Are you an artistic human who is looking for opportunities to better express themselves through animation videos? Or do you want to learn about how to create animated videos with graphics and motion? Look no further. 

In this article, we’ll guide you through the entire process of how to make animated videos. 

What Are 2D And 3D Motion Graphics And How To Use Them?

Images come to life with the use of 2D motion graphics, a type of digital animation. Basically, any kind of digital image source could be used here. They can be anything from original artwork to images to vectors; any digital image can serve as a jumping-off point. The transformation of a human face into a living cartoon character, the transformation of a static stock photo into a lively video clip, etc., is where the magic happens. Video, commercials, and even short films can all be made in their entirety using motion graphics services.

Primary Benefit Of Using Motion Graphics

A major benefit exists, which was previously unavailable. All of this may be completed on your personal computer. You can make professional-grade animations using just a regular PC with adequate capabilities. Second, 2D Motion Graphics have a clear benefit over other animation techniques. Converting traditional animation to a digital format is tedious and time-consuming. Even though 3D animation can be done on a desktop computer, it requires significantly more time and processing power.

So Where Do We Even Start?

Selecting the appropriate software to study is a crucial step. Learning Adobe software is highly recommended by animators and thought leaders. Complete agreement from me. When it comes to 2D motion graphics animation, the Adobe Creative Suite is the gold standard and a comprehensive solution for any and all needs.

The programs that need your attention are:

  1. After Effects: An editing software developed by Adobe. The animation phases will utilize this.
  2. Illustrator by Adobe: For usage in animation, this is the place to make vector objects (images that retain their quality when scaled to any size).
  3. Adobe Photoshop: Photoshop is one of those programs that everyone has heard of. Of course, it’s possible to perform standard picture manipulation, but animated raster images can also be created.
  4. Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro: With this, you may compile your efforts into a video presentation.

Cinema 4D is a valuable technology that can be learned alongside the Adobe Suite. Even though it’s not an Adobe product, familiarity with it would be useful. Nonetheless, this is not something a newcomer needs to know.

A Guide to Buying Computer Parts

How can I find the most suitable PC for creating motion graphics?

A computer’s performance, price, portability, and security are the four most important factors to think about.

There are four primary factors to think about while choosing a computer.

1. CPU

2. RAM

3. VGA

4. Hard Drive

Principles and Guidelines for Beginning Motion Graphics Training. 

That’s the secret sauce, right there. Even after a hundred tries, you still can’t tie your shoes properly. As with any skill, mastery of 2D Motion Graphics requires repeated practice. You must devote a lot of time to practicing.

  • Learn By Observation And Exercise

A lot of newcomers seem content to merely watch how-to videos. Absolutely ludicrous, and completely useless. Videos are simple to consume since they demand little effort on the viewer’s part. But there’s no denying that your effort is required. Learn by doing as you watch. No need to worry about falling behind; you just cannot keep up. If you want to do something while the video is playing, just press pause. You should employ that strategy.

  • Use Adobe After Effects And Illustrator As A Starting Point.

It’s best that you begin with After Effects and Adobe Illustrator. You will primarily use these applications to produce high-quality output. And devote a larger portion of your time to After Effects—75% versus 25%. Use only the tutorials that are designed to take you from square one through the process. Don’t dismiss the basic tutorials just because you already know a little bit about the topic; you never know when you might have missed something crucial or learned something from the wrong place, either of which could make things much more difficult.

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In what internet resources can I get knowledge of motion graphics? and are two excellent places to get kickstart your process. has several excellent tutorials, but you shouldn’t attempt them until you’ve mastered the fundamentals.

  • Finding Employment in the Field of Motion Graphics

After you’ve established your groundwork via extensive practice, look for an internship at a local studio of medium or small size. If you are in a position to do so, offer to work for free. It’s counterintuitive, but putting oneself out there is the best way to learn. Rather than seeing it as a form of unpaid labor, try to imagine yourself as a student at the nation’s top university, one that you can attend at no cost to yourself. As a team member, you’ll benefit from the expertise of professionals versed in not only animation but all parts of production. As a result, you should feel comfortable interacting with those people. You will develop skills in work and time management, teamwork, client communication, and more.

As you travel, you might notice that some places have a higher concentration of talented animators than others. Location plays a significant role in this. People from Italy are a good example because they appreciate and create stunning works of art and architecture. They have brains that are there to produce art. You need to put in the time to learn how to achieve the same thing with animation. Don’t let anything but excellent art enter your immediate vicinity. Only watch an animation of the highest caliber. Get your education and motivation from the very best. 

As Closing Remarks

The field of 2D and 3D motion graphics services, which I’ve already praised, is very remarkable. When done well, it can be financially rewarding and mentally stimulating. Before I go, I just want to reiterate the most crucial points:

  • Rather than relying solely on tutorial videos, it’s important to put in plenty of hands-on time
  • The second rule is to “aim for the stars” by only looking at the best examples of work.
  • Wait patiently

Wishing you the best of luck and enjoyment.

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