25 March, 2023

How Dedicated Server India Hosting Best as Compared to Shared Hosting?

Dedicated Server India


If you are running a website, you must have come across the confusion of choosing the right web hosting service. There are many kinds of web hosting services that exist in the market. However, the two most popular and extreme web hosting solutions are – Dedicated server hosting and shared server web hosting. 

The shared server hosting lets you share the physical server space and resources with many other users. Whereas the dedicated server hosting enables you to acquire access to complete hardware. This article will help you understand how a Dedicated Server India can bring you more benefits and success for your website than a shared server. Plunge into the segments below to grab all the details. 

About Dedicated Server Hosting

Let’s first apprehend the dedicated server India. A dedicated server is a sort of web hosting service that enables the one paying for it to get the entire server space and resources. This implies that it hosts a website, business, applications, etc., of an individual hosting client. With a dedicated server in India, you get the independent, isolated, and private environment to host your website. 

Further, you acquire a lot of administrative privileges and hosting benefits with a dedicated server. The dedicated servers are considered the most powerful and robust web hosting servers. They are opted for by those users who need their websites to give high performance. 

Difference Between Shared Server and Dedicated Server in India

Now that you understand the functioning of the dedicated server India, let us highlight the differences between shared and dedicated server hosting. With this, you can acquire a clear idea of how a dedicated server can be the better choice for your website. 


With German dedicated server hosting, your website has the fastest web page loading time even during traffic peaks. Also, since it does not make you share the resources, your website attains 1005 processing power. On the other hand, shared server hosting limits the usage of web resources that can slow down the overall website’s speed. 


Website performance is the key factor you must consider while seeking any web hosting server. The dedicated server India lets you enjoy the complete potential of the hardware on which you host your website. Whereas the shared server lets you acquire only a portion of the hardware’s performance. So, with the India dedicated server hosting, you get the possibility to easily boost the performance of your website in any situation. 


The dedicated server in India lets you acquire high bandwidth to accommodate your hosting requirements. You can choose to have a certain bandwidth amount for your website’s traffic. Then, you can upgrade or downgrade it later as per your needs. However, under the shared server hosting, you get limited access to the bandwidth. Also, it shares the bandwidth among all the users paid for the same server. So, you can expect the connectivity to be slower oftentimes when you opt for a shared server hosting plan. 


When it comes to data security, shared server hosting can be vulnerable to cyber-attacks. This is because, in this case, the server is shared among various users, which gives room for security breaches. Further, your website can suffer because of the bad neighbor. On the other side, the Cheap dedicated server India provides high data security as only an individual resides on it. Moreover, the dedicated server hosting also allows you to install additional security layers if required. 


When you host a website on the shared server, you can not perform any customization on the server as it can get applied to all the users. However, with dedicated server hosting, you are permitted to customize your entire server the way you need and desire. As you do not have to share your dedicated server with any other user, you can run the needed operating system, upgrade the memory, configure the hosting environment, optimize the bandwidth, and do a lot more. 

Benefits of Choosing a Dedicated Server Hosting

Hosting your website on the Best dedicated server India provides you with the following advantages – 

  • You can upscale your web resources whenever required with utmost ease in no time. 
  • Your website gets the ability to deliver seamless performance, high-grade security, and unmatched speed to the end-users. 
  • Your website gets the chance to score the best possible ranking. 
  • You can acquire maximum uptime and nearly zero downtime with the hosting of your website on a dedicated server in India. 
  • You can get the root access control of your dedicated server to configure, run, and manage the web hosting environment on your own without any restrictions. 

Where You Can Get Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting in India?

Serverwala is one such reliable web hosting company that provides the best dedicated server India at the cheapest cost. It is highly renowned for rendering world-class services with resilient and modern technologies. Check out the benefits and plans of Serverwala’s India dedicated server hosting in the following sections. 

Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting By Serverwala

  • 99.90% Uptime assurance
  • 7-day credit back assurance
  • 100% SSD data storage
  • Advanced data security features 
  • Robust and consistent network connectivity
  • Premium bandwidth and much more.

Plans and Packages

With every plan and package of the Best dedicated server India, Serverwala ensures the 24/7 technical support service via proficient professionals and experts. Also, they come with high flexibility, scalable resources, and service level agreement. You get the opportunity to pick between managed and unmanaged web hosting services with your cheap dedicated server India. 

Dedicated Server India


On the above details if you host your website with Serverwala’s Dedicated server then your website will get the best performance with high security and reliability. You will be the single owner of your website without sharing any kind of details with anyone. It gives you valuable services to host your site with Dedicated Server. It gives you online space to store your data like images, videos, and content. For more go through Serverwala.com 


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