25 March, 2023

Iowa Department Of Public Health

Iowa Department Of Public Health

 In late 2019, the Iowa Department Of Public Health a global respiratory disease was heard of and spread like wildfire throughout the world, later on, now known as the coronavirus or covid-19, with patients suffering from several different types of critical conditions and many of those even dying. As the virus spread, the first case was confirmed in March 2020 in Iowa where three individuals traveled from Egypt, back to the United States. Soon after that, the cases started rising steadily, hence the Iowa department began to guide the community to take precautions to curb the fatal virus. The department, along with that, also began to find new ways to help cure the virus, including considering Medicinal cannabis and helping develop a vaccine.

Modern Technology Era

 In the modern technology era, where a heart or a lung transplant can be performed successfully within a few hours, where artificial intelligence has become so popular and is impacting so many industries around the world and with the medical field so advanced, it was difficult to think that a virus would take over the world like this. Like always, at the end of the year, when the new year and Christmas celebrations are at peak and people are traveling and spending time with friends and family, the virus which was only present in a few countries was now known to be present in almost all the parts of the world.

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Iowa Department of Public Health Covid Guidelines

Like other states of USA, COVID-19 was discovered in Iowa in March 2020 first, where three men traveled back to their homes In Johnson county from Egypt. In the beginning, the virus spread from meat-packing plants and care facilities all over the country. Similar to other countries around the world, Iowa could also only rely on taking precautions to help stop the spread. Hence, the Iowa department of public health began to guide its people and emphasized the fact that they had an important role to play in reducing the cases and helping prevent the deadly virus amongst them. The department guided them through different ways and channels, such as social media, news channels, and more.

The first step was to spread awareness on how it was spread, which was through close contact and every time that people met each other. The public health department set a number of guidelines for everyone to follow strictly. First of all, the people were asked to regularly wash their hands for at least 20 seconds, especially if they had been to a public place or after blowing their noses, coughing and sneezing. However, if a soap or water was not available, then to use a hand sanitizer, containing at least 60% of alcohol. Amongst the guidelines, was also that people should avoiding touching their eyes, noses or faces when their hands were not washed and to strictly avoid meeting those who were sick and crowds as well. Furthermore, people were asked to maintain a distance of six feet with others, constantly wear a mask to protect themselves and others, and observe themselves to see if there were any signs of fever, cough, shortness of breath, body aches and to contact the doctor immediately.

Along with asking people to follow these precautions, many companies asked their employees to work from home, many institutions were closed, many shops and malls began observing reduced timings and capacity and many salons, restaurants and stores were closed as well. This drastically affected the economy and many people’s means of survival throughout the world, where even in some places, survival became an issue. Consistently, scientists began to research for the cure and develop a vaccine to fight the virus.

Iowa Department Of Public Health Medical Cannabidiol

 Iowa department too became a part of this, along with its office of Medical Cannabidiol, trying to discover if medicinal cannabis may actually play a significant role during the pandemic and additionally, giving its best efforts in helping develop the vaccine as well along with all the other researchers around the world.


 When covid-19 took over the world slowly and brought suffering, death and fear to people everywhere, with people experiencing the worst of inflammation of the lungs, high fever and chest pains and death rates worldwide, that kept increasing, Iowa released a series of guidelines for everyone to follow, precautionary measures to help save lives all over, including those of the people of Iowa. Furthermore, it joined in the race against time to find a cure and tried all efforts to help develop an effective and safe vaccine to protect the people and the communities that we live in, for today and for the future


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