shut down businesses for several movie theatres and entertainment sites.

Movie and production houses on the halt:

The Batman reboot by Matt Reeves and Tenet by Christopher Nolan, both starring Robert Pattinson were destined to come out in mid-2020 but the health crisis ensured a halt in their release. The Disney movie called Mulan had a supposed release this year. If the situation continues, the production house will experience a loss of $300 million as a result of the online streaming of the film. Many other movies like ‘No Time to Die’, ‘Fast and Furious 9’, ‘Mission Impossible 7 and 8’, ‘Wonder Woman 1984’, ‘Black Widow’, ‘The Matrix 4’, and ‘A Quiet Place II’ etc. are the several mainstream movies that have been delayed or pushed back due to the surging Covid-19 calamities. This delay caused losses of several billion dollars for the entertainment industry.

Impeding TV series and shows about Covid-19

The worldwide lockdown also had a massive impact on the release of new seasons of many shows and TV series. To prevent the cast and crew and the production teams on set from any spread of the disease, the shooting for many ongoing episodes and scenes were completely paused.

 All the precautions went in vain when many of the actors including Tom Hanks, Charlotte Lawrence, Rachel Matthews, Rita Wilson, and several others tested positive for coronavirus. These situations have halted the release of new seasons for many shows and series like ‘Stranger Things’, ‘Riverdale’, ‘Witcher’, ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Peaky Blinders’, ‘Friends’ (special reunion), ‘Lucifer’, and several others.

How Covid-19 impacted the UAE industry

When the entire world became a victim of the deadly virus, the UAE industry of events and entertainment also did not hold back from facing drastic changes. UAE, especially Dubai is the hub of hosting and organizing many events, shows, concerts, and sports events. The city is also known as ‘Mini Europe’ due to hosting several stage shows and international events.

Many entertainment events in Dubai including the K-pop super concert, Abu Dhabi Festival, IPAF Awards ceremony, VidCon Abu Dhabi, Giorgio Armani Cruise Show, and Taste of Dubai, etc. have been halted and rescheduled due to the rising cases of Covid-19. However, many live performances have turned into virtual live performances that have increased tremendous traffic on many online apps and sites.

Tourism and Cuisine industry in the pitfalls of Covid-19

The UAE industry of tourism and cuisine have both been affected since the implementation of the lockdown in Covid-19 . The Middle Eastern cuisines and dishes that are famous worldwide had to face rock bottom. The tourism industry also faced backlash due to the decline of tourists and the closing of international flights. The Middle East alone estimated a loss of $24bn due to the closing of international flights.

Covid-19 and Music Industry Repercussions

Speaking of the film and event industry and their experience with COVID, the music industry was also not spared from facing the same downfall. The shutdown from the pandemic has caused an estimated loss of $10bn for the music industry. With several concerts, live sessions, and meet and greets being canceled, the music world also faced quite the havoc experiencing monetization issues in the pandemic. Many musicians and singers had to delay and reschedule shoots, recording sessions, and editing processes.

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