Little Five Points

Little Five Points is Atlanta’s hippie ‘hood. Everything about the area is Bohemian chic, and vintage stores line the streets alongside a natural foods market to take you back in time while an indie radio station plays its unique tunes for all who stroll their way through this eclectic neighborhood during daylight hours!

The little five points neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia, has a little bit of everything. It’s an eclectic place with galleries and boutiques for shopping, restaurants, and pubs for dining, and historic sites like the Fox Theatre to visit. The little five-point area is also home to some of the best street art I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen a lot). There

are musical, historical, patriotic, and urban pieces that will make you want to take photos at every corner.

Little five points have something for everyone! There’s shopping in little boutiques, dining in little restaurants and pubs (that also double as live music venues), galleries for the artsy types, sites like the historic Fox Theatre to visit, street art around nearly every corner…and did I mention it all is located along a light rail line? This quaint neighborhood truly has a little bit of everything, so be sure to add it to your list when planning an Atlanta vacation!

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Shopping and Dining in Little Five Points, Atlanta

Little Five Points, Atlanta

The little town of Little Five Points has a little bit of everything to offer. From vintage clothing and unique home decor items at stores like Junkman’s Daughter, Afflecks & The Attic to the little boutique shops that have only one or two local designers who sell their handmade goods there, it seems as though all walks of life are represented in this little neighborhood. Don’t forget about the little coffee shop on every corner! If you’re feeling hungry while you’re out shopping around, there are plenty of restaurants for dining options. Some must-try eateries include Blakes On The Park, Sisters Thai Kitchen, Delicious Pizza Company, Meehan’s Public House, Noodle Cafe Oriental Express II. These aren’t even the tip of the iceberg of the little restaurants that are available. You’ll have to go check it out for yourself!

Little Five Points is a little town within a city, home to many little shops and local eateries with unique shopping experiences for locals, visitors, and tourists alike. Click here for more information on Little Five Points Shopping & Dining (Self Guided), Atlanta.

The little neighborhood has an eclectic vibe that draws people from all walks of life. There are lots of vintage clothing stores like Junkman’s Daughter and one or two local designers at other boutiques selling handmade goods. Don’t forget about the coffee shop on every corner either- there are plenty of options there too! Some must-try places include Blakes.

Little Five Points Shopping & Dining (Self Guided), Atlanta

Little Five Points is a fantastic, bohemian enclave with a carefree vibe, funky shops, trendy eateries, art galleries, and theaters. They conspire to make the locale a fun and vibrant place, where creativity bursts from every corner. Go shopping in vintage stores, search for quirky gifts and pick up a fascinating read in an independent bookstore. If you are looking to liven up your wardrobe, check out Gothic attire, retro, alternative, edgy fashions, and more in some of the shops.

Relish the independent spirit of the neighborhood and find something delicious to eat in a gastropub. The community is also home to record stores, coffee shops, bars, and a natural food store. The area’s focal point is the intersection of Moreland and Euclid Avenues, where the alternative crowd shops in the hip stores and unwinds in the plethora of eateries.

Round off your day with a visit to the Variety Playhouse along Euclid Avenue. This former movie house is now a theater and a nightclub, and you can see indie and mainstream acts. Whether you are looking to buy unique items, want to dine on imaginative cuisines, or just like checking out fun neighborhoods, put Little Five Points on your Atlanta itinerary.

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The Vortex

This might be the first place you notice in Little Five Points—unless your hometown burger spot is also a giant skull with glowing psychedelic eyes. Their Hell’s Fury Burger has been named one of the 101 best burgers across America by Daily Meal, and it’s not hard to see why! With a killer cocktail menu, this local favorite will quickly become an essential stop for all foodies visiting their hometown at night time or any other occasion when they want something good but don’t have much cash on hand because everything from drinks drinkers down here knows that “they make them strong.

Savage Pizza

Behold, the pizza gods have been good to you. These tasty treats from another dimension are not for mere humans like yourself! But don’t tell that joke around these parts of Silver Surfer-inspired restaurant where comic books and nerds galore are worshipped in equal measure. Eat something or stare at all this merchandise on display–they’re open late too, so go ahead try your luck with hunger pangs still nipping away at stomachs after midnight.

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Front Page News

The first thing you should know about this New Orleans-style café is that its motto is “eat all about it.” A little cheesy? Yes indeed, but the staff here has excited our day when thinking of how they’ll whip up killer Creole classics like gumbo and crawfish etouffee, as well as some mouthwatering sandwiches. Get your food on a fantastic patio, for there are plenty of stalls where hanging out can be more fun than sitting at one table!

The Porter Beer Bar

Do you like a long, thorough beer list? Forty-four beers on draft and the 700 bottles of craft suds should suffice. They also have mussels, shrimp & grits (if you’re feeling decadent), plus thick juicy burgers to get your mouth watering!

Star Bar 

The Star Bar is the little dive with cheap drinks and lives music every Wednesday through Saturday. You won’t find people here that are pinkie-out, but you will have a good time no matter what your opinion on country westerns might be!

Wrecking Bar Brewpub

Step down into the basement of this stately Victorian-style manor and enjoy a warm, cozy brewpub that is perfect for casual hangouts. Besides an ever-rotating list of beers from all over the world, they have dishes like charred octopus or crispy pork Milanese!

Junkman’s Daughter

Every day of the year, there’s a new event to check out in Little Five Points. Whether it’s an art show for kids or live music with accordionists playing alongside jazz standards from Bing Crosby – this eclectic neighborhood has something going on that will interest you!

I’ve been living here my whole life, and I still can’t get enough of all these exciting places around town. One place everyone should make sure they visit during their stay might be The Lemp Store Museum. It deals heavily with German heritage and includes craft beer gardens where visitors sip some delicious beers while enjoying Germany’s most famous dish.

Variety Playhouse

Initially built in the 1940s, this old cinema house still features theater-style seating. But instead of staring at Hollywood’s silver screen, you can take some time out for yourself and your favorite local or national music act!

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