Interior Designing Course in Dubai

Do you have a taste for colors, have strong creativity, and know-how to optimize a space? Make your passion your job and become an Interior Designer! In recent years, decoration has aroused great interest among the French. 

In Dubai, people love decoration and show it. They spend about a huge amount of cost in households per year to beautify their interior. The proliferation of TV shows, and the emergence of dedicated brands, explain this real decoration mania!

The decoration is a way of life… but also a market estimated at between 16 and 24 billion euros and growth of between 3 and 5% each year. 

It is a sector in tune with the times, which offers great prospects for the future!

The Learnovate Training Center prepares to become an interior designer with a complete program produced by professionals in the sector.

Interior Designing Course in Dubai offers many opportunities in the sector.

With the interior designing Course in Dubai, you are considered a  professional in the decoration sector with all the skills to design and implement a  development project from A to Z! Among the many decoration professions, you can become:

Interior Designing Course in Dubai at the Learnovate Training Center

Access to interior designing Course in Dubai by correspondence:

You can register for the interior designing course all year roundfrom the age of 16, whatever your level of study. Our school accompanies you until you obtain the professional certificate issued by the Learnovate Training Center. The interior designing training allows you to acquire all the knowledge of the trade by studying at your own pace, according to your schedule.

In interior design course in Dubai, you will have access to:

We give you the opportunity to do one or more practical internships. They are not mandatory, but we strongly advise you to do them in order to put into practice your newly acquired theoretical knowledge. This is the best way to discover the daily life of your future job by assimilating the right gestures and the right techniques.

Complete courses in paper and digital formats, sheets, workbooks, exercises, advice, games, etc. You will notably have access to CEF learning, an innovative student space, available at all times and on all media.

7 business specializations to enrich your knowledge in the field; event decoration, commercial decoration, balcony/terrace/garden, weddings, and parties, Do It Yourself and customization, Art of living, and Feng Shui.

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Personalized support for the creation of your professional book, validating your interior designing training.

Practical internships: a good basis for your future job

Officially, they are not mandatory to obtain the Professional Certificate issued by the CEF. However, we strongly recommend them to develop your skills and prepare you for your future job.

You can turn to:
– interior design and decoration brands,
– real estate agencies,
– interior designers,
– architects.

The CEF interior designing certificate

The training of the Learnovate Training Center is an excellent way to acquire solid knowledge and is an element of reassurance for future customers. Throughout his training, the student will create his book, a real passport in his future job search. With this essential showcase, he will be able to develop his network of collaborators but, above all, of potential customers.

At the end of the interior designing training, the LearnovateTraining Center issues two certificates:

The vocational training certificate from the Learnovate Training Center is issued after correcting all of your homework and for a general average greater than 10/20

One or more practical pedro linares internship certificates are issued at the end of each of your internships. These documents allow you to showcase your knowledge to your future employers and feature prominently on your curriculum vitae (CV).

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