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Printer errors can be confusing, there’s no doubt. Printer errors can be confusing. Each error code is different and if they aren’t addressed, could lead to serious consequences. Printers can be complicated and overwhelming.

Today we’ll be discussing common printer problems and the best ways to fix them. Let’s now look at some common error codes and how to fix them.

Canon Printer Error Code B203

Common printer errors include the B203. It can be found on most Canon printer models. This error is usually caused by a problem with the printer firmware update, or a damaged printhead. The error can stop the normal operation of your printer and prevent you from printing images and documents.

Other issues that could be causing the error code B203 include outdated printer drivers, connectivity problems, or other printer issues.

There are three ways to fix error code B203. Today, however, we’ll be discussing a simple way to troubleshoot the error code B203.

Follow the steps below to begin troubleshooting.

  • First, turn off the printer.
  • Check that your printer cartridges remain full.
  • Check the ink levels in the cartridges by taking them out of the printer.
  • Toner cartridges for Laser jet printers should be held on both sides. This will help distribute any ink remaining in the cartridge.
  • Now insert one end into the printer and the other into a wall outlet.
  • The power button will be activated.
  • Move the printhead left of the printer.
  • Wait until the printhead moves to the left side of the printer cabinet.
  • The printer will now load the default settings, and then clear the inside.
  • Repeat the process if it doesn’t clear.
  • If the error code B203 is still visible on your screen, restart your printer.

Canon Printer Error Code 5100

5100 is an error code that indicates a problem with the printer’s hardware. This error is most commonly seen on Laserjet and Inkjet printers. The error code 5100 can also be caused by an internal leak, ink contamination, or a carriage drive path.

This error is most commonly caused by printer parts reaching the end of their useful life and needing replacement.

Printers, like all machines, require regular maintenance. It is important to replace any damaged parts as soon as possible in order to prevent further damage.

This problem can be fixed by simply inspecting your printer and replacing the expired printer component. If you see error code 5100 on your screen and use a new canon mx490 printer, it is not necessary to replace the part.

The error code 5100 can be fixed by simply removing and reinstalling the printer component. To determine which component is causing the error, try removing and reinstalling the components of the printer.

Canon Printer Error Code 5200

Common printer errors include error code 5200. It has to do with ink cartridges. This error is usually caused by low ink levels in the cartridges.

This error can also occur when you try to install ink cartridges that are defective. No matter what the cause, the following steps can help you fix it.

  • To fix printer error code 5200, the first step is to perform a printer reset.
  • Turn off the printer
  • Take out all cables to the printer.
  • Let the printer cool down for a while before turning it on.
  • If that fails, you can remove the ink cartridges and clean the area with a clean cloth.
  • For signs of wear and tear, inspect the cartridges.
  • Turn the printer ON.
  • For 2 seconds, press and hold down the power button. Next, press and hold for 2 seconds the power button on the printer. Then release the button with the ON button.
  • The LCD of the printer will become blank. This indicates that the printer has been reset to its default settings.
  • The printer will now notify users about the new hardware. You can ignore the message.
  • To fix the 5200 error, turn the printer ON and OFF again.
  • Print again. Contact technical support if you continue to see error code 5200 in your Canon printer.

Canon Printer Error Code 6000

There are several problems with your Canon printer model that could be causing error code 6000. There are three main problems: no paper sheets in your paper tray, blockage in the feed tray by dust particles or a damaged paper mechanism.

Incorrect paper sheets can also lead to error code 6000 on most ij start cannon printer models. No matter what the reason, the Canon printer error code 6000 can be fixed by following the steps below.

  • First, disconnect the power switch from the printer. Unplug and take the power cord from the printer’s back.
  • It will remain as is for a few moments.
  • Connect the printer to the wall outlet.
  • Turn on the printer. Press and hold for a few seconds the power button on the printer control panel.
  • Double-press the “Stop” button.
  • Now, release the “Power” button slowly.
  • After that, press “Stop” on the printer.
  • If you don’t like this method, hide all print queues and clean the paper trays.
  • Also, ensure that you have enough paper in your paper tray. Finally, clean out any paper feeders by getting rid of dust particles, stuck papers, and labels.

Canon Printer Error Code 5B00

The error code 5B00 indicates a problem with the printer ink. This error is usually caused by ink spillage from the printer. This error can also be caused by ink accumulating in the printer, clogging the printer ports.

Constant use of the printer can cause small ink spillages inside it, which in turn causes a big blockage that prevents the printer from operating at its best.

If the Canon printer displays error code 5B00, the first thing to do is turn off the printer and disconnect it completely from any power source. Follow the instructions below.

  • The power cable should be inserted into the printer.
  • Hold the “Resume” button on your printer.
  • Press and hold simultaneously the power button, but do not release the “Resume” button.
  • Continue pressing the power button, then release the “Resume” button.
  • Keep the button pressed and tap the “Resume” button twice.
  • Then, press the “Power” button.
  • Next, press the button “Resume” four times and then press “Power” again.
  • Turn off the printer, then turn it on again.
  • This will correct the error 5B00. Contact Canon technical support if you continue to see the error.

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