25 March, 2023

Kodak Disposable Camera Review

disposable camera

It is a disposable camera that we all know. It has been with us since childhood. For many, it was the first time they were able to make contact with photography. It allowed us to devote our lives to this passion.

The camera functions in 4 steps.

  • Move the film by using the thumbwheel to load the next frame.
  • The flash function can be recharged or disengaged depending on the situation.
  • Press the shutter button to capture the shot.
  • Then you continue the process of moving the film to the next photo.

As you can see the functions are almost point-and-shoot. There are only one speed and one aperture.

We also have the sensitivity of film as well as the built in flash, which you can use to achieve different results.

The Kodak Disposable Camera Lens

plastic lens is included with the camera. It produces decent results, to be honest. The edges of the photos are less defined than at the center. Also, the chromatic aberration is visible throughout the photo.

That is exactly what we are trying to achieve with this camera. Or will you tell me you prefer an innocuous Instagram filter to achieve this effect? :3

FunSaver’s Speed Shooting

The camera shutter speed is 1/100th sec. This is a slow speed to take a photo. As the aperture, it becomes an unspecified number between f/8 and f/11. This, combined with the 800 ISO film creates a decent balance in most daylight situations.

Expect to capture scenes with lots of movement. You need speeds of at least 1:500 sec.

There are many ways to make the most of this combination. It is as simple as getting out there to shoot. With a little imagination, you will discover more about this combination.

The film inside the FunSaver Camera

As we have mentioned, this disposable camera is made from Kodak UltraMax ISO 800 film.

You can get a very good exposure with this film for almost all daylight situations. If you need flash indoors, it is likely that you have already used flash. Even so, you still have some results if your battery dies.

Although the lens is unique, the film is the main focus of the image in terms of color, contrast and tone. It is a film that has been available for 30 year and mounted in a highly advanced camera. This film shines with its performance. Read also: Action Camera Microphone Attachment

Low-Light Situations

Low light situations are best served by the Kodak FunSaver which includes a side-flash. This flash is powered with batteries specially designed for this purpose. The flash can cover all 27 photos on the camera.

Mention that the flash must be manually charged. To do this, press the button located at the top of the unit. The user will decide whether to use this function.


But it’s its limitations that make it so fun to use. Not to mention the fact that its utility has improved over time. With our mobile phones, we can now capture images with the urgency that we need, even without a camera.

Its real value lies in its recreational and experimental aspect, which allows us to get results on our terms.

The user profile is changing. We no longer want to be able to just take the standard travel photo and then add urgency. Today, it’s more about having fun and experimentation with photos.

The disposable cameras have been created to create a subculture within photography. This is something we’ll be happy to discuss in this blog all through 2021.


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