micronauts time traveler

This micronauts time traveler from the 70’s is one of the most famous micronauts and was introduced in 1976. It stands 10 cm tall and has a neater tridimensional design than other micronauts. The initial release came in translucent orange, blue, yellow and clear colors.

After that, the micronaut time traveler was added to micronauts collections in blue and yellow colors. The very first micronaut figure has a distinctive style which is why it became so popular among fans of micronauts toys. It represents an alien shapeshifting character who can transform itself into another object or being thus revealing its identity as an intergalactic adventurer! This toy micronaut came with several different weapons including sci-fi laser guns and many other accessories such as helmets, gear packs, rifles etc.

The micronauts are a toy line that was made by the Kenner company in 1979. The micronaut toys consisted of figures, vehicles and other space-themed items. One of the most popular micronaut toys is known as Galactic Warrior. The Galactic Warrior had die-cast metal parts which made it realistic looking. It also came with removable chest pieces – one being “Radio Dial,” another being “Window Panes” or “Solar Panels.” The micronaut toys were very popular mostly because they seemed to fit in with the trends of the time.

Time Travelers of Transparency and Opacity

When the Opaque Time Travellers were first introduced, many collectors were excited to get their hands on these elusive variants. The Opaques are much more difficult to find than their transparent counterparts, but they are worth it! Opaque time travellers differ in color combinations from the transparencies and have a much different feel when played with. They’re also considerably harder to find- which makes them even more desirable for collectors. Opaque Variant Opaque Time Travellers were first introduced in Series Five of the LEGO Minifigure Collection. The Opaques have a different color combination than their transparent counterparts, and can be quite difficult to find! They’re considerably more valuable for collectors as well- making them even harder to find.

As with all Series Five figures and toys, distribution was limited, making these versions quite the collector’s find.

The chest colors pairings differed somewhat from those of the transparent Time Travelers.

Yellow had copper and Red hat blue, but the new green color had the yellow chest piece while the blue figure had green. When Opaque time travellers were first introduced many people were.

The Rise and Fall of MEGO’s Micronauts

The micronauts time traveler were a toy line of the 1970s and 1980s, created by MEGO (Microworld Enterprises). The micronaut toys were based on characters from the Japanese animated television series “Space Cruiser Yamato” (later translated to Star Blazers in English-speaking countries) and released in Japan as Microman figures.  In 1976, MEGO licensed several micronaut toys from Takara Tomy Company including vehicles and playsets, rebranded them micronauts time traveler and sold them exclusively in America.

According to the micronauts website, micronaut toys were made by Takara Tomy Company and then licensed to MEGO for release in America. The micronauts line was released in five series: Series I (1976), Series II (1977-1978), Series III (1979), Micro polis mini sets (1980) and Series IV (1981). Although not every action figure from these toy lines has been identified as a microvan character, it is generally known that many of them did come from an anime source. For example: Baron Karza came originally from “Space Cruiser Yamato,” Dagon was created for Star Blazers and Princess Mari came out of Warstar Voyager V which became part of Battle Fever J under the name F.

The micronauts time traveler is a toy created by the Mego corporation in 1978. Originally, the toy was sold as a space explorer, but was later adapted into an astronaut and then finally into a superhero.  The toys were originally manufactured with four different chest pieces: radio dials (metallic green), log cabins (copper), volt meters (gold) and window panes (metallic blue). There are also variations of these colors that make collecting micronaut figures quite difficult.  In addition to being manufactured in different colors, each micronaut figure had one of four different interchangeable chest pieces. Collectors have come to refer to these pieces as Radio Dial, Log Cabin, Voltmeter and Window Panes.  Each chest piece was available in four different colors: metallic green, copper, gold and metallic blue. 

I Loved Red, Transparent Time Travelers as a Kid

Micronauts were a nifty toy from my childhood. I remember being so excited when they came out, and I loved micronauts time traveler even more than regular micronauts time traveler !  The red, opaque Time Travelers were a little less popular, but there’s a reason for that: the chrome has worn off of the head quite a bit and the body is in pretty rough shape.  However, it was still an awesome toy to play with as a kid-I just had him for shorter amounts of time since he was not transparent like some of my other micronauts time traveler. I preferred micronauts transparent time travelers as a kid, so not only did I have him for a shorter amount of time, but he also got less playtime from me.

I preferred micronauts transparent time travelers as a kid, so not only was I given this one for a short period of time.

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