The study looks at distinct senior living which is different from residential living. However, having difference of social cultures the idea behind every senior independent living remains same. Which is to support ageing and independent living. Some institutions among these also aim to increase reciprocity and mutual and mutual health. To provide particular care to elderly people in 1870 the idea of first senior independent living came up. The idea was not just a mere idea without planning. It was a proper purpose driven proposition. Firstly, the challenges of elderly people were discussed and accordingly the institutions came up with solutions. In addition, the hospitals are their competitors, they must offer something extra than medication in order to succeed. Surprisingly after a few years they found out to be more effective than hospitals for overall growth and physical wellness.


Pertinent to the current scenario senior independent living has an immense number of comforts proving options than residential can ever give. They not only make the old people overcome physical health issues but also enhance their mental health and overall well-being. Being humans, in order to sustain a happy and healthy life, both economic and moral aspects are equally important. It has been observed that many old people lack such stability due to which they go through some kind of depression and anxiety. Yes, depression and anxiety are not just issues faced by teenagers or youth but these are common very common among elderly people also, even they tend to commit serious steps when they do not have anyone to look after.

Senior independent living as an asset to society

The social institutions that facilitate better living are assets to society. Senior living homes are one of them. The demand for this institution is equivalent to that of hospitals. Because not everybody can avail themselves of the expensive services of hospitals. The private hospitals with improved services are expensive and the government hospitals lack infrastructure and hygiene. Moreover, hospitals do not promote the overall growth of a person, they just provide treatment and medication. There are a number of people, especially the elderly, who seek more than just medication. Keeping this concern in mind the idea of senior living came into existence. Which provides A-Z living options and minute services to the ones in need there are several SeniorSite available online.

Why senior independent living options?

Economical- It is the least expensive type of independent living. The motive of senior independent living is not profit-driven rather it is purpose-driven. They do not function to ⦁ earn money and make profits rather they have a purpose to provide selfless and overall care to whoever seeks. Therefore, they are not expensive and are economical. The charge that they take is feasible so that help can reach everyone in need. They charge nearly 30-50% less than assisted living. It may vary from place to place and location to location.
Quality infrastructure– The living standards are highly maintained with brilliant infrastructure. They are beautiful, spacious and enable natural light. They are surrounded by trees and greenery to make the environment healthy with fresh air, mostly they are located far from city rush, they run in peaceful surroundings. They include interior areas for leisure and relaxation such as a garden, playing area, sitting rooms and gathering areas etc. They are well cleaned and maintained with hygiene so that no diseases perpetrate, unlike hospitals which are mostly unhygienic and open to diseases.
Efficient staff- The duties of the staff members are scheduled one after the other. The staff is well trained and they are group of skillful people. From surgeons to housekeeper. Everyone is qualified and skilled in their own field. They ensure quality service from every end. The staff is available for service 24/7, making sure that requirements are fulfilled in the meantime itself, without a delay. Th staff perform time to time monitoring and assistance.
Safety– It doesn’t matter that you are living alone. The safety provided is utmost. The staff and faculty make sure that no stranger enters the premises without permission and purpose. The premises are under surveillance. Interior safety measures are also ensured. Offering emergency calls, sprinkler system and handrails in the bathroom and wellness check every day.
Medication– The proper and regular medication is given without any skipping. As there are different people living, they also have different demands and needs. Keeping this in mind medicine check is regularly done. Moreover, the health checkups take place quite often in these places to know the level of improvement or need for any change in the treatment given.
Everday activities– Senior living homes conduct everyday activities which are very necessary to maintain healthy mindset and physical well-being. Fun and leisure activities are carried out such as storytelling, singing, dancing, group discussions, exercise sessions etc. This gives a feeling of soothing and people enjoy living there.
Antidote to loneliness– The most common feeling that prevails among the seniors is the feeling of loneliness. Nearly 1/3 of the seniors live by themselves. It is good to have a me time but being lonely for long can be a cause for anxiety and depression. Old people are deprived of bonds and relationships. In senior homes they find similar people to them, thus it gets easy to make a bond and initiate friendship as everyone is going through same wavelength.


Senior citizen homes or retirement homes are an initiative which first took place in 1870. The demand for these institutions kept on growing decade after decade. The studies suggest that these places are home to millions of senior and retired people who lack efficiency to sustain their living. They face certain problems such as financial instability, lack of physical well-being, and loneliness. In order to give a cure to these persisting problems, senior homes came up with all the necessary amenities. Being old is a part of life and someday one has to face it. Therefore, the motive of these institutions is to give selfless care.

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