25 March, 2023

How to Rank Education Websites with SEO

Most students start their search by searching for the school that best suits them. It’s now easier than ever to search for information on various institutions using search engines such as Google. This can be a great advantage for schools if you know how to get the top spot in search engine results. SEO is the best place to begin.

Search engine optimization is the best method to drive traffic to your school or college website. The first step in generating leads is to build awareness about your institution. A good SEO strategy can help you increase your school’s online presence and attract potential students. Moreover, adding education calculators to the site will serve a dual purpose for the students. This is because when they search for math calculators, they will automatically be directed to your site. So, here are some SEO tips to help enhance visibility and drive results but first, learn what SEO is?

What is SEO?

SEO (search engine optimization) refers to optimizing websites for search engines via organic (non-paid) searches. This is a crucial marketing strategy for any business. Google wants its users to have a pleasant experience and give them the best information possible. SEO should make sure search engines recognize your content for a specific search query.

How does SEO Work?

Search engines use robots to crawl web pages across the internet. This allows them to identify what content they contain and what pages are about. These robots scan web pages for any code and pick up all the text, images, videos, and other information that may be found on them. After gathering enough information about each page and determining that the content is useful for their searchers’ purposes, they add these pages to their index. An index is a list of all web results stored by a search engine to make it worthwhile to potential searchers.

Search engines determine the best result based on search terms and other information available online. Their algorithm matches a user’s search query with the information in their index to provide a precise answer. These platforms use hundreds of signals in order to determine which order the content will appear to each user. For example, one can add education calculators with educational sites to enhance their search circle as a lot of people search for calculator-online.net. These signals are what SEO professionals try to master.


  • Keyword Trends

Keywords are the key to search engine results. Keywords are what potential students type into search engines such as Google to find your school. It is no surprise that 73% of marketers consider strategic keywords their top strategy for SEO. To attract suitable attention, any SEO strategy must start with the identification of the keywords to use. You can identify the intent of your prospects by doing keyword research.

It’s worth taking a close look at the institution, including its programs, location, and identifying features. The next step is to think about what keywords prospects might use to search for your school. If your school offers remote learning and wants to attract more students, then a keyword such as “online courses” might be a good choice.

  • Optimize Your Website to Engage Prospects

Prospects will click on a search result to find your school’s website. First impressions are becoming more important as the competition for user attention increases. Good web design will encourage prospective students to visit your school’s website and interact with its content.

Google also looks for good site architecture. Your website’s search engine ranking will be improved if it has clear navigation, no dead pages, and clean URLs. Linking education calculators with educational sites can help you achieve your target. An unorganized, slow-loading site that is difficult to navigate will often rank lower than one that is optimized and fast.

  • Make Your Design Mobile-Friendly

Mobile accounts for half of all web traffic worldwide. Therefore, it is important to adopt a mobile-first approach on your school’s website to engage prospects. Adding a keyword like “calculator online educational calculator” will draw all students to your site who are looking for an online calculator. You can generate traffic from any device by creating a mobile-friendly site. Many prospects from various devices will visit your site. Your school should ensure that prospects have access to your site from any device.

Mobile devices require that your website’s architecture be optimized for smaller screens. Many schools choose to organize their pages in a hamburger menu to simplify navigation and maintain a cleaner aesthetic.

  • Page Load Time

Mobile-friendly websites are becoming increasingly important. Therefore, SEO for educational institutions must be considered. In the age of lightning-fast internet, no one will wait for pages to load for more than a few seconds. The image’s quality and size can dramatically impact the page’s load speed. High-quality images are essential for websites, but a page that loads faster will load quicker if it has fewer.

  • To Boost Your Rankings, Curate Your Content

A way to get organic traffic to your school’s site is to create meaningful content that resonates with your target audience. Alexander says that content is the foundation of any SEO strategy. But you can’t just put anything on search engines and hope it shows up.

Find out what your target audience wants and make sure your content is relevant. Your school is the best at what they do. Students want to feel that they are studying at a respected institution with experts in their field. Your school or college should regularly update its website with high-quality, relevant content to position it as an authority on a particular topic. They can put extra effort and put education calculators on their sites to increase traffic. Google ranks only high-quality content when it comes to SEO for higher educational institutions. Therefore, carefully considered pieces can increase your website’s visibility.

  • Conduct a Site Audit

An institution should opt for SEO Audit Services before a website can be floated. This will allow them to identify the areas that need improvement and help them fix them. An audit of SEO services for educational institutions helps to understand aspects that make the website more accessible for search engine bots and increase traffic.


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