Claire Elise Boucher

Full Name: Claire Elise Boucher

Hometown: Vancouver, Canada

Relationship Status: Dating Elon Musk

Birthday: March 17, 1988

Grimes is a singer-songwriter hailing from Vancouver, Canada. As a youth, she released her first album under the stage name Grime in 2010, titled Geidi Primes. The same year she dropped Halifax. The “Oblivion” singer released her latest album, Miss Anthropocene, in 2020 and has created the album art for all of her records. Her illustrations are also featured on her merchandise and tour posters. Some have been featured in gallery shows throughout the world, including the Audio Visual Arts Gallery in New York City.

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Early Life of Claire Elise Boucher

Boucher’s parents divorced when she was five years old. Her father remarried shortly after their divorce, and Claire moved to Montreal with him when she was six years old. While living in Montreal, Boucher first started playing the piano and wrote her first song at age seven while recovering from an illness during a school break. She sang in choirs and learned how to play the piano, drums, and guitar as a child.[

Grimes’s first album

Grimes’s first album Geidi Primes was released under Grimes in 2010 via Arbutus Records. The album received positive reviews from some critics but failed commercially as it sold only 1,000 copies worldwide.

A year later, in 2011, she released her second album Halfaxa (also under the name Grimes), which was also a commercial failure selling only 500 copies worldwide despite receiving positive reviews from critics.

In 2012 she released her third album, Visions (under the name Grimes) which sold 5,000 copies worldwide, making it her first commercially successful album. It also saw a change in sound from her previous efforts as she experimented with new genres like witch house and playing instruments such as guitar and drums.

Music Career

Grimes began to write music after dropping out of university. She released her debut album Geidi Primes in 2010 under Arbutus Records. The album was a critical success but failed commercially due to limited distribution channels. Despite this setback, Boucher continued to write music and released her second album Halfaxa in 2011 under 4AD Records. This time around, she used the internet to market her music, which led to wider distribution channels and greater exposure for her work.

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Claire Elise Boucher net worth

Claire Elise Boucher has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

What is Claire Elise Boucher Source of Income

Claire Elise Boucher is a well-known singer, songwriter, producer, and the founder of an independent record label named Eerie Organization. She is also admired for her DIY aesthetic and live looping performances. She began her music career at such early age of 15 years. Some sources suggested that she has earned the maximum amount of net worth from such an early stage of her age in a very short period. In 2010, Claire Elise Boucher was able to establish herself in the music industry. She was able to start her career with her guitar playing and singing skills in Victoria city of British Columbia, Canada. In addition to this source, she has gained a respectable amount of net worth from SoundCloud, wherein she gets support from hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. One more source suggests that she has possessed one million dollars in luxurious houses in Los Angeles as her home sweet home.

Relationships with Claire Elise Boucher

Don’t let the twee, love-struck sound of Grimes’ early work draw you in. Although Boucher has recently performed at the Museum of Contemporary Art and opened up on a music panel with Grimes, she hasn’t released new music since 2015 and has said that the next album will be dark—in an interview with The New York Times, she said a songwriting collaboration with Janelle Monáe was “the saddest thing I’ve ever done.” This should make her fans weary, but for now, it is clear that Boucher remains entrenched in her artistry, which is both her saving grace and her grave.

Grimes and Elon Musk’s relationship

Grimes, known for her experimental music and provocative videos, has been dating Elon Musk since 2018. But the two have had some ups and downs in their relationship.

Musk and Grimes seemingly confirmed they were back on when she announced in January 2020 that she was pregnant. Though she did not caption her Instagram photo that showed off her baby bump, she referred to herself as “knocked up” in the comments section. The couple had previously broken up in October 2018 after Grimes accused Musk of sleeping with his sister; Musk denied those claims.

In February 2019, the musician deleted all of her Instagram posts after Musk tweeted a joke about artificial intelligence that many felt was insensitive.

In May 2019, Grimes told Rolling Stone that she was working on new music for an album titled “The 1st Chapter.” The singer said she hoped it would be ready by June but wouldn’t release it until later in 2020 because “I want it to be perfect.”

 Grimes and Elon Musk are back together, according to multiple sources.

Grimes and Elon Musk are back together, according to multiple sources.

The singer, whose real name is Claire Boucher, and the Tesla CEO have been dating since at least August 2018. They first met after Grimes tweeted at Musk, asking him if he would consider making a song for her new album. Musk replied and said he would do so if she were his girlfriend. She accepted the offer and clarified that she was kidding about being his girlfriend but still wanted him to make music for her record.

However, it appeared as though the two were no longer together in March 2019 when she deleted all photos of Musk from her Instagram account. She had since shared some photos with him again but kept them private from public view until January 2020, when she announced that she was “knocked up” on social media. Though she did not caption her Instagram photo that showed off her baby bump, she referred to herself as “knocked up” in the comments section of another post where someone asked if she was pregnant or not. She also changed her username to “knockedupbyelonmusk” on Twitter and Instagram.

Claire Elise Boucher child

 Grimes and Elon Musk are back together, and she’s pregnant with his child

Grimes and Elon Musk are back together, and she’s pregnant with his child.

The musician confirmed that she was expecting a baby with the Tesla CEO when she posted on Instagram on January 18. She didn’t caption her photo but did refer to herself as “knocked up” in the comments section.

Grimes and Musk reportedly split in May 2018 after dating for just over one year. The pair first went public at Coachella 2018, where they were seen together several times throughout the music festival.

The Canadian artist previously dated rapper A$AP Rocky in 2016, but they broke up after a few months.

Grimes and Elon Musk have been romantically linked since early 2018

Their relationship became official on July 25 when Grimes revealed she was dating Musk during an interview with The New York Times Magazine. At the time, Grimes said she met Musk at the Governors Ball, and he had asked her out. She said she had been “living with friends” at their meeting because she was “kind of in a weird place.”

Grimes and Elon musk March 2022

The songwriter told Vanity Fair that she and Musk welcomed a baby girl named Exa Dark Siderael three months prior with the help of a surrogate. “I would probably refer to him as my boyfriend, but we’re very fluid,” she said of their relationship status. “We live in separate houses. We’re best friends. We see each other all the time. … We have our own thing going on, and I don’t expect other people to understand.”

After the feature was published, Grimes took to social media to confirm that the twosome had broken up again.

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