25 March, 2023

Learn to understand what is the Dow Jones

Dow Jones

When going through economic stuff like news or some articles about economics, you may have heard the name “Dow Jones” and thought for a while what it means. So here we’re telling you today that what is the Dow Jones actually is. Hence, if you’re really interested in knowing about this term, then you should not miss reading this piece of writing.

What is the Dow Jones?

what is the dow jones

This term has various names; officially it’s called Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA). Many people name it the Dow Jones which is sort of cool. Coming towards what is the Dow Jones. So, basically, it is a stock market index.

Charles Dow and Edwards Jones were business partners; the duo collaborated to establish DJIA in 1896. It is the 2nd oldest index in America and a very vital economic platform that is watched all over the globe.

What is Dow Jones’ job?

At this moment, you are probably wondering what is the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s job. So a simple response to this query is that it computes the soundness of an entire economic state or lack thereof of the total economic sector.

Hence, if DJIA is working soundly then generally it hints that the economic state of a country is going good. However, if this platform is going bad then it implies from a general perspective that the entire country’s economic condition is going bad.

Constitution of this forum

Coming towards what is the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s composition. It has thirty corporations but when it got initiated it had only twelve companies. Among those 30 corporations, Nike, McDonald’s, Intel, Travelers, Caterpillar, and United Technologies are a few of them and they’re all famous and prosperous firms.

The logic behind the usage of huge firms is that if these major companies will do well then it means the DJIA will go well which will sort of demonstrate the sound health of the complete financial state.

An important thing to know about these thirty companies is that though largely these corporations stay the same but they aren’t always similar ones and can alter. Many corporations entered and eliminated from this place with the time like General Electric (GE) was a company that got eliminated from the Dow and Walgreens drugstore took its place as GE’s stock cost declined. This alteration in the great economic space manifests in what manner things alter in the commerce space of America.

How calculations take place?

calculations take place

Possibly you’ve heard from many people that how the what is the dow jones performed today or what the markets did today and received the answer like the markets were down nearly 100 points; mostly, people are speaking about the DJIA when they say ‘markets.’ So, how it’s checked that the DJIA was down 100 points is what we will explain now but without going into each and every detail; we will explain it simply by apprising you about the general framework of how calculations take place in the DJIA.

The calculation goes like; the higher the value a company has, the bigger the firm is, and the elevated influence that company has. For instance, Apple is a great corporation than any lemonade stand and thus, the first-mentioned has a raised influence. So this suggests that if one of the huge corporations of the Dow 30 has a good day then The Dow is gonna have a good day in general.

On the contrary, suppose that if the top five corporations of DJIA performed very badly and even if the rest of the 25 corporations performed soundly then it’s still possible for this place to manifest the consequences that the stock market was going bad generally.

Hence, the huge value of a firm, the major the firm is, and the massive is the impact of that corporation on the stats that Dow Jones provides us. However, this number rests on all these firms’ values assembled.

Significance of this platform

Significance of this platform

So what’s the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s importance? Its significance is clear by the fact it is the 2nd oldest stock market index in the superpower state. Moreover, it is an economic platform observed by the entire globe. T

his forum apprises the soundness of the whole economic state of the USA which also makes it weighty. Furthermore, there are thirty huge corporations in this space that manifest its significance.

This space is observed very carefully by the traders and researchers linked to economics and largely, writings are prepared on it. Thus, all the mentioned things clearly demonstrate the significance of the Dow.

Dissimilarities between DJIA and other indices

There are other indices in the superpower country besides the Dow like Nasdaq and S&P 500, however, there are differences between them and the Dow. The Dow Jones consists of 30 corporations while Nasdaq tracks over 4K stocks and S&P 500 tracks over 500 stocks. The two last-mentioned ones may indicate better about in which way the complete market is operating, however, the Dow talks with regard to primary zones of the economic area.

Another difference is that the 2nd oldest one is price-weighted while S&P 500 is weighted by market capitalization which suggests that stocks in the last-mentioned are weighted by their market value and in the previous one, the stocks are weighted by cost.

The dissimilarity between DJIA and NYSE


Various persons possibly confuse what is dow jones index with New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) but there is a clear difference between them. The previous is a stock market index of thirty huge corporations; it generally computes the soundness of the economic condition or indicates in what manner the market is operating while the NYSE is a stock market; people go for trading over there. It is a space where trade for thousands of companies is happening.

Lastly, as it must be pretty clear to you via this long article about what is the Dow Jones so now you can take benefit from this information whenever it’s needed and yes, next time, you will hear the Dow Jones you won’t think that what this thing actually is.

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