25 March, 2023

How to Utilise a Power Waxer?

Power Waxer

Regular waxing helps maintain the lovely gloss that your car was designed to have. Your vehicle will appear even better than it did when it first came off the lot because it will be protected against damage to the paint finish.

But occasionally, applying wax by hand can be…tiresome. Even for the most enthusiastic vehicle person, it may be time-consuming and exhausting even with the correct towels.

So what can be done? You might be considering waxing your automobile with a power waxer, but you’re not sure if it’s a wise choice.

Fortunately, we have the solutions for you. Inside and out, we’re passionate about vehicles, and if you’re reading this, you probably share that passion.

Why Power Waxer Your Vehicle?

The average driver might question whether waxing their automobile is actually worth it. Even while it requires a little extra labour, it is well worth it if you don’t want your automobile to appear faded and worn, which we assume you don’t.

Although little dings and scratches are unavoidable and can appear anywhere on your car, waxing helps prevent these accumulative damages.

Additionally, wax protects your paint from damage from water and grime, especially that awful layer your automobile may accumulate when snow melts into sloppy muck.

But waxing is the most important thing you can do to keep your car looking new. In essence, it’s a thin coat that protects the paint from scuffs, grime, and even sun damage.

How Come I Use a Power Waxer?

As we’ve already discussed, waxing your automobile by hand can be quite powerful and looks great in movies, but it is also very exhausting to wax every square inch of your car.

If you’re not already on board, consider using a power waxer for the following reasons:

  • Get more done more quickly
  • Cut back on your effort
  • Improve Your Finish

Get more done more quickly

Nobody enjoys wasting time, and employing a power waxer can shorten the time needed to complete the task. With a power waxer, you can leave the garage in a fraction of the time it would take to work by hand.

Unless, of course, you can spin your hand at 2000 RPM.

Cut back on your effort

Have we mentioned how tiring waxing your automobile is? It’s wonderful to take a shortcut occasionally, especially when you already have a lot on your plate.

Hello, aching shoulders. Good day, power waxer.

Improve Your Finish

You probably aren’t spinning your towels by hand at speeds that a power waxer can achieve, as we previously said. The actual waxer determines the number of revolutions per minute, however the fast speeds give you a far smoother finish on your ride than if you were simply using your slow, human arms.

Various Power Waxer Types

Depending on the waxing technique, there are two types of power waxers: cordless and rotary.

If you’ve chosen to use a power waxer rather than simply using your hands, you may have noticed that there are a few power waxer options available.

There are numerous variants, and while they all typically accomplish the same task, some are unquestionably superior to others in our opinion.

The rotary waxer is more forceful and requires more skill or energy dedicated to waxing. Additionally, only use waxing pads that are designed for waxing and not for pad removal. A proprietary UV system in the VP power waxer shields the vehicle’s paint from harmful UVB and UVA radiation for at least five months. It wipes on the surface cleanly and quickly without leaving any residue. In addition, it creates a protective film on the car’s surface that is secure for fibreglass, vinyl, chrome, and plastic. This power waxer can also be used on mouldings and other plastic surfaces.

If you intend to paint and refinish a surface, you should get a power waxer. Power waxers come in a variety of varieties, and each one has a distinct level of strength and power. There are some recommendations that will help you select the best power waxer. The top power waxers available are given below; you can choose one of them based on your job, price, and level of expertise:

Dewalt power waxer

You made the proper choice if you choose to purchase a Dewalt power waxer. The rotary polisher, brushless buffer, and random orbital polisher are all part of the 20V Max XR brand. The same battery powers all of the aforementioned items, thus no further charges are necessary. Each model of this power waxer has a 7-inch backing pad and plate, a straight side handle, and a 3-position bale handle.

Cordless power waxer car

It is the best option for anyone seeking a premium portable power waxer. Cleaning, waxing, and polishing the car is quite simple to do with the cordless waxer. It is a portable tool that is powered by 18V DC batteries, allowing for convenient long-term use. In addition to this, it has two speed settings and a battery life of 45 minutes.

It is the ideal tool for polishing and buffing your car’s surface. This waxer model has two batteries, each rated at 5 Ah. It weights 1.4 pounds with a 5 Ah battery and 4.7 pounds without. This battery has a tiny, horizontal footprint, so it won’t touch your work piece.

Which Pad Type Should You Use?

It’s important to pick and purchase the proper waxing pads; for example, never use anything designed for paint removal. Although it may seem apparent, pads on the shelf might look rather identical, so be careful to understand what they are designed for.

When waxing, you should always use the softest pads you can locate. This will safeguard your paint job and provide an even application of the wax coat.

How To Use a Power Waxer?

The best option is to use the quick method of vehicle shining if your car is getting dusty and you don’t have time to take it to the mechanic.

The best technique to make your automobile shine is to power wax it. You will be aware of every small aspect if you want to understand how to operate this device.

Start by thoroughly cleaning your automobile, and then give it time to dry entirely. The power waxer may now be used to give your automobile a stunning shine once you’ve completed these first two stages. The main benefit of using this equipment is that it will help you to conserve time. Painting or scrubbing your automobile will be dangerous if you wax it by hand.

You can complete all of these tasks in a fraction of the time by utilising a power waxer.

After that, get your automobile ready for waxing. Read the waxing protection’s directions before using it. Your automobile is shielded from the paint job and has a homogeneous wax layer left behind after being waxed with a delicate piece of cloth.

Clean the Car

You should make sure that your car is immaculately clean before using the power waxer. To ensure that you aren’t stepping on any dirt or debris, be sure to thoroughly wash the exterior.

To eliminate any grime you don’t want on your car, we advise using a high-quality car soap like Ultra Concentrated Car Wash Soap.

Put the wax on

Directly onto your power waxer pad is where the wax should be applied. We advise placing several tiny dots all the way around the edge of the pad, followed by a single, bigger dot in the middle. This gives you seamless and complete coverage.

Once you begin using the power waxer, go slowly and smoothly. To avoid stacking up the wax excessively in some spots, use long, smooth strokes throughout the body of your automobile.

To ensure you get enough on, take your time working your way around the car, making sure to go over each area at least a few times. Don’t go overboard, though; we want a nice, even coat.

Clean and Wash Again

Clean off any extra dried wax with a clean microfiber towel after you’ve applied the wax and followed the instructions (which often have varied wait durations before you go next).

Give your automobile one more rinse, then take a moment to admire the stunning sheen you have just given it.

Tips for Getting the Best Results

As we’ve already mentioned, waxing can truly revitalise your automobile if it’s beginning to age, and with routine maintenance, you can keep it looking brand-new.

To achieve the greatest results, use the power waxer in moderate, straight strokes. You don’t want the wax to be chaotic or have any swirls. The task can be completed with long, straight strokes.

You should also be mindful of your tools; only use clean towels and clean surfaces. If your automobile is still a bit unclean, waxing it is definitely not something you want to do.

How Frequently Should I Wax?

Although the wax you select will include a suggested timetable for how frequently you should use it, we normally advise giving your vehicle a coat of wax every three months.

We won’t stop you if you do it more frequently than that. The three-month mark is approximately as long as you’ll want to wait between waxings, though, if you want your car to always seem ready to drive up


Thanks to the insights drawn from this Power Waxing experience, we can confirm that the process is simple enough for your first-time self-polisher, and worth doing to have a great-looking car.


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