best snow shovel for wood deck

A common question we receive from new owners of wooden decks is whether a shovel is needed on their deck and whether it is harmful or not.

Blasting can damage your hardwood floor – but not necessarily if you use precautions and common sense.

Wood planks are stronger than composite and denser woods such as mahogany and ipe are especially durable. But even hardwood can fall victim to the careless cutting of metal bucket blades.

No matter what type of material your deck is made of, there are ways to prevent damage this winter. Brooms and plastic buckets are tools that will keep your deck free of snow and ice all winter long. We recommend installing a plastic shovel that is specific to cleaning the deck and its availability during the snow season. Here is our guide to 6 tips on how to prevent damage to the deck this winter. Read for more information best snow shovel for wood deck.

Use and Plastic shovel

If a broom is not enough to clean the snow, you can use a shovel. But be sure to use a plastic shovel or a shovel with a rubber sole. A metal shovel can scratch, scratch, crush or chip your deck.

Make sure the plastic bucket you are using does not have a metal dry strip, which can also cause damage.

Just watch out for any chips or cracks in the wood. If the edge of your bucket gets under a chip or crack, it can even damage the deck.

Sweep Instead of Shovel

If the snow is light and you do want to clear snow from your deck, we recommend using a broom to sweep it away as it falls. A broom is a safe way to remove snow without risking damage to your deck.

A shovel can chip or scratch the deck. Even a plastic shovel could catch an existing chip or crack (which is more common on old decks) and cause damage.

Don’t Overdo it

We love this first tip because it means your life this winter just got a whole lot easier. Believe it or not, in most cases, if your package is not older than 25 years, is not poorly constructed, or made of durable material, it is not important that you do it now, the package can handle it. If you can expose yourself to enough sunshine to do it for you, you don’t have to shake the snow off the deck. Because your wooden deck is indestructible and waterproof (like all decks we’ve built), moisture is not a quick weather hazard. In fact, the shovel can scratch or damage the finish of your deck.

There are four reasons why you might want to shovel the deck:

You want to use it! The grill is from the outside. You want to exercise (shovel than a good workout).
You want to use your package as an exit in case of fire or another emergency.
The weight of the snow should not be a danger to the deck if it is built, approved, and professionally inspected – our tires are heavily loaded, so this is not a problem unless the snow has accumulated to the rails (3 feet). or deeper)..

Shovel in the right direction

When shaking the deck, make a pointed shovel in the same direction as the boards. By cutting in a direction parallel to the boards, you reduce the possibility of the side edge of the board being caught and damaged in this way.

Keep your deck clean from snow

If you know that snow is approaching, make sure your deck is clean. Sweep branches, leaves, and dirt and place plants, carpets, and other decorations.

Dirt on your deck can clog the air vents and cause moisture to accumulate and turn into ice, which can be more difficult to remove. Removing furniture and accessories will make the shovel easier and prevent accidental damage to the furniture and deck.

Objects such as carpets and flower pots can leave water stains when the snow melts, which is another important factor in removing patio accessories during the winter months.

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